5 Days 4 Nights Hoi An and Danang Vacation (May 2016)

Hoi An and Danang Itinerary

We had a wonderful trip to Central Vietnam last year visiting Hoi An, Hue and Danang. The only problem was there was no direct flight to Danang. We flew Vietnam Airlines and had to transit in Hanoi before arriving Danang and it took 6 hours. Coming back, we had to transit Ho Chi Min City and took around 7 hours. Actually, this doesn’t make sense at all.

So when Jetstar launched direct flights into Danang in August last year, we took the opportunity to visit Hoi An and Danang again in May this year. Flight time was just 2.5 hours and cost for return air tickets was under $130. We paid nearly double flying Vietnam Airlines last year so we were obviously delighted with Jetstar flying direct to Danang.

Our flight details were as follows:

Singapore to Danang 6.05 pm to 7.35 pm

Danang to Singapore 8.15 pm to 11.45 pm

Accommodation and Airport Transfer

This was just a short trip for a four nights stay. We would spend three nights in Hoi An and then one night in Danang by the beach.

For the first two nights, we stayed at Hoi An Sincerity Hotel and Spa. We stayed at East West Villas for the third night and then returned to stay at Pullman Danang Beach Resort. The last night would be the grand finale to enjoy the fantastic private beach in Danang using our complimentary night stay from our Accor Plus membership. The rest of the accommodations didn’t cost much when we booked early from Agoda.com.

We contacted Tommy for airport transfer to Hoi An. The cost was 350,000 VDN. His contact number is +84 90 504 45 64. He operates under Tommy Tours Hoi An.

Flight from Singapore to Danang

With all the arrangements made, we waited for May 2016 to come and amazingly, soon enough, we were making our way to Changi Airport for early dinner to catch our flight.

Our flight to Danang was smooth and we landed safely on schedule at 7.35 pm. We were more than pleased with this 2.5 hours flight rather than transiting in Hanoi to fly back down to Danang.

Clearing immigration was a breeze. Since we were travelling light, we didn’t have to collect any luggage. With our hand carry bags, we exited the terminal building and found Tommy holding our names on an A4 size paper. We followed him to his car and were on our way to Hoi An.

Tommy Airport Transfer to Hoi An

The vehicle was actually an MPV, very clean and the ride was very comfortable. Tommy spoke good English and we chatted as we made our way to Hoi An Sincerity Hotel. The ride took about 45 minutes and we alighted at Hoi An Sincerity Hotel. After paying him 350,000 VND, we made our way into the hotel.

We were so warmly welcomed when we arrived. Check in was settled quickly and we went to our room for a quick inspection. Everything was in order in our room which was very spacious and clean. Bed looked clean and very comfy. Surprisingly, bathroom was quite big as well. This hotel was open recently so everything was in tip top conditions.

Supper at Hotel Royal Hoi An in Ancient Town

We then left Hoi An Sincerity Hotel to head to the ancient town. It was the 14th day of the month according to the lunar calendar and the ancient town would be full of locals and tourists alike enjoying the monthly festivities. We were glad our hotel wasn’t inside the ancient town otherwise we might have trouble getting to the hotel.

It was near 8.45 pm when we got into a taxi. We told the driver we wanted to go to M-Gallery Hotel Royal Hoi An just outside the ancient town. But he didn’t know exactly where. So we told him to drive near to the entrance of the ancient town and we would walk to the hotel. In under 10 minutes, we reached the outskirt of the ancient town and the whole area was so busy. We paid the driver and then walked to Hotel Royal Hoi An.

It was just 5 minutes walk and we reached this very nice 5-star hotel. Our purpose of coming here was to have a meal as this hotel belongs to the Accor Group of hotels. Being Accor members, we enjoy 50% dining discount. We went straight to the restaurant and were seated immediately. Actually, the restaurant staff didn’t expect any more diners at this hour but we were warmly welcomed and served crackers first as we ordered our food.

Our food soon came and we really enjoyed this late dinner which would actually be supper. The quality of the food here was very good. We really loved this authentic Vietnamese food. The staff were so warm and friendly. In addition, the ambiance was truly very nice. It was so relaxing to enjoy a meal quietly at Hotel Royal Hoi An.

Hotel Royal Hoi An has a beautiful swimming pool area as well as a grand lobby. Moreover, the hotel is truly elegant. This is certainly a top class hotel in Hoi An. The staff are friendly and professional.

After this wonderful meal, we walked back out to the ancient town. By now, the town was already quiet. So we walked around and explored a little of what was left of the celebration and then took a taxi back to Hoi An Sincerity Hotel. It was just a few minutes ride and soon we were back to our hotel.

Retire at Hoi An Sincerity Hotel

Back in our room, we settled down to enjoy the evening under very nice air-conditioning. Hoi An was hot and humid middle of the year. Without air-conditioning, it would be very unbearable.

Our room windows looked out to a local restaurant near the hotel. It was still busy at night. This restaurant catered mainly to their locals. We could see the diners there were having a great time too.

We watched TV to while away the evening. This first day was to fly into Danang, and then check into the hotel in Hoi An to prepare for real actions the next day. Meanwhile, we caught up with friends and children with the excellent wifi in our room. We had been to Hoi An a year ago and we looked forward to this second visit. So bed time beckoned and we hit the sack.

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