5 Days 4 Nights Danang and Hoi An Vacation Day 4 (May 2016)

Good Morning at East West Villas

Despite our room facing the main road, we could sleep soundly through the night. Road traffic along this road connecting ancient town and Cua Dai Beach was relatively low. Hence, noise issues weren’t a problem. There are villas further inside the property where close to absolute tranquility is possible with the occasional chirping of birds and sometimes crowing of roosters.

We would be heading to Pullman Danang Beach Resort later in the morning. Transfer was already arranged with East West Villas. We had indicated we would like our breakfast to be served in our room balcony, so we didn’t have to head out for our meals.

Fabulous Breakfast at East West Villas

While we were resting after getting up from bed, there was a knock on the door. When we opened the door, the villa staff brought in a huge tray of food. All the items were nicely set up on the table at the balcony. There was so much food and the table was almost completely filled. There were western scrambled eggs set that came with baguette and also the local Vietnamese pho. The breakfast set also included fruit juice and coffee as well as fruits.

It was such a sight with the table fully filled with food at the balcony overlooking the quiet and serene swimming pool below. The smell of the food was heavenly and immediately, we felt hungry. So we settled down to enjoy our delicious breakfast set under this wonderful setting. It was so calm and peaceful. This was a great breakfast indeed.

After this fabulous meal, we got ready, packed up and waited for time to check out. We had already arranged with the villa to send us a vehicle to bring us to Danang. Meanwhile, we enjoyed this lovely villa room a little longer watching TV. After a final round chatting with the children back home to update them on our travel plans for the day, we took our bags and went downstairs to check out.

Transfer to Pullman Danang Beach Resort

We would be leaving Hoi An behind and head back to Danang. The beach over there would be our highlight not to mention the food at Pullman Danang Beach Resort and Premier Village Danang Resort next door. These two properties are part of the Accor Group so we would enjoy fantastic discounts for meals.

Soon, an SUV showed up and we left this lovely East West Villas that provided us a nice and cozy getaway in Hoi An. After getting our bags into the vehicle, we climbed on board and off we went towards Danang. It was another bright and sunny day as we travelled to Pullman Danang Beach Resort. This SUV was pretty clean and the ride was good. The driver was careful as well. In about 40 minutes, we arrived at our much loved Pullman Danang Beach Resort.

The fare for this private transfer was 330,000 VND. We had asked some taxi drivers in Hoi An and the quote was 300,000 VND and above. So we were very pleased with this arrangement with East West Villas. A year ago, we took the free shuttle from Pullman Danang Beach Resort. The resort does provide shuttle service between the resort and Hoi An ancient town twice a day. But this time, we were informed that the resort would only run shuttle service to ancient town if there were guests heading there so the pick up couldn’t be confirmed. Anyway we were fine with making our way to Danang on our own. In fact, it would be troublesome to take a taxi back to the ancient town to wait for their shuttle service to arrive.

Pullman Danang Beach Resort

Once we got up to the lobby of the resort, we were warmly greeted and some of the staff remembered us as well. We were attended to immediately. Cold drinks were offered while front desk staff sought out our check in administration.

The lobby was so nice and we could see all the way to the beach at the far end. It was very windy up here. The resort was very busy as well with many guests loitering in the lobby. We were told our room wasn’t ready yet. This was expected as it was barely 11 am when we arrived. So we took the opportunity to check out the resort.

This first thing that caught our attention was the new features on the pool. Beautiful colourful dragon flies structures were installed. We only found out they were lit up at night. This was interesting and refreshing. This is a good sign as regular updating of the resort is an ongoing process.

In the garden area, there was a pond full of water lilies. The water lilies were very pretty under the bright sunlight. It provided a very soothing and calming effect to the property here. Of course the whole property was very nicely landscaped with plants and trees. There was also a butterfly enclosure behind one of the blocks in the resort.

Beautiful Room at Pullman Danang Beach Resort

After a while, one of the staff approached us and told us our room was ready. She then escorted us to our room. The room was very nice and the king bed was very clean with its white sheets and looked exceedingly comfy. A huge and nice sofa was placed at the corner. TV was wall mounted with plenty of channels to watch. Wifi was very good with no issues at all.

A plate of fruits was provided and bottled water as well. Electric kettle, coffee and tea were all included too. Bathroom was clean with a nice bathtub. Full range of toiletries was given too.

The front balcony looked out to the inner area of the resort. The view of the swimming pool and the beach further out was very nice. We were indeed very happy with our room. So it was time to settle down and rest a little while. The balcony was a great place to enjoy this peaceful scenery in Danang.

