6 Days Central Vietnam Tour (2017) – Day 5 Hue to Danang Pullman Beach Resort

Great Breakfast at Serene Shining Hotel

We woke up to the last leg of our Central Vietnam Tour. Our train ride to Danang was at 8.56 am. Taxi ride to Hue Train Station was only 15 minutes away. So there was no rush this morning.

This morning, we went to the restaurant for breakfast at 7 am. However, we were not the only hotel guests at the restaurant. It seemed hotel guests were having early breakfast in order to head out for day tours. By now, the waitresses were so familiar with us. It was all smiles again when they served us.

Like the previous day, we ordered quite a lot of food for breakfast. We also collected fruits and watermelon juice. We liked the fruit juice here as they were freshly squeezed and not processed juice. Our food came and our table was filled up. It was another very delicious meal, our last meal in Hue for this trip.

One of the waitresses came and spent some time chatting with us as she knew we were departing for Danang. By the time we finished our breakfast and were about to leave the restaurant, this waitress presented a box of food for us to bring on our trip. The service staff were really great, genuine and sincere. Indeed, Serene Shining Hotel was the right choice for us, a great place to stay. Having thanked this kind staff, we returned to our room.

Departing Serene Shining Hotel

Back in our room, we freshened up ourselves to prepare for the train ride. After a final round of checking this big suite room, we went to front desk to process check out. The final bill for three meals and 90 minutes massage for two of us was just under USD 70.

It was a great stay here even though the location of this hotel was a little further away from the attractions at Perfume River. Nevertheless, walking there wasn’t very difficult either. Front desk staff then helped us call a taxi to the train station. So we left this lovely Serene Shining Hotel in Hue.

Few minutes later, we were on our way to the train station. We passed by the river scene again and like the previous day, the river park was quiet during the morning. Road traffic wasn’t heavy either. In under 15 minutes, we arrived at the train station. It was around 8.20 am when we arrived, still very early to catch the 8.56 am train.

Hue Train Station

There were plenty of taxis in the carpark outside the train station. They might be waiting for arriving passengers in about half an hour’s time. Other than this, it was pretty quiet outside the train station. More passengers arrived in taxis and vehicles as we made our way into the train station.

Inside the train station, waiting passengers were sitting around. Some were over at the ticketing office buying tickets. The train station here is not very big and busy. So we took our seats as well. A big electronic panel on the wall displayed real time train information.

Ten minutes before the arrival of our train, announcement was made requesting passengers to enter the train station to wait at the platform. The announcement was in Vietnamese and everyone started getting up and moving. So we simply joined the crowd.

There was noting much to see out here other than plenty of open space with platforms and tracks. So passengers waited at the platform and some took the opportunity to take pictures along the track. Station staff didn’t stop them anyway. Our train finally arrived.

Train from Hue to Danang

Station staff positioned themselves at the various cabin exits to maintain order while arriving passengers disembarked from the train. Those who carried a lot of luggage and heavy bags struggled to get down. The steps to the ground were pretty steep and high as well.

Then it was out turn to board the train. Some locals didn’t like the idea of queuing and they pushed their way up with their heavy bags. We managed to get on board without much trouble. Having located our seats, we settled down for the train ride. Shortly after the train departed and we left Hue City behind.

It was a cloudy day in Hue as the train pulled away on pretty level ground heading south towards Danang. Not long after leaving Hue City behind, the sky became overcast. After some time, we were heading uphill. Then it started to rain.

We were actually looking forward to a beautiful train ride to enjoy the magnificent sights of the coastal region heading up to Hai Van Pass. So there wasn’t much to see this time. Two years ago, we had a great train ride coming to Hue from Danang. It was a great train ride with fantastic views all the way.

Train Descending from Hai Van Pass into Danang

So we resigned to entertaining ourselves on board listening to music from our own devices. Entertainment was non existence unless you consider listening the locals chattering nonstop and watching the cabin staff peddling food on pushcarts regularly in the train fascinating.

