4 Days Hong Kong City Break (2017) – Day 3 Tung Chung and Sham Shui Po

Morning Scene at Causeway Bay

We had another great night sleep in the luxurious Park Lane Hong Kong Pullman Hotel. In a few hours, we would be leaving Hong Island and head over to Novotel Citygate Hotel at Tung Chung near the airport. From there we hoped to visit Lantau Island. After a great breakfast experience at Tai Hing Restaurant the previous day, we decided to head back there for breakfast one more time.

So we left the hotel and walked towards Times Square. The streets were wet after an overnight shower. It was still drizzling a little when we made our way to Tai Hing Restaurant. Office staff were hurrying to work. The pace of life is pretty fast in Hong Kong.

We arrived Tai Hing Restaurant and this time, we had a little more space as the restaurant wasn’t fully occupied yet. We settled down and ordered the same breakfast sets of lotus leaf glutinous rice and noodle soup. Like the day before, we enjoyed this simple but satisfying breakfast.

Hang Heung Old Wife Biscuit

We then walked back slowly towards Pullman Park Lane Hotel. We still had another wish list to fulfill in Hong Kong. That was to buy the famous Hang Heung old wife biscuit. This bakery is located at Yuen Long, quite a distance away. However, one of the concierge staff told us we could get the biscuits from Sogo Supermarket. This was good news indeed.

Hence, we roamed the streets and observed the street scenes in Causeway Bay. Locals were rushing to work and workers were distributing free newspaper near entrances of Causeway Bay MTR Station. This is a typical workday in Hong Kong. There is no time to waste. Here at Causeway Bay, we saw in interesting banner. It was an anti Falun Gong banner along a busy shopping street.

So we continued checking out the neighbourhood here. Some shops were getting ready to open as we made our way to Sogo. Down at the basement level, we found the stall selling Hang Heung biscuits. We conveniently bought two boxes of old wife biscuits. We were given a 10% discount as well.

Park Lane Hong Kong Pullman Hotel

Very happily, we returned to Pullman Park Lane Hotel. Back in our room, it was packing time. After a short rest and refreshing ourselves, we went to the lobby to settle our outstanding bills and then checked out.

The staff were as usual at their best in customer service. So far Pullman Park Lane Hotel was the best hotel we ever stayed in Hong Kong. Service was impeccable and hotel room furnishings and conditions were great. Location is just perfect very near Causeway Bay MTR Station right in the middle of action for shopping. Exit E is the exit to use from Causeway Bay Station to reach the hotel.

Very quickly, we were back to Causeway Bay Station. Soon, we were on a train towards Central Station. Next, we walked through the long underground passage and changed another train heading to Tung Chung, the terminal station. We were very familiar with the subway by now and in about an hour, we arrived Tung Chung Station.

Novotel Citygate Hotel

Walking through the busy Outlet Mall, we stepped into Novotel Citygate Hotel. This is a very grand hotel we had stayed in the past. Checking in took a while as the hotel was quite busy. We were allocated a room without much issue. Customer service however, could not be compared to Pullman Park Lane Hotel. It seemed like our previous stay was a better experience. Perhaps they were too busy this time.

Nevertheless, our room was very good. It was typically Novotel standards and furnishings, modern, presentable and clean. Bed was comfy and very clean as well. Lightings were sufficient and comfortable.

We had actually requested for a room with a bathtub but were given a shower stall instead. After checking with front desk, we were informed that our room was recently refurbished and the room with a bathtub was not available at that point in time. The hotel was happy to move us to a room with a bathtub on a lower floor but the conditions would not be as new. So we decided to stay put. Anyway, we had no complaint about the bathroom with full range of toiletries provided. Our room indeed looked quite new.

Wifi was good and no issues with TV programs as well. Coffee and tea facilities were available too. Window views were nice. So we settled down in this modern and comfy room.

Lunch and Shopping at Tung Chung

It was time for lunch. We returned to the lobby and checked out what was available at the lounge bar and also the restaurant. We decided to take the buffet lunch at the restaurant instead.

