Plane Crash Prediction at Changi Airport

Earlier this year, there was a prediction of a plane crash in Singapore that was supposed to happen yesterday. Specifically, the flight number, departure and arrival timings were mentioned. This flight SQ 879 is a daily flight coming in from Taipei to Singapore.

Predicted Airasia Transasia future SQ Flight at Changi Airport

Apparently, this guy Jucelino Nobrega da Luz from Brazil had accurately predicted the fate of AirAsia QZ8501 and TransAsia Airways Flight GE235 that crashed previously.

Coincidentally, the flight SQ 879 was cancelled yesterday. This led some to speculate whether Singapore Airlines was taking his prediction seriously.

Changi Airport Cancelled SQ879

Actually, Typhoon Megi was sweeping through Taiwan to China yesterday causing death and injuries across its path of destruction.

Typhoon Megi Kills one in China after Taiwan Destruction

So Singapore Airlines was unlikely paying heed to his prediction. In fact, many other flights were cancelled as well.

Singapore Airlines Media Centre News Alert on Typhoon Megi

Flights Cancelled, Schools Shut, Fishing Boats Recalled as deadly Typhoon Megi hits China

Which reputable airline would take into account unscientific predictions to operate their flights? Thus it was a peaceful evening at Changi Airport yesterday.

The worst thing that happened on this island nation yesterday was a hijack situation which was as rare as a plane crash. The situation had since been resolved with the hijacker arrested and the hostage freed.

Sembawang Stand-Off Resolved

Had Jucelino Nobrega da Luz predicted this incident, this crime might have been prevented. So take whatever prediction with a big bowl of salt.

Continue to travel and of course purchase travel insurance to hedge against any untoward incident which could happen anywhere in the world.

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