Great Lunch at Premier Village Resort

After noon, we left Pullman Danang Beach Resort. We walked out to the main entrance, turned right and headed towards Premier Village Resort. When we reached the main entrance of Premier Village , we told the security personnel we would like to have lunch at their restaurant. The guard contacted the resort staff to send a buggy to give us a ride to the restaurant. So this saved us some walking under the hot sun which was very much appreciated.

The restaurant was quiet at this hour. However, lunch was available. We were seated and then poured through the menu. This was a different restaurant we were having lunch here. Last year, we had meals over at the restaurant by the beach. The food and the restaurant were very good. Unfortunately, some rowdy and inconsiderate diners ruined the otherwise perfect meals.

Over here, the ambiance of this restaurant was very good, peaceful and quiet, and nicely decorated too. In addition, the staff were very friendly. We ordered local food for our first meal in Danang. The food came shortly after. The presentation of the food was very nice and the food was delicious. We also ordered the coconut yam desserts. We had this dessert last year and it was so good so we wanted to try this dessert again. It was very good again. They even served us fresh fruits which was complimentary. This lunch was awesome!

Nice Private Beach in Danang

After lunch, we walked back to Pullman Danang Beach Resort along the beach. Premier Village Resort was quiet and peaceful. We wondered where had all the guests gone. Perhaps they were out on day tour or visiting Hoi An ancient town.

It was all calm on the beach scene as well. The sky was blue and the sea roar back and forth relentlessly. The park-like setting all the way back with some shades in between was great. It was a lovely walk back to Pullman Danang Beach Resort on a lovely day.

Enjoy Facilities at Pullman Danang Beach Resort

Finally back in our room we rested for just a short while. Such a hot day with the nice enticing swimming pool by the beach, it was impossible to resist the lure to the pool. So off we went and had a good swim. We like this swimming pool. The setting here by the beach was just perfect. The staff were attentive and they walked around to check on guests and cleared the deck chairs once guests vacated them. It was a very nice swim in the pool with its glittering water reflecting lights from the sun.

Back in our room after our swim, we watched TV and caught up with the children back home. Soon after, our friends who were touring Central Vietnam happened to be in Danang. They came over to visit us while we were here in Pullman Danang Beach Resort.

So we adjourned to the beach and sat on beach chairs under shades provided by the huge umbrella. We had a great time catching up by the beach. The sun, the sand, the breeze and the sea with its monotonous waves provided the backdrop for this nice great time we hadn’t had for a long time. What a great way to spend a lazy afternoon on the beach sharing memories and moments with great friends.

Excellent Dinner at Pullman Danang Beach Resort

Evening beckoned and dinner was the next item on the agenda. Instead of heading out to Danang for dinner, we suggested to dine in one of the two restaurants here. The restaurant by the beach usually served barbeque seafood. Having checked out the restaurant, we decided to head to the main restaurant next to the lobby.

Outside the restaurant, lanterns light adorned the premise. Once inside, the warm lights exuded an air of luxury, an ambiance with a very grand feel. We settled down and ordered different variety of dishes both western and local Vietnamese. Bread and butter were served first and our dinner came next. The food presentation was good, so was the dinner. We had a great time and enjoyed our meet up for the day extending to dinner. How often do we have such coincidence to run into each other while on vacation!

Chill Out at Lobby Lounge

Our friends left after dinner. We proceeded to the lobby lounge to use our welcome drinks vouchers. We ordered from a selection of drinks available and sat down to enjoy the evening at the very nice and relaxing lounge. In the distance, the beach had turned dark by now. The clever lightings in the property brought out a romantic charm of the surrounding. The lit up dragon flies display was interesting and nice.

Our drinks came shortly. It was nice to relax over a nice drink enjoying the soothing sea breeze on a summer night in Vietnam. There was a guitar soloist entertaining us last year. His absence was deeply felt here. With our drinks and nice ambiance but no nice accompanying music to perk up the ambiance to the next level, it was a pity. Anyway, it was a good evening by the lounge and we loved to chill out at the lounge here.

Good Night at Pullman Danang Beach Resort

We then returned to our room to continue our enjoyment of Pullman Danang Beach Resort. We were also surprised the resort left a small box of chocolate as a gesture of appreciation for our returning visit. The resort really knew how to keep guests happy and keep them coming back to this excellent property here in Danang.

So we while away the time watching TV and using the efficient wifi to access the internet and to chat up with friends and children back home. Our king bed was superb. It was so nice and comfortable.

As we drifted into the night, our eyes soon drooped into obliviousness. Hence, the day was gone and certainly well spent with great enjoyment of the facilities here at Pullman Danang Beach Resort as well as Premier Village Resort. Our short vacation in Central Vietnam would soon come to an end.

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