6 Days Central Vietnam Tour (2017) – Day 6 Danang

Catching Sunrise at Pullman Danang Beach Resort

Our king bed was really so comfortable and we didn’t feel like getting up. But we had to catch the sunrise this morning. By the time we opened our eyes, it was half past 5 in the morning. So we dragged our tired body and hurriedly left the room. We walked towards the end of the building and went up to the open balcony facing the beach. We just hoped we hadn’t missed the sunrise over here.

When we stepped out to the balcony, it was still pretty dark. Over the northern coast, it was overcast. The ground over at Premier Village Resort was getting brighter though. Some of the villas had their lights turned on. Perhaps guests were already up like us to catch sunrise this morning. The sky towards the south was slightly brighter than the north. It was nevertheless quite cloudy as well.

The beach ahead was quiet with clouds on the horizon. Beach goers were already out on the beach exercising and waiting for sunrise as well. Last year, we were on the beach as well. But because we woke up a little late, we decided just to come out to this balcony on the top floor to wait for the sun to rise.

It was very windy out here this morning. Due to the overcast sky, the sun seemed to be taking a vacation. We waited for quite a long time and was getting bored and tired but the sun seemed to have overslept. There was little we could do and going back to sleep would have wasted our effort. So we continued waiting.

Uninspiring Sunrise in Danang in March

Yawning from time to time, the far horizon soon turned a little pinkish. More lights were coming out from between the clouds and the sea was getting streams of light coming from the end of the sea. Orange tints were seen in the sky. The fast moving clouds changed the fabric of the sky with different colour patterns like a live art piece.

Although it was thrilling to see the sky and the sea colouring up, the sun was a little shy this morning. We continued waiting but the sun was still hiding from us. Not long after, the beach and the resort had become bright and we still didn’t manage to catch the sun. It was too overcast this morning. With great disappointment, we returned to our room.

Wonderful Bed for Beauty Sleep

Back in our room, it was still very dark as the sliding doors for the balcony were closed. The room was definitely the place of refuge for tired and sleepy guests. Moreover, the king bed was too comfortable and tempting. Effortlessly, we slumbered back into bed to continue our beauty sleep. Unlike two years ago, this morning’s sunrise was not worth the effort getting up early.

By the time we opened our eyes again, it was already near 11 am. Breakfast time was long over. After opening the balcony door, it was bright and beautiful out there on the beach and the swimming pool area. Resort guests were already enjoying themselves out there. Since it was too late for breakfast, we just made coffee and ate those fruits provided by the resort.

Lunch at Premier Village Resort 

A short while later, we went out for lunch. Since we would be checking out by 5 pm and would have dinner here before going to the airport, we decided to walk over to Premier Village Resort for lunch. We left Pullman Danang Beach Resort and walked to the main road. Turning right, we walked over to the guard house of Premier Village Resort. After informing the guards we would be entering for lunch, a buggy was sent to pick us up.

So we got a buggy ride to another restaurant in the resort this time. We entered the Lemongrass Restaurant which is actually not far from the other restaurant by the beach. The restaurant was empty when we arrived. Breakfast was over but actually too early for lunch as it was only 11.30 am. Since we woke up so late, we might as well come for an early lunch as we would be having an early dinner later.

We loved the ambiance in the restaurant. It was so bright, very modern and in particular, we loved those huge nice looking bread served as decoration in the restaurant. They looked mouth-watering even though they were decorative items.

The staff here were so polite and nice. We were ushered to a table inside the empty restaurant. The young people working in the restaurant deserved commendation just like those staff over at the other restaurant. They were genuinely sincere, friendly and nice people to deal with.

Great Lunch at Lemongrass Restaurant

Having checked the menu and placed our order, we sat back to wait for our meal to arrive. Bread and butter came first. These freshly bake bread were very good. Soon, our lunch came. Food presentation was lovely, very nice indeed. More importantly, they were very delicious. After this main course, we still had the coconut yam paste desserts. We could never forgo this dessert whenever we dined in this resort. They were very good and very addictive.

After lunch, we checked out the facility in the resort since we still had plenty of time. The small swimming pool in front of the restaurant was very pretty and looked very clean too. This place looked so quiet and relaxing. There are other pools in the resort, especially the one at the beach.

Nice Gift Shop at Premier Village Resort

We then walked out towards the entrance. Along the way, we stopped by at the gift shop. This gift shop serves as a small cafeteria where cakes and pastries are available including sandwiches. It is also a small convenience store to serve guests residing here who might want to make their own meals. Of course this shop also sells some clothes and swim wears and other necessities as well.

After this short visit, we took a slow walk to the entrance. We didn’t request for a buggy ride this time. The lunch we consumed earlier needed some walking to work out a little as we would be eating again in a few hours time. A couple of minutes later, we were back in our room.