Some of the locals can be a little loud. This is the local culture here and you can’t compare this to travelling on a tour bus with foreign tourists. This is their public transport after all.

The train stopped briefly up on Hai Van Pass and then continued its descend towards Danang. The rain had stopped by the time we were near Danang. Before arriving in Danang, a train staff was sweeping the floor in the cabin. It was needful after locals consuming food on board but it wasn’t terribly messy. Interestingly, having swept everything out of the cabin, all the rubbish simply disappeared through the gaps between the two cabins. That was pretty efficient and ecofriendly. For sure I won’t want to live anywhere near railway tracks.

The train was approaching Danang City. A desperate mother suddenly carried her little girl about three years old and left the cabin to head to the toilet. For some unknown reason, she didn’t use the toilet. She went to the side near the exit of the cabin for a short while and then hurriedly returned to her seat. That corner was where the wash basin was located. So this taught us to be careful when using public facilities on board train.

Danang Train Station

Finally, our train pulled into Danang and stopped. It was pretty on time and it was 11.30 am when we arrived Danang. Many passengers alighted. It was pretty sunny as we made our way into the train station. There were shops selling food and provision at the platform inside the train station. The train station in Danang is so much bigger and busier.

We made it into the train station that was rather crowded. Over at the exit, passengers were boarding taxis just at the entrance of Danang Train Station. When we reached the exit, a Mai Linh taxi pulled up and we boarded without question. These taxis used meters so we told the driver to send us to Pullman Danang Beach Resort. This resort is very popular. There was no need to show the driver the address of the resort we printed out on paper.

So we drove through Danang City which was so much busier than Hue. Road traffic was definitely heavier but no where near Ho Chi Min and Hanoi. After crossing a long bridge, we were travelling along the coastal road in the direction of Hoi An. Not long after, we arrived Pullman Danang Beach Resort. It was just a 20 minutes taxi ride and we stepped into the huge and airy lobby of Pullman Danang Beach Resort before noon.

Pullman Danang Beach Resort

Happiness filled the air as we returned to our familiar paradise here in Danang. The lobby was pretty busy with many hotel guests loitering and waiting. We recognized the hotel staff and some of them remembered us as well. Checking in was a pleasure. We were given cold towels and cold drinks. It was very refreshing.

While front desk processed our check in, we were invited to take our seats for a few minutes. We loved this lovely resort. Looking out to the back of the resort was the beach. It was such a lovely day here and we were glad it wasn’t raining here. We requested for late check out because our flight was in the evening and were given up to 5 pm the next day. A couple of minutes later, we were given keys to our room.

Concierge staff who took our bags earlier wanted to help deliver our bags to our room. Another hotel staff wanted to escort us to our room as well. We told these friendly and helpful staff we could make our way to our room. This was our third year visiting and we knew our way around this property. Besides, it was a pretty busy day for the resort and the staff were quite occupied.

Beautiful Deluxe Room

So we took our bags and went up to our room. Since this was our third time visiting this resort, we knew what to expect and how the room looked like. Upon entering our room, it was a beautiful room with a balcony facing the pool and further out to the beach and the sea on the left. The views out there were very nice on such a lovely day indeed.

The nice room was beautifully furnished. The king bed was clean and very comfortable. Plenty of pillows were provided and we really loved the room in this resort. A sizeable sofa seat is next to the bed.

In front of the bed is a wall mounted TV and a long table. There are plenty of international channels on TV. After all this is a 5-star property. Wifi was excellent. A nice bowl of fruits was provided in the room too. Of course, coffee and tea were included as well.

Bathroom is very nice too with a clean bathtub and full toiletries provided. This room was very good. We loved the luxury and comfort of the room in Pullman Danang Beach Resort. It was always very comforting to return to this resort.

Business Centre in Pullman Danang Beach Resort

So everything was perfect and in order. The next thing to do was go for lunch. But before that, we needed to check in our flight for the next day back to Singapore.

We went back to the main lobby and headed up to the second floor. Last year, we went to the business centre to check in our flight as well as to rest there before flight after checking out from the resort.

