Day 2 – Pattaya to Bangkok

We slept soundly through the night. With our room balcony facing the swimming pool and the building next door, there was no sunrise to catch this morning. Around 7.30 am, we made our way to the restaurant for breakfast.

The restaurant wasn’t very crowded and the high ceiling in the restaurant gave the impression of a very airy and big space though the restaurant is not really very big. The ambience was clean and bright with the swimming pool outside seen from the full glass panel walls. The buffet spread was impressive with good quality food.

We took our seats and helped ourselves with the buffet and enjoyed our sumptuous breakfast. The food was really good. We loved the bottled fresh fruit juice kept chilled with ice. This was indeed the morning to look forward to with such great start over breakfast.

Back in our room, we got ready to leave for our first activity for the day before heading to Bangkok after lunch. It was too hot yesterday and we didn’t have a chance to check out the beach area. So we left Baraquda Hotel, crossed the road and walked through the street ahead towards the beach. Soon, we were at the beach after crossing Beach Road.

It was a pleasant sight early morning which was ideal for a stroll along the beachfront. It was still very early and malls and shops were closed. Out at sea, parasailing activities were in full swing. The sea wasn’t choppy and it was a nice day out for some beach and sea activities. However, the beach wasn’t very enticing having visited much better beaches elsewhere including beaches in Phuket.

We turned right to walk along the pavement taking in the sights of the beach on our left with cool winds blowing in our face keeping us cool during the morning walk. There were stalls on the beach but empty of customers as it was still quite early. Speed boats on the other hand were quite busy taking in passengers to go out to sea for sea sports activities.

We kept walking snapping pictures and enjoying the sights of the beachfront where we missed all the actions the day before. We soon reached Central Festival, one of the famous landmarks in Pattaya. The area here is a cluster of shops and of course more shops and restaurants in the mall as well as high-end hotels such as Hilton Hotel and Hard Rock Hotel. We didn’t explore this place yesterday due to our short visit and we made a note this would be the place where we would spend some time for our next visit to Pattaya.

Bus loads of tourists were arriving and being dropped off along Beach Road. Some were coming for sea sports activities and crowds gathered to board awaiting speed boats to bring them out to sea. We didn’t venture further so we made our way back along the road towards Baraquda Hotel. It was the same scenery but it was getting hotter with the sun making its way higher mid morning.

We reached the junction where we crossed over from our hotel but decided to walk on for a look at the end of the road. Soon we walked past Royal Garden Plaza where we spent the afternoon shopping the previous day. Not long after, we reached the end where the famous Walking Street is located which was dead quiet in the morning. In the evening it would be a completely different atmosphere altogether but we were however not too keen to visit this place.

The road turned left as we followed along with shops still closed at this time. The road turned parallel with Beach Road again and so we were walking back towards Baraquda Hotel. Soon we were back on the other side of Royal Garden Plaza with Marriott Hotel next door. Walking a little further we eventually arrived at Baraquda Hotel.

It was a good morning walk and it was just after 10 am when we were back in our room. We showered and rested to watch TV till we needed to get ready to leave for Bangkok. It was good to catch up with the children and be updated with their activities as well.

At 11.30 am, we headed back to the restaurant for lunch though we were not very hungry yet after the great buffet breakfast in the morning. We thought it might be better to have a light lunch instead of having a late lunch when we arrived Bangkok in the afternoon. We ordered something simple and had a quick but enjoyable lunch to get us through the afternoon.

Back in our room we brushed up and rested a while more. The hotel reception called to inform us our driver had arrived to pick us up. We had booked transfer service from Mr. T Taxi Service to send us to Lotus Sukhumvit Hotel in Bangkok. The driver was a little early but we didn’t mind actually so we made our way to the lobby and checked out of Baraquda Hotel.

Our stay at Baraquda was great. We loved their location, welcome drinks and complimentary birthday cake for my wife and the wonderful breakfast. Not forgetting, hotel staff were top-notch and service standard impeccable. Having settled our bills, we hopped onto the waiting car at the hotel entrance and soon were on our way to Bangkok.

It was just after 12.30 pm as we drove our way out of town and not long after on the highway towards Bangkok. The car today was a Toyota Altis which was pretty good but the car the previous day was newer. Nevertheless, the driver was polite and drove with care. It was another hot afternoon so we took a nap in between our journey and by 2 pm we were near Bangkok City and of course caught in the traffic jams as we approached our hotel on Suhkumvit Road. So we moved on at a much slower pace and found ourselves on roads flanked by tall buildings in the city. Eventually we arrived at Lotus Suhkumvit Hotel. We paid the driver 1100 Baht and he went on his way as we made our way into the hotel.

