11 Days 10 Nights Free and Easy Hangzhou to Guangzhou China Tour

Last year, we did a 11 Days 10 Nights China tour from Hangzhou to Guangzhou over Christmas. This was a DIY tour covering cities in Hangzhou, Xiamen and Guangzhou. Along the way, we also covered Huangshan and Wuyishan.

Our children came along with us happily because this was a free and easy trip. They won’t join us if we took a tour package because they didn’t like to follow their tour regime having to wake up very early and reach hotels very late at night. More annoying would be the sales talk during the tour which they consider a waste of their time.

We started planning in May to secure air tickets from Scoots flying into Hangzhou and then departing from Guangzhou costing only slightly more than $300 per person. The flight timings may not be very ideal but for just over $300 flying in and departing from a different city, it was a deal. Our flight schedules are as follows:

Singapore to Hangzhou 1650 to 2145
Guangzhou to Singapore 0345 to 0815

Next was to work out our itinerary which places to visit beginning with Hangzhou ending in Guangzhou. We decided this would be part of a nature tour with shopping towards the end at Guangzhou. We even booked a hot spring spa resort to stay in Xiamen.

In addition, we would travel mostly by high speed trains between cities. From Hangzhou to Huangshan, we found it more convenient to travel by long distance bus to the foot of Huangshan to a small town Tangkou. Transportation cost for trains and long distance buses was under $150 per person. The website to check high speed train schedules in China is here.

China Train Guide

Of course we also booked hotels early from Agoda.com to lock in good hotel rates. Total hotel cost was under $450 per person for the ten nights staying from three to five stars hotel.

So here is our itinerary for the tour.

Day 1 Hangzhou (2N)
Hotel: Huachen International Hotel

Fly from Singapore to Hangzhou
Singapore to Hangzhou 16.5021.45

Take airport shuttle bus from Hangzhou Airport to Pinghai Road for CNY 20 per person.
The shuttle buses of Hangzhou Airport usually take an hour to the city center. The waiting hall for the shuttle bus is at Gate 14. The bus would terminate at Pinghai Road and then we would walk 200 m to Huachen International Hotel.

More information for Hangzhou Airport is available here in Chinese. You may do a Google translate into English to read the information.

Hangzhou Airport

Will arrive hotel after 11 pm.

Huachen International Hotel location is near Westlake and also a night market which would be an ideal location to base ourselves for two nights. In addition, an MRT station is nearby as well.

Day 2 Hangzhou
Hotel: Huachen International Hotel

Have breakfast in the city or the hotel.

Head to railway station to buy all the train tickets for our China Tour. The train station is just 2 MRT stations away at Chengzhan Station from Longxiangqiao Station.

Walk to Westlake or take MRT 1 station back to Dingan Road Station.
Walk along Xihu Road to reach Westlake and have lunch at Sofitel Hotel which is near there by the lake.

Enjoy Westlake and shopping in the city.
Walk along the side of Westlake on Huangcheng West Road.

We might be able to reach West Bus Station to buy bus tickets to Tangkou, Huangshan.
Bus Station Address is 357, Tianmushan Road near Zijingang Road.

Do some shopping in the city.

Visit Wuhan Night Market near hotel.

Day 3 Huangshan – Tangkou
Hotel: Huangshan Cheng Jin Hotel

Take taxi to West Bus Station.

There is a McDonald at the West Bus Station where we could have breakfast.
Can bring other food to eat on the bus as well.

Take first bus to reach Tangkou in Huangshan early for activity over there in the afternoon.
The buses at West Bus Station are scheduled at 8:00, 9:50, 10:50, 12:40, 14:10, 15:10, and 17:45, and the trip takes about 4 hours.
The fare is CNY 122 per person.

Huangshan Cheng Jin Hotel is located below the bus terminal so it would be very convenient to reach the hotel from Hangzhou.

