5 Days 4 Nights Langkawi and Penang Tour – Day 2 (November 2016)

Getting Ready for Day 2 in Langkawi

We had an island hopping day tour in the morning so we went for breakfast near 7.30 am. The restaurant at the lobby was already busy. We were ushered to an empty table and we went to collect our food. The breakfast spread was sufficient for this 3-star hotel. There were western and local items, fruits and salad, fruit juice, coffee and tea. The coffee was very dilute but the food was fine.

After breakfast we left the hotel and went next door to Cenang Mall. The mall was still closed being so early in the morning. But KFC was opened. We entered KFC and brought two breakfast set meals to take away and then returned to Nadias Hotel.

Back in our room, we washed up, brushed up, changed to suitable attire and then got ready to check out for our day tour. After watching TV for a while, we went back to the lobby to check out at 8.50 am. The tour agent had arranged to pick us from the hotel to head to the jetty at 9 am. After collecting our RM 100 deposit, we left our bags with front desk to keep. The lady staff also loan us two very nice beach towels to bring for our island hopping tour. We then settled down to wait for our tour agent.

There were quite a few hotel guests waiting at the lobby as well. They had arranged their own tours too. Soon, one after another left the hotel when their agents showed up. We waited until 9.15 am when our agent finally showed up in a white van. We followed him and left Nadias Hotel for our day tour.

Langkawi Island Hopping Tour

This white van wasn’t in the best condition. The van headed south along Jalan Pantai Chenang passing the Underwater World towards the jetty. We arrived in about 10 minutes. We alighted and were told to wait with many other tourists at a huge tent shelter. Tour agents were busy assigning tourists to board different boats.

Not long after, we were told to head down to the beach to board a yellow colour boat. When we were about to step down the stairs to the beach, a teenage girl who was holding a camera, took our pictures. She did this to every other tourists and we wondered was this the way they kept track of their passengers.

The beach here wasn’t clean. There were some confusion as we queued to board the yellow boat that was already full with many more passengers trying to board. Apparently, the group that boarded had boarded the wrong boat and they had to climb down before the rest of us could board this boat. Had we been forced to board this horribly overcrowded boat, we would turn back and not take this island hopping tour. There was no need to put ourselves in danger.

We got our feet wet while boarding this yellow boat. We had to step up a small metal stairs to get on to the boat. The boat was full and we had to sit in front of the boat operator, a friendly Malay young man. We were made to put on life jackets as we took our seats.

So we began our tour as the boat moved off shore and cruising slowly out to some distant islands. Once much further away from shore, the boat operator sped up and raced across the sea. So it was quite a bumpy ride at times. When nearing some islands, he made some tight turns and then stopped the boat. I must say it was quite exciting though and some passengers were screaming during this thrilling ride.

The boatman stood up and pointing towards the top of one of the islands and spoke in Malay and then followed by some English. We couldn’t hear what he said as we sat in front of the boat. Anyway, we took the opportunity to take a few shots while the boat wasn’t moving. He then started the boat again and proceeded behind this island making exciting sharp turns again as we raced towards another island.

Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park

We arrived at a bay of this island Pulau Dayang Bunting where quite a few boats were already there. The boat slowed down as we approached one of the jetties as we berthed to allow passengers to get on shore. Before we disembarked, the boatman warned us to be careful of our belongings because there were monkeys on the island. So one after another we got on shore walking on the long jetty towards the island.

It was a beautiful day here with bright sunlight so it was a hot day which was perfect for our day tour. When we reached the island, there were monkeys along the path. Tourists were gathering around some monkeys taking pictures with them. Some were feeding monkeys.

This is not a good idea at all. We had seen monkeys attacked people, especially ladies and young children. This practice forced monkeys to depend on human to feed them. I had my glasses snatched from my face in Bali. The monkey was so professional that my glasses left me without leaving any scratches on my face. The monkey then fled and sat on the cliff. The temple keeper over there then exchange fruits for my glasses with the monkey. The keeper later asked for money to get my glasses back.

After this we walked on into the island. We passed some cafes as we made our way into the building to pay entrance fee into this geoforest park. The cost was RM 6 per person. We exited the building and then followed the path and walked into the island.

The path is actually steps up a hill and towards the top, the steps get steeper. There were more monkeys over here and some stayed very near the path and even sat on the railings. I picked up a small stick as I walked in case some monkeys got too close for comfort. These monkeys were not afraid of people and they won’t move away even as many people approached them. There are signboards warning tourists not to feed these animals but apparently, not many take heed.

