11 Days Free and Easy China Tour – Day 5 Huangshan to Wuyishan

Nice Breakfast at Parrion Hotel

After the grueling hike at Huangshan, our sleep was so sweet. Our king beds were so comfortable and the luxury we enjoyed at Parrion Hotel was a treat indeed. We had a train to catch near 10 am so we still had a bit of time to have a good breakfast before checking out. Getting up from bed was a little strange this morning. Our bodies were recuperating from the work out up on Huangshan the previous day.

However by 7.45 am, we were already at the restaurant for breakfast. The restaurant was pretty nice, very modern and tastefully decorated. The buffet spread was very good too. Food was very delicious and more than sufficient to get us started for the morning. We saw some other guests during breakfast so we were not the only guests staying here despite the quietness we experienced the day before. We took our time to indulge in a good meal before leaving Huangshan to our next destination down south.

After breakfast, we returned to our super spacious rooms to rest for a short while and freshen up. Once done, we took our bags and went to the lobby to check out. Check out was efficient. The same couldn’t be said about their transfer services to the train station. The hotel had a dedicated number to call for transfer service but this service failed big time this morning. The staff was trying so hard to call the company but no one picked up the phone.

Transfer to Huangshan North Train Station

So the helpful front desk staff used her phone apps to help us get two taxis to send us to the train station. It was raining and time was quite tight by now near 9 am. One taxi came first and half of our family boarded this taxi. The rest of us waited for the next taxi that showed up another few minutes later.

We were grateful for the help we received from the hotel staff to be able to head to the train station. Overall, we were very pleased with our stay at Parrion Hotel. This four star property has five star room standards. Location of this hotel is just 15 minutes walk to the Ancient Street across the wide river. Hence our choice to stay here turned out to be pretty good.

The taxis travelled along under light rain and thankfully light traffic as well. Eventually, we made it to the Huangshan North Train Station by 9.30 am. Taxi fare was under CNY 50 each. Our departing train was 9.54 am so we made it in good time but not much time left to roam the station. The station was pretty new and very huge as well. The station also appeared to be sparkling clean with convenience stores and shops within the train station. Signage was clear and train timings were displayed nicely and clearly on the huge electronic signboard in the departure hall before the entrance into the platforms.

We were definitely very glad we had already purchased our train tickets on the second day while we were in Hangzhou. So we needed not to rush and panic with the last minute hiccup from the hotel’s dedicated transfer service. Having settled down a few minutes, we were soon called to get to the platform to wait for our train ride to Wuyishan.

Wonderful High Speed Train Ride to Wuyishan

We were travelling on train G1621 at 9.54 am. We were expected to arrive Wuyishan at 11.11 am. There weren’t many passengers waiting at the platform for this train ride so it was pretty pleasant. Soon train G1621 arrived. We were already waiting at the right location on the platform so we boarded the correct carriage without any issue. Very easily, we located our seats and we settled down to enjoy our train ride.

The train was very new and very clean too. It was much better than the cramped seats flying on budget airlines. The seats were very comfortable and we had plenty of leg rooms. The train cabin was very nice and service staff were pleasant too. Not long after, the train departed Huangshan North Train Station. Acceleration was very smooth as the train picked up speed to reach 300 km/h.

I tried putting a coin upright on the window ledge and see if the coin would stand. Unfortunately the experiment failed. The ledge was not so horizontally level with a slight slope inward and that might be the reason I had trouble trying to ensure the coin stay upright. Nevertheless, the train ride was very smooth with no noticeable vibration even travelling at high speed.

So we sat back and enjoyed our train ride with light reading and playing with our mobile phones. It was just a short train ride of slightly over an hour. The train passed beautiful terrains in this mountainous area. It was a feast for the eyes for those of us who were not busy holding a book or busy with our phones. Soon, we arrived at Wuyishan North Train Station. It was a very good first experience taking the high speed train on our own. The high speed train ride was comparable to those trains we had taken in Europe and perhaps even better as the train was so new. Moreover the cost for this train ride was so affordable at only CNY 111.

Transfer to Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort

We got off the train and walked into the train station. Our first stop was the washrooms. It was raining and a little cold so a visit to the washroom was necessary. We then exited the train station passing many travel agents and drivers offering their services. They could easily tell who were foreigners needing transfer arrangements.

We were walking outside the train station now under light drizzle. Two persons kept following us, one was a man in his thirties and the other a lady in her early forties. They asked which hotel we were heading to and we told them. They kept pestering us to take their car ride to Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort. So there was some haggling going on while we were walking towards the taxi stand or bus stop outside the train station.

Actually, we had already contacted Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort much earlier and had gotten direction to the hotel. We could just take bus number 7 to the hotel costing CNY 3 each. Or we could get a taxi to the hotel for around CNY 70 per car. So these two drivers were offering to take us to Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort at CNY 30 for each car and they happened to be relatives. Having had prior information on transport cost, we accepted their offer.

