Overstaying in Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport has been voted among the top three airports in the world over many years. Indeed Changi Airport is exceptional and anyone who has been to Changi Airport would agree that the service and facilities in the airport is top-notch. It is like roaming in a shopping mall within an airport where comfort and luxury are extended to visitors ensuring a great experience for visitors to have a lasting impression of the country.

It is such a great airport that one passenger who overslept and missed his flight made it a point to stay behind in the airport for 18 days until he was finally arrested. This is not a movie but an actual incident that happened recently. Strange but true and the way he went about surviving in the airport indulging in the comfort and luxury the airport provided is surely a case in point concerning the reputation of Changi Airport.

He was certainly not living like a refugee within the airport. He forged boarding passes and enjoyed himself in airport lounges and almost made the airport his second home until he was caught. The funny thing is that he was not caught by the airport authority but was found out by a worker at the airport lounge who alerted the police.

Of course he was subsequently dealt with according to the law. This incident raised an important issue regarding passengers who didn’t make it for their flight and didn’t leave the airport. Has the airline informed the authority regarding passengers on a manifest who failed to board the flight out of the airport?

Man Spent 18 Days in Airport Transit

In our current heightened security environment, when a passenger who has failed to leave the airport and could remain within the airport for 18 days is rather unusual. The authority should look into enhancing communication with all airlines operating out of Changi Airport to prevent a repeat of such incident. Such communication and security lapses could be exploited by certain people with ill intention towards our world famous airport.

Nevertheless, it should not be surprising the authority has already put extra measures in place to ensure security of the airport as well as the well being and comfort of travellers using Changi Airport for travel or transit.

To know whether you are overstaying in the airport transit area where you might get yourself into trouble with the law, here is a good article for reference.

Terminal Exposure

When the Changi Jewel is ready in 2018, this would certainly bring Changi Airport to the next level of comfort, convenience and service for airport users to enjoy what this island nation has to offer.

Changi Airports Project Jewel 5 Things to Know about the new Lifestyle Complex

Those who have missed their flight and wish to stay much longer should check into proper accommodation and enjoy the great experience at Changi Airport before flying out of the country with unmatched satisfaction that it is better late than never.

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