5 Days 4 Nights Danang and Hoi An Vacation Day 3 (May 2016)

Morning at Hoi An Sincerity Hotel

After a tiring day cycling to Hoi An ancient town in the morning and visiting again at night, the sleep was sweet. We got up to another wonderful morning full of sunshine. We would be moving over to East West Villas later in the morning. This accommodation is located between the ancient town and Cua Dai Beach.

When we were ready, we went down to explore Hoi An Sincerity Hotel and checked out the garden again. The garden was well kept and this garden supplied vegetables to the restaurant. It was going to be another hot day again but the garden was well watered and green.

We then stepped into the restaurant for breakfast. Once again, the friendly staff greeted us by names and sat us down. The restaurant was busy in the morning. We collected our food and then enjoyed the wonderful breakfast. The food was really delicious.

After breakfast, we made another round to check out Hoi An Sincerity Hotel. This hotel was new and really clean and spacious. Service staff were genuinely friendly and helpful as well. The hotel provides regular shuttle service to the ancient town and the beach for those who are not keen to cycle to explore Hoi An. Actually, this is a safer way if you are not very skillful riding a bicycle. We then returned to our room.

Back in our room, we packed and got ready to check out to move to our new accommodation. We were actually quite excited and wondered what villa we were going to put up today. We rested a short while as it was still too early to check in at the other accommodation. But we were getting restless and eventually we checked out and left Hoi An Sincerity Hotel.

Transfer to East West Villas

We got into a taxi and we were on our way travelling towards ancient town first and then turned left towards Cua Dai Beach. It was a straight road and traffic wasn’t very heavy. We saw cyclists on the road, most of them tourists. They were probably cycling to the beach. In about 20 minutes, we arrived at East West Villas.

The neighbourhood was rather quiet, no doubt a great place to rest and relax. We walked into this property which was quite quiet as well. We sat down and to get our check in process done. It was too early to check in as it was only 10 am. So we borrowed bicycles from the hotel to cycle to the beach. We were given instruction where we should stop at the beach to use the facilities.

Cycle to Cua Dai Beach

Hence, having left our bags with the hotel, off we went towards the beach. It was a very long road but lesser traffic compared to cycling to ancient town the day before. Moreover, it was windy so we could not wear our caps and hats but sunglasses were absolutely necessary. It was another hot and sunny day. Cycling to the beach was rather enjoyable passing shop houses on both sides, bridges, vegetable gardens and paddy fields.

Soon we reached a junction either turning left or right at the beach. Turning right, we would have to park our bicycles at some public places but we were not sure about security of the bicycles. So we cycled left and found the unit number given to us by East West Villas. We were immediately invited into the premise and they took care of our bicycles. We were then ushered to sit at the beach and given wifi access while we settled down to enjoy the beach. This place is actually a restaurant that has made arrangement with East West Villas to accommodate guests referred here by the villa.

Chill Out at Cua Dai Beach

The owner of this establishment also told us we could use their toilet facilities to shower after swimming at the beach. So we sat by the beach to enjoy the views. The beach was having issues with erosion. However, we were told the beach was still good for swimming. Every morning, the locals would swim here before they start the day. A meal and drinks menu was given to us should we wish to have something eat or drink.

It was hot and glaring out here but it was very windy as well. Having seen the conditions of the beach, we decided against swimming here. We didn’t even walk down to the beach. We came across some tourists walking along the beach though. It was so hot and they looked so shagged climbing up and down to the beach under the punishing sun.

Since we had to spend time here while our villa was being cleaned, we ordered fresh coconuts to drink to enjoy the sea breeze. With wifi available, we were not bored. We simply while away the time on our mobile devices with the almost empty beach before us.

After quite some time, it was getting too hot and glaring though we sat under shade, we decided to make a move. It wasn’t really a good idea to be on the beach at high noon. The heat was very strong so it would be better to get to some where indoor. Most Vietnamese won’t be outdoor during a hot day. They would only come out after sunset.

Cycle to Mercure Hoi An Hotel for Lunch

So it was the same route cycling back to East West Villas. It was an enjoyable ride with very little road traffic. When we reached East West Villas, we decided to cycle on. We passed by Mercure Hotel on the way to the Villa so we decided to ride over to take a look. It was just another five minutes ride and we arrived Mercure Hotel.

A security staff came out to secure our bicycles while we entered the hotel to check out the restaurant and facilities. The hotel was very quiet. Hotel guests had probably gone for day tour or shopping and having lunch at ancient town. Mercure Hotel was very pleasant and staff presentable and professional as well.

As it was already past noon time, we went straight to the restaurant. No one was there when we arrived. A short while later, a waitress came out to usher us to a table. We took the menu and ordered our food. We had the whole restaurant to ourselves. The food came and they were delicious. We always liked to try out their local food. We were rewarded indeed. Mercure belongs to the Accor group of hotels. So as Accor Plus members, we enjoyed 50% discount dining here.

Spa at Mercure Hoi An Hotel

After the nice and satisfying lunch, we went to explore the hotel. The swimming pool looked very inviting. No one was there. We walked around the pool and sat down on the deck chair for a while. The whole pool area was very clean and nicely landscaped. The hotel rooms with balcony surrounding the swimming pool looked good too.

We then walked back indoor and came to the wellness centre. The lady manager came out to greet us and invited us to try out their treatment packages. There was good discount too. Since we had to spend more time to wait for our villa to be ready, we took up the offer and had another round of spa treatment. It was another good experience again this time. It was so comfortable and to be pampered on a hot day under air-conditioned environment was indeed a luxury.

With the spa treatment done, it was time to cycle back to East West Villas. It was just a five minutes ride and we returned the bicycles to the hotel staff. We were also given the key to our room. Our room was just upstairs from the lobby reception area so it was very convenient.