Check in was trouble free and a short moment later, we made our way to our room. Our room was on the high floor which was a standard hotel room. Bed was clean and comfy and room spacious although furnishing a bit dated and cannot compare with Novotel standard. There was a small room with a writing desk and a chair and this area served as a small private office.

Wifi was decent but TV had limited channels. The channel we ended up watching most was Lotus Macau. Bathroom came with a bathtub with shower curtain and no separate shower cubicle. With everything in order, we went to the business centre at the lobby to check in our flight for the next day back to Singapore. We needed to pay to print out our web check-in itinerary though but it was a very small amount.

We went to level nine to check out the swimming pool and health centre facilities. The swimming pool was of decent size. It wasn’t very crowded and it was very windy up there. As we were more interested to explore and shop in Bangkok, we didn’t swim this time.

We then left the hotel, turned right and walked to the main road, Suhkumvit Road. We made a left turn and walked towards Phrom Phong BTS Station. We intended to do some window shopping at The Emporium Shopping Complex before dinner. A couple of minutes later, we reached the BTS Station and we entered the Emporium Shopping Complex.

This is a modern mall with high-end shops. After a quick look around, we went to the food court with a commanding view of Benjasiri Park next to the mall. The food court was rather neat and clean, very modern and appealing. The food stalls were liked those restaurants with open concept found in hotels. So this food court was a rather nice place to hang out. We were not hungry yet so we just ordered desserts and spent a while and had a short rest here.

After this, we went back to the BTS Station and crossed over the other side to window shop at the Quartier Mall. This is another place where high-end stores are located with many other smaller shops as well. This mall is modern and pleasant too. We went up to the cinema for a look and explored the mall floor by floor till we reached the supermarket with many attractive café-like food stalls which made a very pleasant shopping experience. The outdoor area of the mall was having a Pop-Up beach event so the mall attracted quite a lot of families with children having a good time there.

When we were done with exploring this area, we walked back towards Lotus Suhkumvit Hotel and made our way towards Terminal 21 Mall. It was already near to 6 pm when we reached the junction at Asok Montri Road so we made a right turn to walk along this road. We were heading towards Pullman Bangkok Grande Suhkumvit Hotel for dinner.

We arrived after a leisurely walk and entered this nice hotel under Accor Group. We visited the washroom to freshen up and then we checked out the cakes and pastries at the bakery. There was a 50% discount for most items after 6 pm so we happily bought quite a number of items where we would bring home with us the next day.

Next we went to the restaurant and sat ourselves down for dinner. The restaurant was modern and quite posh and buffet dinner was available. We had a sumptuous buffet BBQ dinner the night before and a huge buffet breakfast in the morning so we were not really hungry. Hence we ordered from the a la carte menu. Our food arrived not long after and we had a nice adequate dinner with Accor member’s discount.

When we were about to leave Pullman Grande Hotel, we saw a tut tut that belonged to the hotel at the hotel entrance. We asked if there was a shuttle ride to the BTS Station and it was affirmative. A young man came over and gave us a ride back to the main road along Suhkumvit Road and this saved us some walking. This young man was very presentable and spoke perfect English. He could effortlessly switch to speak English with a Thai accent which was rather entertaining. We thanked him for the ride when we alighted at the traffic junction at Suhkumvit Road and then we walked along the road back to Lotus Shukumvit Hotel.

It was already dark and traffic was heavy. There were some street stalls set up along the road and we stopped at a stall selling pomegranate juice. We bought the juice and enjoyed this refreshing drink while we continued our walk back to our hotel. By 7.45 pm, we were back to our hotel. Since we were not given welcome drinks vouchers where Accor members are usually entitled, we went back to our room.

After shower and making ourselves comfortable, we settled down to watch TV with its limited English channels. So we watched Lotus Macau and also chatted with the children back home. We didn’t do any shopping today other than the bakery stuff we bought from Pullman Hotel earlier. The real shopping would be the next day before we fly back to Singapore. As we while through the night, it was coffee time and the pastries we bought earlier was great to go along this coffee break.


Having gone through this day’s activities all the way from Pattaya, it was time to slumber. The ride from Pattaya was rather comfortable and stress free. Had we come to Bangkok by public transport, it would take up more time and more effort to reach our hotel. This would leave us with lesser time to enjoy our stay at both Pattaya and Bangkok. So it was bedtime to prepare for shopping the next day. The next day should be great.

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