Relaxing at Pregnant Maiden Lake

After getting over the top, we descended the stairs towards a lake. We were perspiring by now having made it up the top of the hill. Monkeys were everywhere again. We could see the lake while walking down where quite a lot of people were already there enjoying themselves with water activities.

Thus we arrived at this largest fresh water lake here on the island. The walk took about ten minutes which would be quite manageable for most people unless you have mobility issues to overcome. Some steps were a little steep on the way down to the lake though.

The lake here was a hive of activities. Tourists could swim, kayak, paddle boat or just sit around on the floating platform near the lake. The lake is surrounded by hills on all sides and is very beautiful. There is another path along the lake but we did not explore the lake further away from this activities filled spot.

This was a really busy place. However, there were more than enough space for everyone to sit around just to admire and enjoy the scenery here. In fact, quite a lot of people were just content to sit on the edge and dip their feet in the cold water of this fresh water lake. We did likewise and sat down for a while to enjoy ourselves here.

The name of this lake is Pregnant Maiden Lake. Sitting down and looking up at the ridges of one of the tall hills, we could make out the shape of a pregnant lady lying on her back. The legend is provided on one of the many signboards near the lake. This fresh water lake is a result of the collapse of a fresh water cave here. This lake here is rather beautiful, peaceful and tranquil, a really good place just to rest and enjoy this picturesque ambiance of the place.

We were given an hour for this island tour so after having rested sufficiently, we made our way back to the jetty. It was the same way climbing stairs with the ascent a little more challenging than the descent after the top of the hill. It was a beautiful sunny day so the stairs were not wet and slippery. But we had to beware of the many monkeys nearby though.

Before exiting the park, there is a toilet for visitors to use. The cost is RM 1 per person. After exiting the park, we passed through a few small makeshift cafes. There were visitors relaxing over a cup of beverage and snacks. We brought our own water so we skipped these establishments.

We walked back to the jetty and waited for everyone to return. Staying around the jetty, we took more pictures and enjoyed the views of the surrounding. Visitors were coming and leaving and soon we also boarded our boat to head to our next destination.

Eagle Feeding in Langkawi

Back on board, our boat began its race again. This time we were brought to the eagle feeding point just off Pulau Singa Besar. This was another interesting place. A few boats were ahead as we approached the bay with many huge and small birds circling in the air. These were undoubtedly eagles. They came sweeping down to the sea from time to time like those dive bombers we watched in World War 2 movies.

These birds were pretty, very stately as they did their rounds soaring overhead and then sweeping down to catch its prey from off the sea. They just got their feet wet and they climbed majestically back into the air circling overhead again. Some were white while others had golden brown backs. There were so many of them up in the air gliding above waiting to make their next move.

It wasn’t a good idea to feed these birds. This would deprive them of their natural instinct to hunt for their meal. It was reported that some islands were overrun with snakes as a result. Notwithstanding, we did not see anyone feeding these eagles though. After being wowed by these creatures and enjoyed this second activity for the morning, we moved on. It was the same speeding ride across the sea to another island where we could swim at the beach.

Pulau Beras Basah

With the tight turning speedy ride, it didn’t take very long before we arrived near Pulau Beras Basah. Once the boat reached the shallow part of the beach, we had to jump down. So we would definitely get a little wet. My wife and I helped carry two little kids from the boat once we were down on the beach while their parents struggled to get down. One after another, passengers jumped onto the beach. If you have bad knees, this could be problematic.

It was a very hot day and it was near high noon when we arrived. We were given another hour for our beach activities. As it was so hot on the beach, we moved on to look for a shady place to settle down. There were trees and shelters but we didn’t see any toilet facilities on the island.

We managed to find a simple bench made from some tree trunks under some coconut trees. So we settled down and were glad we had some shade from the punishing hot sun. We also took out our KFC breakfast meals and began to enjoy our early lunch. It was nice to watch people going about on the beach having fun.

Some guys made funny antics on the beach lying down taking pictures with different pose. These were overgrown kids near their fifties but nothing could stop them from having a great time on the beach. Others were swimming in the sea. However, not everyone who came to the island were prepared to swim in the sea. In fact, many like us were more than happy to come to explore, relax and take pictures.

