4 Days Hong Kong City Break (2017) – Day 4 Tung Chung Residential Area

Tung Chung Residential Neighbourhood

We woke up to a very cloudy morning. From our windows, we could see it was wet outside. Our sleep was pretty good in Novotel Citygate Hotel. Departure flight out of Hong Kong was 2.50 pm. So we still had the whole morning to explore Tung Chung neighbourhood.

By the time we were ready, we walked through the quiet Citygate Outlet Mall and headed towards the residential neighbourhood via a covered walkway. It was drizzling this morning as we made our way to the mall in the residential area. Good thing there is this covered walkway.

This neighbourhood is made up of blocks of very tall residential apartment. There are so many blocks now since our last visit five years ago. This place is now pretty developed. The population density here is very high. Amenities have to cater to this large population residing here as not everyone is interested in high-end brands outlet shopping at Citygate Mall.

Hong Kong Breakfast in Tung Chung

Once we reached the residential mall, we went into a busy Hong Kong Restaurant for breakfast. The restaurant was rather packed. But we still managed to get two seats and shared tables like everyone else. It was a typical Hong Kong ambiance and speaking Cantonese would be great to get things done although the staff can speak Mandarin as well.

We ordered their local breakfast sets from the menu. There are quite a number of different combination breakfast sets with eggs and toast done in different ways. The food was really good. That was why we didn’t eat breakfast in our hotel where we probably won’t be able to eat very much. We ate at a smaller eatery the last time when this place wasn’t so built up. We were glad to have breakfast here in a more established restaurant this time.

The restaurant also sells take away bakery items. We bought a number of freshly baked egg tarts and buns with pork meat to bring home. Those bakery items looked very good and were selling like hot cakes. We then roamed the mall a while but the place was quite quiet even though it was near 10 am. The middle atrium in the mall was just getting ready for business.

Goodies Shopping at Tung Chung

So we returned to Citygate Outlet Mall. Along the covered walkway, we passed the eatery we had our first meal here. The shutter door was partially opened and the eatery was starting to get ready for the day. That Chinese fast food meal wasn’t great to start our holiday here in Hong Kong.

Chinese Fast Food Eatery in Tung Chung
Chinese Fast Food Eatery in Tung Chung

We then went to the open area of Tung Chung Station. Starbucks Coffee was opened for business on the ground level of Citygate Outlet Mall. Just across at the MTR station is the bakery we bought some cakes and bread during our previous visit. So we returned to this bakery and bought more mouth-watering cakes, pastries and bread. Now we had quite a lot of food to bring home on top of the two boxes of Hang Heung old wife biscuits bought the previous day.

Novotel Citygate Hotel

Awfully satisfied, we returned to Novotel Citgate Hotel. Back in our room, we packed up to get ready to leave. The hotel provides free shuttle service to the airport nearby but we were not in a hurry to go. We still had some time to chill so we enjoyed our nice modern room till close to noon. Next, we made coffee and tea and had a quick lunch with some of the bread we bought earlier. We couldn’t eat much anyway since having breakfast after 9 am.

Near noon, we approached front desk and checked out very efficiently. Next we waited for a short while near the entrance of the hotel for the shuttle bus. Soon the bus came and we were on our way to the airport. Once we alighted, we went over to Jetstar counter to get our boarding passes.

Last Minute Shopping at Hong Kong Airport

After this, we did more shopping at the airport. There are so many shops here and those who didn’t have much time for shopping in town can still grab some thing to bring home. There are still discounted stuff at shops in the airport so we were glad we didn’t come to the airport late.

After shopping here, we cleared custom and immigration and then took a shuttle train to our boarding gate. Here are more shopping opportunities with duty free shops inside the airport. The airport was very pleasant and efficient. Those who missed out on stuff at Citgate Outlet Mall may still get branded goods at the airport.

Flight Delay Due to Bad Weather

Not long after, it was time to board our flight home. Once everyone had boarded, we were informed that due to bad weather, clearance for take off had been delayed. Indeed visibility was very poor. We couldn’t see much from our windows. Low clouds were obscuring the surrounding hills and it would be very dangerous to fly blind in the air.

Jetstar Flight from Hong Kong
Jetstar Flight from Hong Kong

Eventually, after been kept for more than an hour inside the plane not flying any where, clearance for take off was given. There were so many planes waiting in line for take off so it took quite a while to get up into the air. We were certainly glad to be homeward bound.

Hong Kong City Break Summary

This trip was partially marred by the typhoon that just swept across the region. At least, we still managed to reach Hong Kong even though more could be achieved had the weather been more favourable. Anyway, we had fun shopping and dining in Hong Kong after five years.

Sham Shui Po is a great place for us to hang out for some authentic Hong Kong experience and Tim Ho Wan over there is a nice place for us to get some decent dim sum. Over there we bought clothes at good prices. Unlike the touristy Mong Kok area, the street stalls are manned by locals selling mostly to locals here and we didn’t have to bargain much.

Causeway Bay is a another nice modern and dynamic neighbourhood to shop and dine. Most of the modern fashion retailers such as GU, H&M, Michael Kors and Sogo are there. Times Square is nearby as well. Our stay at the Park Lane Pullman Hotel was exceptionally good. Customer service was first class with excellent luxurious room to pamper us.

Tung Chung is a good place to stay that provides us with easy access to the airport. Citygate Outlet Mall is the place to shop for discounted branded stuff. There is a huge supermarket on the basement as well. The neighbourhood here is a lovely place to do some more last minute shopping for local goodies to bring home.

Visiting Disney Land and Lantua Island will be very convenient from this location. With Tung Chung Station here, we could reach the city easily for other activities.

We will be back someday but not any time soon because there are so many other cities we would like to visit given the time constraint with other commitment on hand. So that is all for now. Next trip is coming up next week. We are pretty excited and will look forward to some great time.

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