Tangkou is a small town at the foot of Huangshan Scenic Area.
Can have lunch at hotel also when we arrive.

Relax for the night to prepare for mountain activities the next day.
Eat dinner at the hotel or restaurant in town.

Day 4 Huangshan – Tunxi
Hotel: Parrion Huangshan Hotel

Breakfast at the hotel
Take a bus to the cable car station.
First bus at 6.30 am is not so crowded.

Entrance fee to the scenic area is CNY 230 person during March 1st to November 30th and CNY 150 person during December 1st to February 28th in the next year
Cable car fee is from CNY 65 to CNY 100 for a single journey for each of the three cableways.

Take cable car to visit Huangshan.
Do some hiking.
Hike to another location to take cable car back to foot of Huangshan.
Can borrow walking sticks and rain coats as well from the hotel.

Back to hotel for lunch.

Travel to Tunxi, Huangshan City.
Take bus from Tangkou to Tunxi.

Taxi from Tunxi bus station to Parrion Hotel is around CNY 10-15.

Check in at Parrion Huangshan Hotel

Visit Old Street 10-15 minutes walk away for dinner and do some shopping.

Day 5 Wuyishan (1N)
Hotel: Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort

Breakfast at the hotel.
Take bus to Huangshan North Railway Station.

Huangshan to Wuyishan
Train G1621 0954 to 1111 Cost CNY 111

Try to leave Huangshan Tunxi early to enjoy Wuyishan, an Unesco Site.

From Wuyishan North Station, take Bus 7 to Wuyi Hotel Yeohwa Resort. Bus fare is CNY 3.
By taxi is around CNY 70 per car.

Hotel is located opposite the GREAT mountain, the address is 1ST street, DA WANG FENG ROAD

Explore and enjoy attractions at the park which is an UNESCO Site.

Must enjoy this resort, one of the more costly accommodations during our trip.

Hotel restaurant serves good quality food with dim sums at affordable prices.

The hotel is in a tourist zone so walking distance to small shops and street side eateries.

Local Bus No. 6 near the entrance can take us directly to the south entrance of Mount Wuyi.

Can walk to places of attractions and the town without taxi.

Entrance fees: one day: CNY 140 + CNY 75 shuttle bus fee; two days: CNY 150 + CNY 85 shuttle bus fee.
Bamboo raft: CNY 100; Green Dragon Waterfall: CNY 40

Can watch the famous Impression show at night.
Impression: Dahongpao cost CNY 218
Show time is 7.30 pm or 9 pm.
Depending on weather, If too cold then we won’t watch the show.

Day 6 Wuyishan to Xiamen
Hotel: Riyuegu Hotsprings Resort

Have nice breakfast in Hotel.

May explore Wuyishan in the morning before leaving for Xiamen Hot Spring Resort.

Take Bullet train to Xiamen.

Wuyishan North to Xiamen North
Train G5301 0955 to 1315 Cost CNY 191

Take taxi to Riyuegu Hotsprings Resort.

Hot spring mineral water for bathtub in hotel room.

Hot spring theme park is very near the hotel.
There are many different pools with different spices and infusion to try out in late autumn or early winter.

Hot Spring Resort operates by Singapore Company.

Day 7 Xiamen
Hotel: Tegoo Hotel

Enjoy nice breakfast at Resort.
Enjoy another nice hot spring bath in room before leaving the resort.

Check out from Hot Spring Resort and proceed to Xiamen City.

Take the hourly shuttle bus to Xiamen City Centre and then take taxis to Tegoo Hotel.

Visit Zhongshan Road Walking Street.
Shopping and dining and enjoy Taiwanese food.

Day 8 Guangzhou (3N)
Hotel: Paco Business Hotel Guangzhou Tiyu Xilu Metro Branch

No breakfast in hotel.
Buy snacks the day before.

Head to train station early to go to Shenzhen then onward to Guangzhou.
Take taxis to go to Xiamen North Train station.