Actually, we brought our swim gears but didn’t feel like swimming under the high noon heat. We didn’t want to get severely burnt. The sea here was quite clean and the beach rather nice too. We could see small fish swimming near shore. Walking further towards the end of the beach was even better. It was secluded with almost no one there. It was like a beach paradise in Maldives.

So with many visitors on the beach, the place was lively and a little noisy as well. Nevertheless, this was a nice place to come for a visit whether for swimming or otherwise. Of course water sports were available as well for those who needed more excitement over here. We found many people were hiding under shades most of the time rather than out in the sun enjoying the beach and the sea.

Returning to Langkawi Mainland

When the hour was up, the yellow boat came back to shore. It was not easy to get on board. In fact many struggled to climb up the boat especially for plus size passengers. These boats should come with a small metal ladder that could be hung over the side of the boat to assist passengers to climb in and out of the boat. Those boats in Central Vietnam came with this improvised removable ladder which is very useful.

Back on the boat, we raced across the sea again bumping our butt over some choppy waters. The tight turn once near the jetty of the main island was really fun. This young Malay boatman was really skillful. One might think that his handling of the boat was bordering on unsafe practice others might feel he tried to inject some fun and thrill in this otherwise monotonous ride.

Once again, we had to jump into the sea near shore. The sea here wasn’t clean. We helped some little kids down from the boat again while their parents took their time to come down. The sandy beach here was a far cry from the previous beach we had fun at earlier.

Back on shore, passengers were milling around some tables. They were looking at pictures printed on a small plastic plate. So the picture taking before we left this morning was meant to sell us mementos when we complete our island hopping tour. Anyway, it cost only RM 10 which is very affordable for a memorable souvenir for this day trip. So we bought ours too.

Back to Nadias Hotel

We were ushered into a van and not long after, we departed the jetty. Passengers alighted along the way. Soon, our van reached Cenang Beach. Moments later, we were back to Nadias Hotel.

We approached front desk to collect our bags and then we proceeded to the swimming pool and took a shower then changed to prepare to head to Adya Hotel at Kuah Town. The swimming pool in Nadias Hotel is rather small and indoor as well. Anyway, we were glad to use the facility after the island hopping tour. We didn’t use the beach towels earlier so it was put to use for our shower.

After shower, we went back to front desk and returned our beach towels. The staff also helped us call a taxi to Adya Hotel in Kuah. The staff here were really helpful and friendly. The hotel room though basic were modern and clean. The hotel is very new too.

The location of Nadias Hotel is just perfect for those who intend to make Cenang as a base to explore the surrounding. Next door is Cenang Mall and across the road is Cenang Plaza. Food options are aplenty with many restaurants, shops and tour agents along the road outside the hotel.

Heading to Adya Hotel in Kuah

Soon our taxi arrived. We grabbed our bags, thanked the staff here and we made our way to Kuah. The journey was a little longer this time. The reason we chose to stay a night in Kuah was for our convenience to take the ferry to Penang the following day. After driving for about 30 minutes, we arrived Adya Hotel near 2.20 pm. Taxi fare was a fixed price of RM 30 from Cenang to Kuah.

We entered Adya Hotel and was warmly welcomed. This hotel was much bigger and more modern than Nadias Hotel at Cenang. The hotel lobby was quite nice too. The staff were all smiles and very friendly. One of the front desk staff spoke very good English. This was the first time we stayed at an Islamic Hotel.

Welcome drinks were given and the drinks were nice and refreshing. It could be rose syrup with soda. We loved this cool refreshing drink. While our check in was being processed, we were advised to take a seat as they got the room ready for us. Not long after, we were given our card keys to our room on a non-smoking floor.

Enjoying Adya Hotel Facility

We entered our room and found the room to be quite big. It was very modern as well, very clean too. The queen bed was clean and comfy. This was a typical 4-star hotel but exceeded our expectation.

Big wall mounted TV across the bed with mostly local channels but also one English movie channel. Wifi was fine. Bottled water was provided with coffee and tea facility as well. Bathroom came with separate shower stall with rain shower fixture. Full range of toiletries was provided as well.

The balcony outside faced south west towards Kuah Jetty, a little far to be seen clearly. This partly sea view balcony was great and it offered both a nice city view and a sea view. We could also see most of the swimming pool below.

With no issues to raise, we went to the lobby restaurant for a quick meal. The restaurant was having a promotion on pancakes at RM 10 so we ordered a set. There were different flavours available so I chose the pandan flavour that came with vanilla ice cream. We also ordered a plate of nasi goreng. This quick meal was good, very satisfying.