Enjoy the Afternoon in Pullman Danang Beach Resort

It was still early so we spent some time watching TV and did some packing. This extended late check out was very good as we needed not rush back after lunch to settle checking out matters. So we continued to enjoy this luxurious room at times sitting at the balcony to enjoy the relaxing scene out there in the resort.

After a while, we decided to head down to the beach. We didn’t intend to swim and bring our wet clothes home during the flight later. So we just spent some time to enjoy the beach scene for a while. It was a cloudy day again. The sea was choppy. This didn’t stop resort guests from using the beach and the swimming pool. We really loved the beach here, so quiet and peaceful.

If you are looking for a party atmosphere here on the beach, this place is not for you. It is a place for couples and families to enjoy some nice time away from all the hustle and bustle of hectic city life. The beach is so clean and free from beach vendors here to disrupt your enjoyment of the beach. The staff here are excellent and the facilities here are very good.

We then returned to our room to watch some more TV. Time flew with TV time and internet surfing. It was time to shower and get ready to check out. With one final round of checking this wonderful room we spent here, we took our bags and went to front desk. We were given to 5 pm to check out and we didn’t want to abuse this nice gesture.

Great Hospitality at Pullman Danang Beach Resort

We had some small chats with the staff there whom we had dealt with in the past. Checking out was trouble free. The kind staff even gave us another round of free drinks at the lobby lounge while we waited to depart for the airport later in the evening.

So we parked ourselves at the lobby lounge to enjoy this resort’s wonderful hospitality. We ordered coffee and tea this time. Those fruit punch would be too much liquid for us getting ready for dinner soon. Those little muffins were very tasty and good.

It was windy over here and the ambiance was just right to sit and while away some time. It was another nice round of relaxation at the resort for us while the guitarist was practicing and tuning his guitar to prepare for work later in the evening.

Satisfying Dinner at Pullman Danang Beach Resort

Near 6 pm, we adjourned over to the restaurant for dinner. The restaurant was busy getting ready to serve buffet dinner for resort guests later. Buffet dinner was not for us. We just ordered something not too heavy as we had lunch slightly before noon and another nice round of tea time less than an hour ago.

So we ordered the local Vietnamese dishes since we were here in Vietnam. Where else could we get authentic Vietnamese food! Our food came shortly and we tucked in and ate as much as we could consume as it was still quite early for dinner. The meal was very good nonetheless. We were really full after this meal.

Leaving for Danang Airport

When dinner was over, after one final round of visiting the washroom, we went back to the lobby. We approached concierge staff to get us a taxi to head to the airport. There were a few taxis waiting at the carpark of this resort so hailing a taxi would not be a problem.

Anyway, the resort does have regular shuttle to the airport which is chargeable at 50,000 VND per person. You would need to follow their schedule though. For our convenience, we just decided to take the taxi this time. So with some reluctance, we departed this lovely and beautiful Pullman Danang Beach Resort.

Road traffic wasn’t very heavy in this city. About 15 minutes later, we arrived at Danang Airport. Taxi fare was below 90,000 VND, so it was slightly cheaper for the two of us taking taxi here. The airport was very busy during this time. The departure hall was full of people.

Danang Airport

We went over to join the queue at Jetstar counter to collect our boarding pass since we had already done our online check in. After a while, we were served and collected our boarding pass without any trouble.

We then checked out the shops out here. There are more shops and restaurants out here than inside the departure hall for international travellers. It is also cheaper to shop and dine here as well.

With nothing else to do, we went to clear immigration. We drank our water before that and brought our empty bottles through custom without problem. We then filled up our bottles again after clearing immigration. When we were through all the procedures, we went in to the departure hall to wait for our flight home.

There are souvenir shops and duty free shops inside this terminal as well as a café to serve waiting passengers. The international terminal is compartmentalized in one corner so the facilities are a lot less. The departure hall is rather small as well. However, the terminal building is actually a lot bigger.

Concluding a Wonderful Central Vietnam Tour

Two years ago when we had to take domestic flight from Hanoi and Ho Chi Min flying Vietnam Airlines, we had much better shops and dining options over the other side of the terminal. That was before Jetstar flying direct from Singapore. We are so glad because flight time to Danang is just slightly over two hours now.

Previously flying Vietnam Airlines including transit time to Danang was around seven hours. That was why we had been travelling back to Danang for the past two years with Jetstar flying direct to Danang at less than half the travel time and half the cost too.

Soon we were called to board our flight. So it was home sweet home after another great relaxing trip to Central Vietnam. Hoi An is always so romantic, nostalgic and beautiful. Hue is charming like going back in time. Danang is where the beach is the place for us to unwind.

Transfers between these cities are actually quite easy and affordable. Shopping is great too. Hence it was mission accomplished for another short, relaxing and rejuvenating break for us.

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