Chinese New Year Celebration at Chinatown

Chinese New Year Decoration in Chinatown

It is Chinese Lunar New Year again. Chinatown, the main venue for Lunar New Year celebration is all decked up for this coming event just two weeks away. It would be the year of the rooster this time so a huge and colourful rooster is installed at the main thoroughfare in Chinatown. This is much nicer than the Donald Trump version in China.

Colourful lanterns are strung across the roads and streets all over Chinatown. It would be quite a sight at night. Perhaps, this could rival Hoi An in Central Vietnam minus the river scene. It is very hot during the day but visitors are still present. Tourists were busy snapping up the festive Chinatown scenes from streets to streets and on the overhead bridge as well.

Festive Goodies on Sale

Shops and stalls are already set up and new year goodies are on sale. It wasn’t crowded during the day due to the heat. Come night time, especially nearer to New Year Eve, the streets would be packed. The famous Lim Chee Guan bah kwa shop along New Bridge Road was having a shorter queue when I walked past this morning. The queue is quite legendary so you may want buy your bah kwa early to save time.

Christmas was over just slightly two weeks’ ago. So it was interesting to see Santa Claus balloon displayed together with the Chinese god of wealth. Some tourists were amused and were taking pictures of this strange combination. Take a look this amusing sight at Smith Street if you happen to be there.

Anyway if you are strolling on Smith Street, you may want to walk up to the hawker centre on the second floor for some authentic Chinatown local food. It can be a little warm but it is definitely lighter on the pocket to have a meal there. There are so many stalls and you will be spoilt for choice. The hawker centre can be crowded during lunch and dinner time though.

If you intend to visit neighbouring countries, there are plenty of travel companies at People’s Park Complex and People’s Park Centre. It is not expensive to hop over to Malaysia or even to Batam Island in Indonesia. There are bigger travel companies at Chinatown Point Mall as well if you find smaller travel agents do not have what you are looking for.

Shop and Dine at Chinatown Point

A Spring Spectacular fair is set up outside the entrance of Chinatown Point. The fair is extended to the main atrium inside Chinatown Point as well. More Chinese New Year goodies are available here. The decoration inside the mall looks a little like left over Christmas decoration with the glittering lights combining with Chinese New Year deco.

As usual, Din Tai Fung Restaurant is crowded during lunch time. There was quite a queue of customers sitting outside this afternoon. So go early if you can.

Should you miss your Korean food, you can head up to the Korean Restaurant on the second floor at a corner unit. They serve good Korean food. Set lunch starts from $9.90++ for a main course that comes with free flow of tea, two types of soup and a number of side dish. It is pretty good value for money, especially having a meal in air-conditioned environment on a hot day.

Too tired to walk and shop after spending time outdoor? Head up to the library to do some reading and rest a little. Or head to a café and chill out over coffee. There will be plenty to keep you busy. By the way, there is a supermarket inside Chinatown Point on basement 1. It is very convenient to stock up on essentials.

When you have had enough of Chinatown, getting out is very easy with the entrance of the MRT station just outside Chinatown Point. So come soak in the atmosphere. Buy some stuff or snacks home. Have fun but watch your belongings when it gets crowded on the streets in the evening. So enjoy Lunar New Year festivities in Chinatown.

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