Buying iPhone at Changi Airport

The iPhone craze happens every few months when the latest iPhone model hits the market. As expected, iPhone lovers can’t resist the urge to be among the first to lay hands on the latest model of the much sought after iPhone. Queues would be formed overnight outside the stores of the official retailers.

Among those in the queues were young and old who were not buying the iPhones for themselves but for someone else. This somewhat validates the often joke about queuing as the national pastime of residents in Singapore.

Overnight Queues for New iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

However, not everyone seems to be a fan of this queuing game as a national sports event that happens from time to time. One couple planned to beat the game by buying iPhones at Changi Airport. This landed them in trouble and they were arrested.

Nabbed for Entry to Transit Area just to Buy iPhone 7

Duo Arrested Allegedly Misusing Boarding Pass to Buy iPhone 7 at Changi Airport

Buying iPhones is not an offence but buying iPhones at the wrong place without a valid reason of using that premise is another story.

This couple did manage to beat the queues and bought their beloved iPhones. But it would be a very expensive purchase to go through the trouble to be charged and fined for their offence.

They could have taken their cheap flight to Kuala Lumpur for a meal and then return as part of their shopping trip to make their purchase legit but this would cost them time. Anyway, it would just be half a day to return to Singapore for the 45 minutes flight which is still much better than queuing overnight for the iPhones. In addition, they very likely save on GST when they purchase the iPhones at the airport.

Perhaps someone out there might be thinking of a making a career out of doing such purchases to flip the latest toys for a profit. There is certainly a market out there for such much sought after mobile device when it is brand new especially with the box left unopened plus warranty intact for the product as well.

This couple may be clever but they were too clever for their own good. It is just not worth it getting caught entering a protected area without using it for the right purpose.

So now you know there are options to buying the latest gadgets without having to queue overnight and suffer sleepless night just to be among the first to lay hands on your latest toy. But please go through the entire process if you wish to make purchases at Changi Airport by flying out and returning at your own desired time.

It is definitely much more enjoyable than to be stuck at those miserable queues for hours suffering backaches and much inconvenience just to make a purchase at the local store.

By the way, besides abusing the boarding pass at the airport that could get you into trouble, here are 12 more things that could get you into trouble in Singapore.

12 Things You might not Know You could be Punished in Singapore

 So don’t get on the wrong side of the law.

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