Unfortunately, the business centre wasn’t there any more. The location was converted into meeting rooms. This was to be expected as business was picking up in the resort and we saw many more Korean visitors during these past two years.

We went back down to the ground floor and found the business centre opposite the souvenir shop. The business centre has become much smaller now but still very nice and functional. So we began our online work and a couple of minutes later, our flight check in was completed and flight itinerary printed out.

Nice Lunch at Pullman Danang Beach Resort

Now we could walk over to the restaurant for lunch. It was a familiar place for us having dined there several times. We were warmly welcomed into the restaurant when we arrived. The staff here were super friendly. After checking the menu which didn’t change much since we last visited, we placed our order.

Bread were served first. Our food came a while later. We ordered our favourite clay pot pork belly and the wagyu beef burger. They were very good. It was a very good lunch. We were so full after lunch.

Before returning to our room after lunch, we went out to the huge balcony on the top floor to enjoy the views of the beach and surrounding area. It was a little cloudy over at the side of the mountains north of Danang.

Premier Village Resort next door was lovely, very calm and peaceful. We would head there for dinner later. Over at the beachfront of Pullman Danang Beach Resort, it was beautiful. It wasn’t cloudy over here. We would head down to the beach a short while later.

So it was time to return to our room to rest a while. There were so much to watch on TV in this 5-star property. It was also time to catch up with the children to update them on our current location. After a short rest, we descended to ground floor and walked to the beach.

Relaxing Time at Private Beach in Danang

The garden was very well kept and trimmed. The swimming pool area was very inviting for a good swim. We skipped the swimming pool for now and headed out to the beach. We left our belongings on one of the beach chairs under cover of the huge umbrella and then walked on the beach towards the sea.

The fine sands were nice to walk on and not hot. It was impossible to walk on barefoot during our last two visits in May. It was scorching hot! So this time was fine and we stepped into the water edge. The water was so cold. We didn’t go out further as the sea was rather choppy in March. Year end would be rough out here.

The surrounding area on the beach was so calm and peaceful. Though it was a little cloudy, it was still a very lovely day. After spending some time near the water edge, we walked back to our beach chairs to laze and enjoy a lazy afternoon out on the beach. Some other hotel guests were likewise occupying beach chairs nearby reading and resting. It was so nice out here on this private beach.

Lazy Afternoon on the Beach in Danang

We always prefer this private beach here in Danang over the more commercialized beaches in Bali and Phuket. It was so quiet over here. No beach vendors were out here peddling their stuff or harassed us to sign up for membership for timeshares and other promotional events. It was so nice to enjoy some quiet time out here back to nature to unwind. It was very windy too and we were feeling sleepy lying on the beach chairs.

This is one of our favourite times for our Central Vietnam Tour. Wifi signal was still very strong out here on the beach. We could still use our phones to connect out to the world at large. It was fun sending nice pictures out on the beach to our children to tease them and make them jealous. Of course they definitely wished they were here as well but work commitments had to come first.

We spent quite a long time here resting and napping in between. The relentless waves out here was quite hypnotizing and we could easily fall asleep. It would be quite different in May though. It would be so hot we would rather hide under shades.

Walking barefoot on the beach would only be possible near the water edge where the sea cooled the sand over there. Nevertheless, it was very windy in May and also likewise right now in March. Soon it was getting cloudy and and the sky looked overcast.

Nice Swim in Pullman Danang Beach Resort

We evacuated and moved over to the swimming pool. It was time for a swim before it rained. The water in the pool was still warm, very nice to swim in. We had some relaxing swim doing laps from the front to the other end towards the beach.

One time I swam under water all the way in one breath and emerged out of the water up at the beach end. One of the staff standing there speaking to his colleague was so shocked he fell a step back. It took him a while to compose himself while his other colleague was looking at him in amusement. I didn’t deliberately frighten him but he was too absorbed in his conversation with his colleague who was standing up on the edge of the pool who probably saw me in the water.