The restaurant was so busy with the lunch crowd. The restaurant is huge as well. Buffet spread was great. Apart from the usual international fare, Japanese counter was available too. Seafood fans would not be disappointed. Fruits and pastries were aplenty and of course fruit juice and hot beverages as well.

We are small eaters so we simply sampled food that we liked. After a second round, we were done. We admired those who piled their plates with food over and over again. How they managed to consume so much food was really amazing. Again, 50% discount was given to Accor Plus member.

After such a heavy meal, it was time to do some walking. We entered the connected Outlet Mall and roamed the shops. It was a pretty busy place with shoppers doing their branded stuff shopping here. We had nothing much in particular to shop this time so it was windows shopping for us. We then went to the basement and walked through the huge supermarket and bought some stuff to bring home.

Next we returned to our room after shopping. The weather wasn’t good today, very cloudy and gloomy. Our plans to take the cable car to Lantau Island didn’t materialize. There wasn’t much to do here in Tung Chung. We deliberated for a while and then decided to return to Sham Shui Po which wasn’t too far away for more shopping.

Sham Shui Po Street Market

So it was back through the busy Outlet Mall to Tung Chung MTR Station. From there we reached Sham Shui Po again. Exiting the station, we were right in the middle of action. Sham Shui Po was so busy and crowded when we arrived at the street market area. Street stalls were in full swing doing brisk business.

So shopping time again at this authentic Hong Kong street market and we were indeed glad to be back. We enjoyed the sight and the sound here in this very comfortable place and bought a few more pieces of clothes. We even managed to buy an UAG phone cover for our son.

While roaming this neighbourhood, we were back to Fuk Wing Street. It was coming to 6 pm so we went back to Tim Ho Wan for a quick simple dinner. The restaurant wasn’t crowded yet when we arrived. We were not really hungry after a heavy buffet lunch. So we ordered something light and no dim sum this time. The meal was fine but can’t say to be awed this time. Perhaps we were not hungry.

Lively Evening Scene at Sham Shui Po

After dinner, we returned to the street market to visit one more time to enjoy the atmosphere. At the corner stall near one of the entrances to the station, crowds gathered to listen to a promoter explaining what his TV box could do. We were actually tempted to purchase one. We also bought some souvenirs to bring home. The prices of stuff sold here were rather reasonable. Had we gone over to Mong Kok, it would be a different story.

Returning to Tung Chung for the Night

When it began to turn dark around the neighbourhood, it was time for us to return to Tung Chung. Heading down to the train station, not long after, we were back to Tung Chung Station. Inside the station, we bought some packed peanut and sesame dessert powder from a convenience store in the station using our Octopus Cards. We probably won’t be returning to Hong Kong anytime soon so we tried to use up whatever amount that was left in our cards.

Walking through the Outlet Mall again, we were back to Novotel Citygate Hotel. The Outlet Mall was still pretty busy with shoppers. At the hotel lobby, we went to the lounge and settled down to use our Accor member welcome drinks voucher. The lounge was quite relaxing after a long day. The hot beverages were good. The bowl of popcorn was great to go with our drinks.

Goodnight at Novotel Citygate Hotel

After the relaxing time at the lounge, we returned to our modern comfy room for the night. It was another satisfying day in Hong Kong. Purchasing the Hang Heung old wife biscuits was another mission accomplished here in Hong Kong. Another visit back to Sham Shui Po was very enjoyable. As we didn’t have any branded item in particular to purchase at the Outlet Mall, we didn’t spend much time there. But we did make some purchases at the supermarket and convenience store here for stuff we needed to bring home.

So our last night stay in Novotel Citygate Hotel wasn’t a bad choice. Its proximity to the airport with free shuttle service served our purpose here. Besides, heading back to town was a breeze with Tung Chung Station at its doorstep. The location here is good for those who wish to visit the Disney Land and Lantau Island where the cable car station is located here near the Outlet Mall.

We would still have the morning to explore the vicinity and buy some fresh bakery items to bring home before departing Hong Kong. We then spent time to unwind in our nice room watching TV and using the internet via the excellent wifi in our room. Soon it was time to retire to prepare for our flight home the next day.

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