Genting Highlands Bus Accident

Genting Highlands is a popular tourists destination. Every day, many tour buses from Singapore bring visitors to the highlands playground where the casino is located long before Singapore has its own casinos In Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa Island. I used to drive up to Genting Highlands years ago when the children were young but haven’t visited this destination for quite a number of years now.

Genting Highlands

Getting stuck behind slower tour buses up the mountain at certain stretches of the mountain road is quite common but the road is wide enough for safe overtaking when oncoming traffic is clear. Coming down the mountain requires the use of low gear to engage engine braking in order not to burn out the brake pads of the car.

Bus accidents on the mountain coming down from Genting Highlands happened quite a few times over the years. The recent bus accident that took place on the Karak Highway after descending from Genting Highlands was rather unusual.

I had driven on the Karak Highway a number of times travelling between Kuantan and Kuala Lumpur. The highway is pretty easy to drive and keeping within speed limits would ensure a safe and comfortable drive on the highway. Unless due to a punctured tyre, which can be dangerous, Karak Highway is much safer to drive than going up and down the mountain road to the highlands.

Some years back while driving on the Malaysian highway, I had come across a trailer much further ahead on the road with a tyre that came off and started tumbling down the highway. It was so funny to watch cars in front trying to avoid the runaway tyre but when it was coming towards my car, it wasn’t such a good comedy anymore.

It was reported that the bus had overturned on the highway on the way back to Singapore. This resulted in injuries to many passengers where some of them were fast asleep. The accident happened in the afternoon apparently in good weather condition.

Nine Singaporeans Injured After Tour Bus from Genting overturned on Malaysia Highway

Unfortunately, one passenger succumbed to injury and died and another passenger in critical condition eventually went into a coma. The earlier report where those injured passengers were not in critical conditions were not quite true after all.

Singaporean Man Dies from Injuries in Genting Tour Bus Crash

While many passersby stopped to help the trapped victims, it was also reported that many passengers had belongings missing. Some lost laptops, mobile phones, watches and jewellery.

Singaporeans in Genting Tour Bus Crash Discovered their Luggage Missing

This is usually to be expected from some unscrupulous “Good Samaritan” pretending to help during a tragic accident. Years ago, there was a woman captured on camera who audaciously removed a watch from a victim being pulled out of a car accident in Sabah, East Malaysia. She simply walked off as though nothing had happened.

Despite all these bad news, the critically injured passenger woke up from coma after two weeks. This was quite a miracle and the family definitely has cause to rejoice though there is still a long road to recovery for the victim.

Singaporean Wakes 2 Week Coma after Genting Bus Crash

Accidents can happen during a holiday. Though the number of accidents on the roads in Malaysia is not as high as in Thailand or Vietnam and Malaysia is just across the Causeway from Singapore, it is important to purchase travel insurance before taking the trip. Otherwise, the financial burden after the accident is too scary to imagine.

It is never a good idea to take things for granted even though the chances of an accident occurring during a holiday might appear to be rather low. It is better to hedge all the bets before embarking on a trip in order to enjoy a wonderful holiday having the peace of mind that almost all eventualities are covered and taken care of.

When unforeseen incidents happen and threaten to cause terrible financial and personal loss during a holiday, at least, our family members wouldn’t be burdened with extra stress that they already face trying to help remedy the unpleasant situation. Don’t go on a trip without buying travel insurance.

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