5 Days 4 Nights Danang and Hoi An Vacation Day 5 (May 2016)

Sunrise at Pullman Danang Beach Resort

Danang Beach is one of the best places to catch sunrise from the South China Sea. So we got up very early slightly before 5 am this morning. Having changed, we walked slowly to the beach to wait and watch sunrise from this private beach of Pullman Danang Beach Resort. It was still dark and windy as we made our way to the beach.

By the time we got to the beach, many beach goers were already there before us. Some were strolling on the beach while others were jogging. A few were swimming in the sea as well. Of course there were those like us loitering on the beach waiting to catch sunrise this morning.

It was still a little dark but the sky soon turned light blue. Tints of pink then appeared on the horizon colouring the sky prettily and slowly spreading upward across the entire sky above the sea. The beach was a picture of serenity, so tranquil with very little disturbance in spite of the presence of beach goers. It was just past full moon two days ago and the moon could still clearly be seen hanging above Pullman Danang Beach Resort partially hidden among clouds.

Not long after, the pinkish sky gave way to a brighter lighter bluish canvass, lighting up the surrounding beach and Pullman Danang Beach Resort. Some moments later, a tiny blob of pink appeared on the horizon. This time was the unmistakable sun making its first appearance. This little blob soon ascended above the sea, ushering in another wave of pinkish hues on the horizon. The sea was then lit up with a line from the infant sun rays. Minutes later, the beach area was turning brighter as the ascending sun made its presence felt.

The roaring noise from a fighter jet coming from the north caught beach goers attention. The jet flew south passing Danang Beach apparently or coincidentally gracing this sunrise moments bringing more excitement to sun watchers adding another thrill other than the magical light show. As we stayed on to indulge ourselves on this windy morning on the beach, we witnessed the first awakening of Danang Beach that gradually brightening up everywhere giving more colours to the beach and and resort. It was a great way to begin our morning.

Last year, we also did catch the sunrise from here in Danang. Moreover, the sunrise was even much better and more enchanting. The colourful display of the changing patterns in the sky was truly magical. This morning was nevertheless still a great experience to watch sunrise on the beach. With the beach and resort lit up, we returned to our room. It was too early to do much and we were not willing to watch TV so early. Hence, we went back to bed to sleep.

By the time we woke up again, it was pretty late. It wasn’t a good time to head for buffet breakfast. We won’t be able to eat lunch after that. So our breakfast was the custard puffs we bought from Hoi An with our self made coffee. This simple breakfast was good as we sat on the balcony watching the happenings in Pullman Danang Beach Resort. The balcony was really a great place to enjoy the peaceful scenery in Danang.

Lunch at Premier Village Resort

Noon time came quickly. Once again, we decided to head back to Premier Village Resort for lunch. Our lunch over there the day before was excellent. So it was the same route to the main road and then turned right to walk to Premier Village Resort next door. It was another hot and humid day. The security staff then called a buggy to send us to the restaurant. Moments later we were in the restaurant.

It was the same scene with genuinely friendly and helpful staff attending to us. The restaurant was quiet again like the previous day. The ambiance was good and it was a good place to have a quiet lunch on such a hot day.

We ordered the local rice set. Bread and butter were served even though we didn’t order western meals. Our lunch set came later. The food presentation was good and the food was really delicious. Of course we didn’t miss out on the yummy coconut yam desserts we loved so much. The lunch was truly great.

After the nice lunch, the restaurant staff helped us call a buggy to send us back to the main road. We didn’t want to walk along the beach back to Pullman Danang Beach Resort like the day before. When the buggy arrived, we hopped on and left the restaurant shortly. At the main road, we just walked back to Pullman Danang Beach Resort.

Rest in Pullman Danang Beach Resort

Our departure flight was in the evening. Unfortunately, the resort was operating on high occupancy so we didn’t manage to secure very late check out. Back in our room, we showered, packed and got ready to leave our room. The balcony was the last place we hanged out to enjoy the scenery.

Finally, it was time to check out. Checking out was a breeze. After checking out, we went up to the business centre to chill out to while away the time. The business centre was very big but emptied of guest. Huge sofa sets were there and with a huge wall mounted TV as well. One corner was the computer stations for guest use. So we sat down to watch TV and continued to use the resort’s excellent wifi to surf internet and got in touch with friends and children back home. Thus we were not left marooned somewhere without a place to rest after surrendering our room.

Towards the later part of the afternoon, we explored the resort a little more. We watched some watersports activities on the beach. Next we checked out other facilities of the resort and spent time chatting with some staff. Some of them remembered us as this was our third time staying at Pullman Danang Beach Resort.

Departure Flight from Danang Airport

When evening came, we went back to the lobby to take the shuttle service to the airport. The service used to be free but this time we had to pay 50,000 VND per person. We didn’t mind this arrangement because we won’t be able to save much if we had hailed a taxi to the airport for the two of us anyway. The resort’s huge, nice and clean van provided us a very safe and comfortable ride to the airport.

Once we arrived at the airport, we went to collect our boarding pass. Next, we cleared immigration and entered the secured area of the terminal building. It seemed like a major portion of the terminal building was closed off. We were only left with one corner of the building to wait for our flight home. Nevertheless, a few shops, including the duty free shop was open. However, there weren’t many food options available.

Our boarding call came shortly and soon we were on our way home. Hence this short 5 days Central Vietnam tour covering only Hoi An and Danang came to an end. We love this part of Vietnam that is very charming and relaxing. Central Vietnam is not as busy, noisy and chaotic like Ho Chi Min City and Hanoi.

Hoi An offers historic ancient town for cycling, shopping and simply roaming in that enchanting atmosphere, in particular, at night where many colourful and lovely lanterns adorn the town. Danang Pullman Beach Resort provides luxury accommodation and access to the quiet private beach that is very clean and also a great place to catch the South China Sea sunrise in the morning. Anyway, we would be visiting Central Vietnam again in March 2017. This part of Vietnam is really worth visiting.

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