We continued to indulge in this relaxing swim floating in between and sitting on the edge whenever we were tired. At times we rested on the edge of the pool looking out to the beach. It was really nice out here. It was getting more overcast by now and we could feel very light drizzle coming down from the sky.

So we returned to our chairs to dry ourselves and rested for a while. Staff at the pool area provided a jug of cold drinking water and left drinking glasses on the table. This was very good service and this resort had never let us down.

Rest and Enjoy Deluxe Room before Dinner

It was time to go and enjoy our beautiful deluxe room. Bathtub was very clean and we enjoyed another good soak after spending time out on the beach and the nice swim in the pool. Unwinding in our room was next on the agenda.

The TV programs here were really good. It was not restricted to mostly local channels. Being a 5-star international property, we had access to international channels. It was very nice to rest after the great time we had out on the beach and the pool.

We could see from our balcony it was getting dark outside. But it was only 6 pm. Anyway, it was about dinner time. Having had lunch here earlier, we left Pullman Danang Beach Resort to walk out to the main road. We turned right and then walked towards Premier Village Resort next door. This is another Accor Group Property where we enjoy 50% dining discount.

Charming Restaurant at Premier Village Resort

We approached the guardhouse and informed the guards we were entering the property to have dinner. We were waved on and one of the guards radioed a buggy for us. While walking into the property, a buggy soon came towards us. So we were taken to the restaurant near the beach and we enjoyed this quick nice buggy ride passing quiet charming villas along the way.

The restaurant was pretty quiet and empty when we entered the premise. Since it was a little early, we went out of the restaurant to check out the facility by the beach. It was completely dark by now even though it was just shortly after 6 pm. The ambiance out here was very charming and romantic. However, we didn’t see any hotel guests here. Perhaps it was still very early.

We took a quick walk around to explore this site. This would make a wonderful dinner by the beach, especially for couples and even with friends and family members. The place here was really lovely. This was the first time we were here at night. We had dined here during the day for the past two years and we found the night time ambiance very much more appealing though day time was very nice in itself.

Great Ambiance in Beachfront Restaurant

After this quick outdoor visit, we returned to the restaurant. The restaurant was serving buffet dinner. The buffet spread was very good but we were small eaters so we gave the buffet a miss. There were so much food and the restaurant were near empty. We wondered how they handled the food later in the night. Anyway, at least there was one diner enjoying this sumptuous buffet dinner.

The ambiance in the restaurant was very good too, very modern and nice, a very relaxing and comfortable place to have a meal. Day time was fine too but we encountered some very loud visitors during lunch time in the past and we pitied those staff having to serve them. So we took our seats and settled down to check the menu. Having ordered our meal, we just sat and enjoyed the ambiance in this very nice restaurant at night.

Enjoyable Dinner at Premier Village Resort

We ordered the local clay pot dishes. Our food came and they were very good. We took more servings of rice as the dishes were so good. We still remembered the very tasty desserts we had during the past two years. So we ordered this yam and coconut paste. They were really good. We were so full after this.

We found the staff here very friendly and helpful. One of them spoke very good English. I asked her where she learned English and she replied it was here in Danang. These young people were keen to learn and serve, really an asset to the resort here. While making payment for the dinner, one of the staff radioed a buggy for us. So we left this wonderful restaurant and took a buggy ride all the way to the main entrance next to Pullman Danang Beach Resort.

Romantic Evening Walk at Pullman Beach Resort

We had nothing much to do now other than to unwind and to enjoy this wonderful beachfront resort. So we walked all the way to the beach to explore. We had noticed some changes to the beach earlier in the afternoon so we were here to check out the place at night. It was pretty quiet out here but very windy too. We could still hear the waves coming in and leaving though we couldn’t see much out to the beach.

The beachfront lounge was still in business with hotel guests having their drinks there. Lighted balls big and small were placed on the beach and outside the beachfront restaurant to provide some additional lighting. We didn’t remember seeing these new lights here the last time. The blue colour lights gave a very cool feel out here at night.