Beautiful Room at East West Villas

Once we entered the room, it was wow, what a nicely decorated villa room! It was high ceiling and very spacious. It was also tastefully decorated with flower petals on the ground as well as on our king bed. The bed was also decked with two lovely towel swans. It was truly a nice and lovely decoration for us even though we were not celebrating our wedding anniversary.

The bathroom was pretty big as well. The bathtub was a custom made irregular shape tub that wasn’t very deep but can fit two persons. Next to the bathtub was a wash basin with a nice modern bowl and full toiletries were provided. As for privacy for the bathroom, curtains were set up at the entrance.

Electric kettle, coffee and tea and bottled water were provided as well. TV was wall mounted with English movie channels too. Wifi was good. Though the room was facing the main road, we didn’t encounter issues with noise at all because road traffic was relatively light over here. The balcony looked out to the swimming pool. The whole area of the pool was very well landscaped. It was lovely to sit at the balcony to chill out over coffee and do some light reading.

Swimming at East West Villas

Since it was such a hot day, it was a great time to head to the pool. So we went for a swim. The water was warm and no other guests were using the pool. It was great to have the entire pool to ourselves. What a lovely day for an enjoyable dip and swim. It was much better to swim here than at the beach. For beach activities, we would reserve them for the next day over at the private beach at Pullman Danang Beach Resort. Meanwhile, we enjoyed ourselves floating and swimming in between. It was so relaxing swimming at this quiet villa property.

We rested for a while in our room after the nice soak in the pool. It was time to watch TV and catch up with everyone back home. So far, our day had been great. The bicycle ride to the beach was fun and not as stressful as cycling from Hoi An Sincerity Hotel to ancient town the day before due to the light road traffic. But the heat and glare did cause some discomfort which we already anticipated.

Walk to Mercure Hoi An Hotel

Soon slightly after 5 pm, we decided to head back to Mercure Hotel for dinner. The lunch experience was so good hence we planned to return for dinner. This time however, we didn’t want to cycle to Mercure Hotel because we intended to head back to ancient town after dinner. Having a bicycle to take care at the ancient town wasn’t very convenient not to mention the heavy road and human traffic over there at night.

We took a slow walk along the quiet road with occasional passing vehicles as we made our way to Mercure Hotel. In about 15 minutes, we arrived Mercure Hotel. It was an easy walk passing shops and the heat of the day was subsiding so it was rather pleasant. The entrance of the hotel was already lit up. It wasn’t dark yet so the contrast wasn’t very obvious.

The hotel lobby and reception were more charming now with soothing lights turned on late afternoon. It had a nice and relaxing vibes here. We didn’t spend a lot of time here after chatting with the friendly front desk staff. Walking into the restaurant again, the waitress recognized us and ushered us to an empty table.

Dinner at Mercure Hoi An Hotel

This time we ordered a pasta and a local dish for dinner. The restaurant was empty again as we settled down to wait for our food. Soon our food arrived and we enjoyed this delicious dinner in a very nice ambiance. While having dinner, another family came to the restaurant for dinner. So it seemed the restaurant wasn’t always empty where most guests would prefer a dinning experience with a slice of history in ancient town.

We roamed around the hotel again at the swimming pool area after dinner. The swimming pool area was lit up in blue, a very cool and romantic place to hang out. The buildings were lit up in light purple so the combination had a cooling effect. After chilling over here for a while, we left.

Shopping at Hoi An Ancient Town

At the entrance of Mercure Hotel, we hailed a taxi to the ancient town. The journey was about 10 minutes with some heavy traffic nearing ancient town. We alighted along the main road and strolled along to check out clothes and souvenirs. We had already bought some the year before so we weren’t in need to buy more stuff.

So we just explored the few roads along the outside of the ancient town. It was busy over here as well. Tourists were bargain hunting for all sorts of items to bring home. In particular, some were interested in having clothes and suits tailor made here. We bought some custard puffs from a street vendor that seemed to be doing very good business. These snacks would be good for coffee time back in our villa later.

Return to East West Villas

After spending some time roaming the streets, it was time to return to East West Villas. We hailed a taxi and told the driver the address of our villa. There was some communication problem when we took a taxi to ancient town earlier. We had to point out to him on a map where we would like to go. So it would be good to have a map handy as many taxi drivers are not very conversant in English, even though they are driving MaiLinh Taxis.

It was the same long road towards the beach as we made our way back to East West Villas. The road was dark after passing the ancient town area. It was quite quiet actually. So we were glad we weren’t cycling back to our villa. Soon we arrived East West Villas without incident. The taxi fare was 40,000 VND, pretty economical to travel by taxi in Hoi An.

At the reception, a new staff was on duty that night. We had enquired about private transfer to Pullman Danang Beach Resort at the reception in the morning. So we were back here to seek a confirmation from the villa. After some phone calls, it was settled. The fare would be 330,000 VND.

Enjoy the Night at East West Villas

Next we headed upstairs to our gorgeous villa room. It was so good to be back. Hence, it was time to relax again on our comfy bed to watch TV and chat with friends and children. Coffee time came and we had another round of indulgence with the custard puffs we bought and the coffee was good.

So the day was ending as we recollected our activities for the day. Hoi An Sincerity Hotel was great, especially the level of service they provide. The bicycle ride to the beach was fun too. The meals at Mercure Hotel was fantastic. In addition, the discounted spa treatment was a bonus. East West Villas was very nice and a charming and relaxing place to stay, away from all the hustle and bustle of the touristy area in ancient town.

The next day, we would be heading back to Danang to have a great time at Pullman Danang Beach Resort, our favourite property to stay in Central Vietnam. Thus we went to bed with much anticipation for the day to come.

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