Johor City Square Mall Mid Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn Festival is here again. Moon cakes promotion event is now in full swing at City Square Mall in Johor Bahru.

The main atrium is occupied with stalls from different bakeries. Most vendors are offering discounts of 10 to 15%. Some stalls are selling moon cakes at buy 4 get 2 free.

Free tasting of moon cakes is available at various stalls pushing for sales of this Mid Autumn Festival goodies. Many bakeries are promoting healthier choice of moon cakes with low sugar products.

Average price of a moon cake is around RM18 before discount. This is a fraction of the price for a moon cake you are expected to fork out in Singapore with an exchange rate of S$1 to RM3.

If you wait till the last day to shop for moon cakes, you will probably get steeper discounts with whatever goodies that are still available.

Do note that long queues are expected at immigration counters in Johor CIQ even on weekdays. Needless to say, weekend would require more time to clear immigration. Coming back to Singapore seems to be faster if you are not returning during the traditional peak hours.

With substantial savings for moon cakes purchase across the Causeway, the slight inconvenience at the CIQ is worth it.

The last day of this promotional event is 14 September.

You might wish to hop over to KSL City Mall for pretty much the same promotional event if you have more time.

Happy moon cakes shopping…