Xiamen North to Shenzhen North
Train D681 0804 to 1152 Cost CNY 150.50

Change train from Shenzhen North to Guangzhou South
Train G6518 1226 to 1302 Cost CNY 74.50

From Guangzhou South Train Station, take MRT Line 2 Blue Line to Gongyuanjian Station.
Change to MRT Line 1 Yellow Line to Tiyu Xilu Station.

Paco Business Hotel is just behind the station.
Hotel at Tiyu Xilu MRT Station across Tee-Mall.
Very convenient to travel everywhere and also useful to go to the airport when we leave Guangzhou

Can visit Old Walking Street at Shangxiajiu in town and also Beijing Road walking street for Christmas Eve festivity at night.

Beijing Road shopping can be reached on Line 1 at Gongyuanqian Station 公园前, and the Shangxiajiu Shopping Street is at Changshou Station 长寿路.

Day 9 Guangzhou
Hotel: Paco Business Hotel Guangzhou Tiyu Xilu Metro Branch

Continue to shop and dine in Guangzhou City with over 2000 years history.

Visit Canton Tower.

Explore Huacheng Square.

Day 10 Guangzhou
Hotel: Paco Business Hotel Guangzhou Tiyu Xilu Metro Branch

Visit Shamian island.
Shamian Island which can be reached from Huangsha Station 黄沙on lines 1 and 6.

Shop and dine at Shanxiajiu again near Shamian Island.

Visit Zhujiang New Town.

Day 11 Guangzhou

Request late check out or leave bags with Paco Business Hotel.

Full day in Guangzhou before flight back to Singapore.

Visit Chen Academy.

Shop at Beijing Road Walking Street one more time for last minute shopping.

Return to Paco Busness Hotel to collect our bags.

Take MRT to Pullman Hotel at the airport for late night supper slightly before midnight for early morning flight to Singapore.

Day 12 Singapore

Guangzhou to Singapore 0345 to 0815
Reach Singapore Changi Airport in the morning.

Go for breakfast.
Head for home.

Singapore to Hangzhou

So our trip to China finally came. Everything happened according to plan on this first day for our flight to Hangzhou. Changi Airport was very crowded with tourists coming and leaving during this year-end school holiday period before Christmas. Scoots’ check in counters were so crowded and the queue snaked all the way near to the front end of the terminal building.

It was very chaotic because everyone taking different flights were required to join the same queue. Scoots’ staff walked around shouting out to passengers stuck at the queue for those flights that were departing shortly and then brought them to a counter to process their check in. After over an hour of queuing, we finally got our boarding passes.

Unfortunately, our flight was delayed. We hoped we could still catch the airport shuttle bus to Huachen International Hotel. So we cleared immigration and boarded our flight and were on our way to Hangzhou. We landed at Hangzhou Airport without incident.

By the time we cleared immigration, it was already after midnight. We went to Gate 14 to look for the airport shuttle bus to Pinghai Road. This gate was on the right after we exited the arrival hall. However, the ticketing office was inside the terminal building. So we queued to purchase the bus tickets for CNY 20 each. The staff required our passports to key in our details when we bought the bus tickets.

Having gotten our tickets, we went to the exit outside the ticket office and boarded the bus. The bus left shortly after 1 am. The city was very quiet at this hour and soon we entered the city. By the time the bus stopped at Grand Metropark Hotel along Pinghai Road, it was 1.50 am.

We saw Huachen International Hotel right ahead across the road two traffic junctions away. So we walked to Huachen International Hotel in under five minutes.

Check in was fast and we went to our room on the third floor in no time. Everything in our room was in order, very clean and seemed to be newly renovated. We were very pleased with our rooms. We were too tired already so we hit the sack almost immediately.

Hence, this was the start of our 11 days free and easy tour of China for the family other than just my dear wife and myself. Our adventure was about to begin and we went to bed with much anticipation and excitement.

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