Once we reached the parking area, we took these two separate cars to Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort. I was with the male driver and along the way, he kept recommending us places to visit and trying to solicit more business after the transfer to our hotel. I told him we were pretty tired and were not in much of the mood for more strenuous activities after our Huangshan hike the day before. Moreover, it was raining and definitely not suitable for outdoor activities over here.

About half an hour later, both cars pulled up at the entrance of Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort. We exited the cars and I paid the lady driver CNY 60 for our transfer to the hotel. They were actually hoping we could use their service in the afternoon to visit places and the lady driver left her contact with us.

Anyway, the male driver offered to help us get tickets for the Dahongpao Impression Show using their identity cards with substantial discounts. The show costs CNY 218 for tourists. However, it was raining and could be quite cold at night so we declined. Honestly speaking, they were pretty nice folks trying to look for business during this low tourists season and their fares were not exorbitant but we were just too tired after the Huangshan hike.

Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort

We then entered the very nice and grand lobby of Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort. Walking to front desk, we were very pleased and elated to be spending a night here to unwind. Front desk staff were truly approachable and friendly. Customer service at the resort was really par excellent. We were also asked whether we would like to watch the Dahongpao Impression Show which was showing the last time for the year as winter fully set in. We declined again due to weather consideration. Before long, we were given keys to our rooms.

So we went up to our rooms to put down all our bags. The rooms were five star standard with clean and very comfy beds. Bathroom came with bathtub and separate shower stall. TV with plenty of programs including English movies as well. Wifi worked very well. We were also given a plate of fruits in each room too and of course bottled mineral water as well. Very pleased with our rooms, we went back to the grand lobby to check out the restaurants for lunch.

Excellent Lunch at Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort

Initially, we went to the restaurant serving both local and international food. We were not very keen with buffet lunch so we went over to the Chinese Restaurant. We liked the ambiance of this Chinese Restaurant. Sitting in the restaurant, we could see and admire Wuyi Mountain just across the main road. Of course the mountain is much further in the scenic area. After pouring over the menu, we placed our order.

Our food came shortly and the dishes were very delicious. This reminded us of our first lunch in Hangzhou at Sofitel Westlake Hotel when we arrived China a few days back. The lunch was simply great. It happened to be Dongzhi Festival that day so we were given complimentary tangyuan, glutinous rice ball desserts. They were good. We didn’t expect this but we were of course more than happy. Fruits were served as well after lunch. The waitresses here were so friendly and helpful and our lunch experience was terribly good. In addition, hotel guests enjoyed 12% dining discounts so this was a wonderful lunch indeed.

Explore Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort

After lunch, we explored the resort a little. It was still raining lightly. We loved the grand and warm lobby, so much space and with such a welcoming ambiance. Perhaps we had been up in rural area for the past two days, so we had this back to civilisation feeling for the privilege of staying in this five star property. By the way, the hotel was decked up with Christmas decoration though Christmas might not be a big deal in this small tourist city.

Next was to head out to the main entrance to enjoy the views of Wuyi Mountain before us. This was another pretty scenic site but having come down from Huangshan, we were not so awed with the sight of this mountain. Nevertheless, the air here was fresh and the atmosphere was certainly very relaxing. Watching the low clouds passing the mountains was sufficient for us. We had seen plenty and more spectacular scenes of such nature just a day before so this wasn’t so awe-inspiring now. Anyway, we could have arranged to get into the scenic area to explore Wuyishan, but the drizzle and having had a strenuous hike in Huangshan just a day before, we preferred to take it easy in the resort to chill and recuperate.

So we returned to the hotel and checked out other facilities. We went into the gym for a look. The gym was in good condition with some standard equipment in good working order as well. We didn’t need any more work out other than to let our tired muscles take a good break. Outside the gym was an indoor swimming pool. We thought it would be best to leave swimming for the next day when we arrived at the hot spring resort for a more proper and conducive environment.

The games rooms were on the second floor so we went up to check out what was available. There were a few games rooms where mahjong and card games were available. So we thought we might be better off chilling in our rooms to use the excellent wifi to surf the internet as well as to watch some English movies. Other than speaking to each other in English, we seemed to have lost touch with the English speaking world after these few days touring China.

Relax in Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort

Back in our rooms, we could finally rest horizontally to stretch out and watch TV. So the TV was set to the English channel and we were back to our familiar world of business and entertainment. The fruits were good. The mandarin oranges were sweet and the bananas were nice too. It was time to chill and we felt so good. Perhaps the hike up Huangshan made such simple rest so much more enjoyable where we had often taken for granted. It was a good time to chat and talk about all and sundry among ourselves and with friends across the bandwidth beyond this humongous country in China.

