6 Days Central Vietnam Tour (2017) – Day 1 Hoi An

6 Days Central Vietnam Tour

We had been visiting Central Vietnam for the past two years during the summer month in May which was freaking hot. However, we find Central Vietnam really charming and relaxing. So when Jetstar launched another round of sales, we booked air tickets without hesitation. This time, we would be visiting during the month of March 2017. A pair of return air ticket without check in luggage cost only around $95. Travelling to Central Vietnam is so convenient and really affordable now.

We planned to spend five nights in Central Vietnam, more than enough for us to visit Hoi An, Hue and Danang for a short visit as we had been to these places before. Our flight timings were as follows:

Singapore to Danang 6.30 pm to 8.05 pm

Danang to Singapore 8.20 pm to 12.10 am the following day.

Basically, the first day would simply be travelling to Central Vietnam just to spend the night and real activity would begin on the second day. However, we would have the entire day on the sixth day to chill before our return flight at night. So we planned our itinerary as follows:

6 Days Central Vietnam Itinerary

Day 1 – Singapore to Hoi An

Transfer from Danang Airport to Hoi An.

Stay two nights at Hoi An Travel Lodge just one street away from the Ancient Town.

We had also arranged with the hotel for airport transfer for 340,000 VND.

Day 2 – Hoi An

Spend time to shop and dine in Hoi An at the Ancient Town.

Day 3 – Hue

Transfer to Hue to stay two nights at Serene Shinning Hotel.

We booked transfer from Hue Tourist Vietnam at http://ticket.whr.vn/Bus.

The cost for this transfer was 220,000 VND per person where we would have a chance to stop by at Hai Van Pass and Lang Co Beach along the way travelling on a mini bus. Payment would be paid only on the day when we were picked up from Hoi An Travel Lodge Hotel. This was pretty good arrangement with no upfront payment.

Initially, we had booked transfer from Hue to Danang for the fifth day with HAV Travel travelling in style in their limousine bus at 180,000 VND per person. However, we would be dropped off in the city of Danang at their office not far from the train station. From there, we would still have to take a taxi to Pullman Danang Beach Resort. Moreover, we would be travelling through the tunnel and not via Hai Van Pass.

This didn’t make a lot of sense. So we decided to cancel the booking. We would head to the train station in Hue to book train tickets to Danang at only around 55,000 VND per person where we would have another great view of the coastline via Hai Van Pass at a fraction of the cost. So we would be making a trip to the train station as part of our visit to Hue.

Shop and dine at Hue and visit night market in Hue along Perfume River.

Day 4 – Hue

Visit attractions in Hue City. Shop and dine and chill out in nostalgic Hue.

Day 5 – Danang

Train ride to Danang via Hai Van Pass.

Taxi ride to Pullman Danang Beach Resort.

This would be the most expensive accommodation for our trip. We would be using our free night stay with our Accor Plus membership.

Enjoy the beach and facilities in the resort.

Day 6 – Danang to Singapore

Enjoy Pullman Danang Beach Resort for the entire day.

Taxi transfer to Danang Airport for flight home.

Waiting to Activate Tour Itinerary

Air tickets were purchased in August 2016 for travel in March 2017. The rest of the hotels were booked from Agoda.com early for very attractive rates soon after getting flight itinerary confirmation the same month.

So with all the details worked out, it was just seven months away for us to take another short break to Central Vietnam again after visiting consecutively for the past two years. All we needed to do was to wait to activate our plans when the time arrived which came pretty quickly too.

Day 1 Singapore to Danang

Well, we had been to Central Vietnam twice so this trip was like a non event. We reached Changi Airport early for dinner and then cleared immigration. There was a sunflowers exhibition in the airport. From the exhibit, we could see how sunflower seeds are obtained from those huge lovely flowers once they pass their bloom stage. This was pretty interesting and educational as well.

We did some windows shopping at the airport and then went to wait at the holding room. Not long after, we boarded our flight and were on our way to Danang. The flight was uneventful and we landed on time.

Transfer to Hoi An Travel Lodge Hotel

After clearing custom and immigration and exiting the departure hall, we found the young man from Hoi An Travel Lodge holding our names on a piece of paper. We followed him to the carpark and boarded a sedan car which was clean and quite new.

We then left Danang Airport and travelled to Hoi An. There were noticeable changes in Danang once we left the airport. The city was nicely lit up as we travelled towards Hoi An. The driver drove very carefully at a speed of around 70 km/h. The ride was very smooth and comfortable but we didn’t speak much although he could speak some English.

Hoi An Travel Lodge Hotel

By 9.30 pm, we arrived at Hoi An Travel Lodge Hotel. The surrounding of the hotel was pretty nice. The hotel has an outdoor sitting area but no guest was present during that time. The hotel looked very nice from the outside. Inside the hotel behind the lobby is the indoor swimming pool. Next to the swimming pool is the restaurant.

We were warmly welcomed upon arrival. The staff were sincerely helpful and friendly. Check in was pretty quick and we were given a room on the second floor. Moments later, we were checking our room which was spacious and very clean. Bed was comfy as well. Wifi worked. Bathroom was fine. Everything was in order.

Supper at Hoi An Ancient Town

So we went back to front desk to check where we might have supper. Unfortunately, the hotel restaurant was already closed. So we had no choice but to make a trip into the Ancient Town at 9.45 pm.

Although the Ancient Town was only a street away, while it didn’t take much effort to walk there, the sense of excitement and jubilation of visiting this famous Ancient Town was absent. It was pretty obvious business hours were almost over and the area looked deserted and a little dreary.

Few minutes later, we were walking into Ancient Town on Le Loi Street. A few shops, cafe and restaurants were still open while others were already closed. Those that were still open were in the process of closing. We approached a café and were politely told they were closing.

When then walked on further down the street and entered this Before and After Café Bar. Business was still in full swing. Diners were still there and some were watching soccer on the big screen TV. We were seated and given the menu.

It was already slightly after 10 pm and since we were in Vietnam, we ordered their local noodles for supper. Our food came quite quickly and they were really good. The food wasn’t expensive either. We were really glad to have a meal here at this hour of the night.

Retire to Hoi An Travel Lodge Hotel

After this delicious meal, we walked back to Hoi An Travel Lodge. It was just a few minutes walk and we were back to our hotel. By the time we were back in our room, it was already 10.40 pm. It was time to shower and make ourselves comfortable and then settle down for the night.

After watching some TV programs in English and surfing the internet, we called it a night. With much anticipation for the next day’s adventure, we went to bed very happy to be back in Central Vietnam in under a year from our previous visit.

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