We then returned to our room to change for a quick swim at the swimming pool. There are two pools outdoor, one is for kids and the other for adults. There is another all female pool indoor. The adult pool is an infinity pool providing a city and sea view at the edge of the pool. After a quick swim, we returned to our room to rest.

We watched some TV programs and chatted with our children to inform them about our location and new hotel. At times we went to the balcony to enjoy the nice view of the surrounding trying to figure out the location of Kuah Jetty. After 5 pm, we decided to head out for some shopping and find a restaurant for dinner.

Shopping at Langkawi Parade

We turned left once we exited Adya Hotel and then walked along the road towards Langkawi Parade next door. It was less than 5 minutes walk away. At the entrance of Langkawi Parade, we saw a guy dressed up as Spiderman making poses and taking pictures with some people. It was interesting to see the people here were also interested in superhero comics characters.

Langkawi Parade was much smaller than it looked from the outside. There were shops and some restaurants. The main atrium space was taken with some promotional fair products. This mall here is no where near any Aeon Malls in other cities in Malaysia. Established stores like PDI, Gordano and The Body Shop are found in the mall as well.

Perhaps the biggest store we spent most of our time in was Teow Soon Huat Duty Free Shop. This is a three story establishment selling all sorts of stuff such as clothes, shoes, belts, bags and sports gears including tobacco and chocolates. I managed to purchase a pair of leather sandals. The prices of many items after discounts were pretty good. The leather belt and wallet we bought at Cenang Mall the night before were also available here at the same price too.

As we didn’t find any restaurant here interesting, we decided to head to town for dinner. On the way, we had to walk past Adya Hotel so we went back to our room to put down our shopping bag with the leather sandals. We also preferred to use our toilet in our room before heading out again. From our lift lobby, we could see the sun was setting and it would get dark pretty soon.

Once we were ready, we descended to the lobby to check with concierge for a nice place to have dinner. We were pointed to some seafood restaurants not far ahead of the hotel. KFC was just on our left across the road. When we were about to leave the hotel, a concierge staff brought us an umbrella in case it might rain that night.

Dinner at Kuah

So we walked ahead along Jalan Padang Matsirat passing KFC on our left across the road. It was dark all over now. Road traffic wasn’t very heavy here. Many shops across the road were already closed. We continued walking and came across some Chinese restaurants.

We walked on to a side road and saw Teo Seafood Restaurant. The restaurant looked quite bright and clean with diners having dinner so we went in for a look. We took a look at the menu and decided to settle down to have dinner here.

This restaurant looked like a family run restaurant. The staff were helpful and very friendly. We ordered home made warm barley drinks first as we poured over the menu deciding what dishes to order. With the staff’s recommendation, we ordered pork belly with yam, a Thai style bean curd dish and also fried hor fun. We ordered only one bowl of rice as well.

The food came not long after and the food here was surprisingly very good. They were really delicious, the best meal we had in Langkawi. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. The total damage came up to be just RM 33. We paid more at Palm Restaurant at Cenang Beach and the standard was no where close as far as food quality was concerned.

Back to Adya Hotel for the Night

With dinner out of the way and too early to return to Adya Hotel, we walked on further to see if we could reach Kuah Jetty and the Eagle’s Square. We walked past a landmark nicely lit up at night and then walked over a bridge. After nearly 30 minutes we still couldn’t see any jetty in sight. We ended up at De Baron Resort. We went in to explore a short while and then took a taxi back to Adya Hotel. The taxi fare was RM 10.

We returned the umbrella to one of the kind hotel staff and then returned to our room. It was time to make ourselves comfortable and wind down for the night. Watching TV kept us occupied as well as chatting with the children back home. We had already bought our ferry ticket to Penang online with the boarding passes printed out, so we were all set to depart for Penang.

We packed up to get ready for the next day. Our short 2 nights stay in Langkawi was just a recce tour. We would be returning in the future to explore other attractions in Langkawi that we missed this time. The cable car and the bridge would be one of them. Waterfalls and mangrove swarms tour could be another. This morning’s island hopping tour was fun and very affordable as well at only RM 30 per person.

So after a long day, we needed to rest our tired bodies. When we grew weary with the movie we were watching, we called it a night. With lights off and eyes shut, we went ahead into the next day for more excitement in Penang following.

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