The outdoor area of the restaurant was empty. It seemed like diners preferred the indoor setting. Outdoor seafood barbeque dinner during the weekends would bring some life to this part of the resort. The swimming pool was quiet by now. This pool is very popular during the day.

Beautiful Views in Pullman Beach Resort at Night

Looking back towards the front of the resort buildings, the resort looked pretty amazing at night. With the addition of the dragonflies deco serving as light pieces in the the resort, it brought out a much more interesting and fascinating charm to this 5-star property. This is a back to nature reminder even though the location of this resort is fronting the beach, it is no less a tropical garden as well as can been seen with the beautiful lotus ponds near the main building of the resort. The views of the resort from the beach were certainly very beautiful at night.

So we walked back slowly to the main building of the resort. The main restaurant was another very lovely sight. The restaurant surely looked very charming under the bright warm lights and the lovely lanterns in the outdoor dining area resembling a little of Hoi An. This restaurant is more popular here where buffet is served and the food here are very good.

Near the main building looking out to the beach area, the views were lovely too. There are no bright buildings out there to capture our attention. But the little lightings here and there dotting all the way to the beach had a mysterious feel. It was very lovely nonetheless.

So the night time vibes in the resort were just as good as during the day where the whole place was lively and exciting. A new setting had taken over to get resort guests to climb down from their active and strenuous activities to get on to a more relaxing mood to unwind in the resort.

Relaxing Mood at Resort Lobby

Back in the resort lobby, it was still the same very comfortable and relaxing mood with the spacious lobby out here. Seats and sofas were aplenty. Warm lights brought out the soothing feel in the resort. The lobby was noticeably less busy in the evening. Resort staff were so busy entertaining arriving and departing guests and catering to their every need during the day. Staff were also more relaxed now as everyone slowed down to calm down for the night.

The lobby lounge was the place for us this evening. We had the Accor members welcome drinks vouchers to use. We ordered our favourite fruit punch while we watched the solo guitarist performed for guests out here to spend the evening.

This guitarist was very good, very skillful with his guitar. He was like a soloist band at times hammering, plucking and strumming his guitar at the same time. He looked a little shy whenever we clapped for him. This guitarist was really good and kept us entertained while we sipped our soothing drinks.

Earth-Hour at Pullman Beach Resort

It was earth-hour celebration while we were here. So the resort staff were busy positioning candles all over the lounge and lobby where lights would be turned off later. The restaurant wasn’t affected though. Around 9.30 pm, lightings in the resort were turned off at the main building.

Lighted candles took over to provide the needed lights. Resort staff were placing candles at the main entrance and taking pictures to celebrate this event. Even lighted candles were placed into the water pond outside the main resort building by hotel guests. The kids were doubtless having a great time this evening watching this lit up candles floating towards the resort building.

Soon it was time for us to retire back to our room. It was an interesting and lovely evening we experienced out here. The views of the resort at night were remarkable and we enjoyed every moment of our time out here.

The welcome drinks were very good and the solo guitarist did a great job. We didn’t order the nitrogen ice-cream this time. It would be nice to try out at least once where they create the ice-cream made to order on the spot for resort guests.

Retire for the Night in Pullman Beach Resort

Back in our room, it was a wonderful time of relaxation basking in luxury and creature comfort. With plenty of TV programs to watch, we were not bored. In addition, the excellent wifi allowed us to connect seamlessly out of Vietnam and checked out on happenings and kept up to date with events as well as caught up with the children back home.

So this was the beginning of the end of our trip to Central Vietnam. Travelling from Hue to Danang was so quick and easy by train. It was so affordable as well. For 55,000 VND, the 2.5 hours train ride up Hai Van Pass would be a great way to travel between the two cities. Had it not been raining during the train ride, the scenic views would be quite stunning.

It was time to wind down as we looked forward to getting up extremely early to catch the sunrise here from South China Sea. Thus we went to bed prepared to get up very early next morning. Lights off for now and looking forward to sunrise and our flight home.

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