Explore Scenic Town Area

Later in the afternoon, the rain had finally stopped. It was time for us to head out to explore this small little resort town just down the hill from Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort. It was the same pleasant mountain scenery just outside the entrance from the hotel. The temperature was just right though we were already near Christmas. Winter here seemed to be mild but maybe it would be much colder in January and February. Trees at this resort hotel were still adorned in Autumn colours. We took a slow walk down the hill as the grounds were very wet.

Once on the road level, we crossed over to check out this small wet market right ahead. Due to the earlier rain, the roads and the grounds were wet and a little unkempt at the market area. Buying and selling activities were still on going while we were there. This market was meant more for the local people rather than tourists like us. Some sellers were simply selling stuff from off their small trucks, just like what we saw in Tangkou, Huangshan.

We didn’t spend too much time at the market as we had nothing we needed to buy. Of course, tourists could still roam this small town to stock up on necessities or buy the famous tea leaves here and perhaps check out some of the small restaurants in town. The scenic area of Wuyishan was further inside the town after crossing a river but we didn’t intend to head there because it was already late afternoon and too late to explore the nature park.

Actually, we planned to explore Wuyishan National Park in the afternoon after our arrival. But because it was raining when we arrived, there was no point entering the park. It would be a waste of entrance fee and suffer much discomfort to walk in the rain. Moreover, we were still recovering from the tiring Huangshan hike the day before, so we preferred to skip the attractions in Wuyishan during this visit. Perhaps we might come back to visit another time.

So we walked along the road on the left and went over to the place where the Dahongpao Impression Show would take place at night. We knew this show would be impressive with a revolving seating platform and performance under the stars, but under the prevailing weather conditions, it might not be the best time to enjoy this show. While the rain had stopped, the skies were still overcast. The fast passing clouds did create light changing effects to the surrounding with sunlight piercing through clouds.

Near the theatre, we took a few more pictures of Wuyishan and then returned to Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort because it started to drizzle again. We were sure our decision to miss the attractions in Wuyishan including the famous Impression show was right. We would probably be miserable out in the cold rain during winter over here. Moreover, we still had six more days to tour China and we didn’t wish to fall ill.

Return to Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort

It didn’t take long for us to walk back to Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort even though we had to walk up a small slope. However, the road was a little slippery due to the rain. This resort was simply too nice and comfortable. It would be a waste not spending time here to enjoy the hotel.

We approached front desk to help us arrange transfer to Wuyishan North Train Station for the next morning. She called someone and managed to help us get an MPV for our family. The quote was CNY 70 and she asked us if this rate was acceptable. Of course we didn’t mind as we could travel in one vehicle instead of two separate vehicles. So we had our transfer arrangement settled.

Back in our rooms, we continued with our English channels on TV. Some of us were busy catching up with stuff and the excellent wifi was put to good use. Our rooms were truly very comfortable. This was a good time for us to rest a while and then it was time for dinner.

Great Dinner at Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort

Having had a great lunch experience earlier, we returned to the Chinese Restaurant. The restaurant was a little crowded during dinner. However, we could still get a table for our family. We ordered other dishes to try out some other local food here. The same friendly and approachable wait staff attended to us. The food was delicious and glutinous rice balls and fruits were served after dinner. So just like our lunch earlier, dinner was great and 12% dining discounts were given again.

After dinner, we went to rest a while at the lobby. The ambiance was great, very charming and relaxing under the warm lights at night. Next we went over to the bakery just outside the other restaurant serving both local and western meals. Over here, we were served by another very friendly and helpful staff. Chinese New Year was just a month away and the hotel was having gift packs that were really pretty and suitable to bring home to friends and relatives. Unfortunately, we still had nearly a week to spend in China, it wasn’t a good idea to carry these bulky gift sets around during our travel.

Nevertheless, we bought quite a lot of buns, cakes and pastries from the bakery. Substantial discounts were given as well. Some of these items would be great to see us through our much longer train ride to Xiamen the next morning. Of course, we also bought extra food for our supper during coffee and tea time in our room later that night. With our purchase done, we returned to our rooms.

Retire at Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort

Our rooms were really enjoyable, especially with English channels on TV. With the excellent wifi available in our room, some of us could settle outstanding matters as well. So as we while away the evening, it was soon supper time. The aroma from the coffee we brought to China was heavenly. The tasty snacks we bought from the bakery complemented nicely with our beverages. How nice to have some hot drinks on a cold night over here with great family bonding time.

Finally, it was time to head to bed. This much needed rest in a five star property was much appreciated. We had enough of strenuous exercise the day before so unwinding this day in this fantastic resort was great. The food were excellent and customer service from the hotel staff simply made our day and night too. We didn’t feel we had missed out on anything although we didn’t have a chance to visit the attractions here in Wuyishan. Hence, it was mission accomplished having completed the fifth day of our itinerary. Bed time beckoned and soon we slipped into another night of sweet dreams with much more expectation for the hot spring resort we would be staying the next day.

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