13 Days Chengdu and Chongqing Tour – Day 7 Sofitel Chengdu Taihe

Great Breakfast at Dorsett Grand Chengdu Hotel

We didn’t plan a lot of activities today in Chengdu. We would be shifting over to Sofitel Chengdu Taihe later. Perhaps we might just visit attractions near Sofitel Chengdu Taihe Hotel after checking into the hotel. So it would be a relaxing day, especially needful for my wife to nurse her sprained ankle.

The first thing to do this morning would be a nice breakfast in Dorsett Grand Chengdu Hotel. So when we were ready, we went down to the restaurant for breakfast. We had a great lunch and dinner at the restaurant the previous day so we came with expectation to have a great breakfast too. We were indeed not disappointed.

The restaurant was very pleasant and wasn’t very crowded when we arrived. The buffet spread was substantial and very presentable. More importantly, the Chinese and Western food were very tasty, much better than some five-star hotels we had stayed in major cities in China.

Morning Rest in Dorsett Grand Chengdu Hotel

After breakfast, we returned to our very nice modern spacious room to rest. It was still too early to check out to head to Sofitel Chengdu Taihe Hotel. We won’t be allowed to check in if we arrived too early. Our high floor room here was simply too good to give up too early as well.

From today onward, we would have three more nights in Chengdu follow by another three more nights in Chongqing, staying in five-star Sofitel Hotels. So we needed to purchase high speed train tickets to Chongqing and return to Chengdu Airport for our flight home. Since there won’t be much to do in the morning, I went to buy train tickets while my wife rested in the room.

Purchase High Speed Train Tickets

Over at the lobby, I checked with the nice concierge staff. I was told I didn’t have to physically head to the high speed train station to purchase train tickets. One of the staff gave me very detailed information how to go to one of the offices selling train tickets nearby. This office is located in a hotel not far away.

So I hit the road and walked back towards Carrefour like the day before. Along Renmin Middle Road instead of crossing over to Qinglong Street where Carrefour is located, I walked on further down the road to the next traffic junction. At this junction, I entered Bayi Hotel.

The sales office is located at a corner next to the entrance of Bayi Hotel. I approached the middle age lady staff and managed to get the train tickets I wanted. She matched my connecting return train tickets back to Chengdu East Train Station onward to Chengdu Airport as well.

Check Out Dorsett Grand Chengdu Hotel

After purchasing my train tickets, I returned to Dorsett Grand Chengdu Hotel. My wife had already packed our bags and we were ready to depart anytime. Finally, near 11.30 am, we took our bags and went to the lobby. Checking out was very fast and efficient.

We really liked the staff here, very polite and helpful. The hotel’s location was great as well located just next to Loumashi MRT Station, very suitable for our purpose to stay the first night here in Chengdu. Meals at the restaurant here were very good too. Room rate was very reasonable as well.

Head to Sofitel Chengdu Taihe Hotel

Our next hotel is just two MRT stations away and a short walk to Sofitel Chengdu Taihe Hotel. But due to my wife’s ankle injury and having to lug our bags up and down the MRT stations, we decided to take a taxi instead. The kind concierge staff helped us call a taxi and not long after, we were on our way to Sofitel Chengdu Taihe Hotel. Traffic was a little heavy in the city so it took a little while to arrive at the hotel even though the hotel was so near.

Entering the very grand and spacious lobby, we were courteously served by front desk staff upon check in. The staff suggested we upgrade our stay to a suite room with access to club floor for breakfast, afternoon tea and evening cocktail. Since this upgrade didn’t cost very much, we delightfully agreed. We were also given a room on the high floor facing the river.

Heading up to our room, we wondered how our suite room would be like and the standard of luxury that would come with this Sofitel Brand Hotel. Upon entering the room, we were definitely not disappointed. In fact, it was awesome.

Luxurious Suite Room in Sofitel Chengdu Taihe Hotel

Our room was a 60 sqm suite room with a separate living room. The room was really huge. Sofa set, writing desk and large screen TV were part of the furnishing for the living area.

The king bed was the main star furniture of this suite room. Bedding came with various types of pillows and very fine quality linen. The bed was of course very clean and super comfortable.

Bathroom came with bathtub and separate shower. High quality  branded toiletries were provided as well. Walk in wardrobe is part of the setup next to the bathroom.

Wifi was perfect. TV with plenty of channels including English programs. Window views were great with the river and the park right below across the road. Although the room wasn’t very new, we were quite blown away with the luxury of this suite room.

Since we had a very sumptuous buffet breakfast over at Dorsett Grand Chengdu Hotel around 9.30 am this morning, we weren’t hungry at all. So it was time to rest and soak up this luxurious setup in our suite room. The bed was really comfy and we didn’t feel like getting up. With the excellent wifi, we showed pictures of our luxurious suite room to the children back home. How they wished they could be here as well!

Afternoon Tea at Sofitel Chengdu Taihe Hotel

Finally at 2 pm, we decided to head up to the club floor on the top floor for afternoon tea. The club floor lounge was very pleasant, modern and pleasing. It was empty when we arrived. The staff were excellent, some of them English speaking and one of the staff could even speak German. We were impressed!

We took our seats by the windows and enjoyed a few rounds of mouth-watering pastries. The macrons were our first target. We sampled every different colour and they were really good. There were cakes, sandwiches and fruits as well. We were also served coffee to our choice. We were tremendously satisfied and then returned to our suite room for more rest.

Heading to Tianfu Square

Having had sufficient rest, it was time to head out to explore some malls nearby. It was already 4 pm, a good time to head out to look for a nice restaurant for dinner. We turned right after exiting the hotel and then made another right turn at the traffic junction to walk along Renmin South Road. We were heading towards Tianfu Square, just an MRT station away.

About 5 minutes after leaving the hotel, we reached the entrance to the Jinjiang Hotel MRT Station. Walking further, we checked out some shops and pharmacies along the way. My wife enquired about the herbal medicine to prevent high altitude sickness as we would be heading to Yunnan in a month’s time with the children.

We continued up north and soon arrived at Tianfu Square. This area was very crowded, a popular attraction in the city. Security was very tight with heavy police presence. The Square is quite big with many visitors taking pictures here. It wasn’t time for the fountain performance so the Square wasn’t very lively during the late afternoon.

Shop and Dine at Tianfu Square Mall

We then descended to the mall below. There are so many shops and retailers below. Daiso, C&A, H&M, Uniqlo and many more major stores are there. Many restaurants are located here as well. The basement is also connected to the Tianfu Square MRT Station. We also found a sales office for high speed train tickets on the basement level.

We checked out Daiso and Miniso trying to buy an ankle guard for my wife but were unsuccessful. Even sports shops don’t sell ankle guards. We were really taken by surprise. Ankle guards are so common here in Singapore and they become very rare products here in China. We checked out some retailers on clothes but nothing really caught our attention.

Having checked some restaurants and also the foodcourt, we decided to have a go for some western meals. We went into this restaurant where we could order a main course that included a semi buffet. So we had steak for dinner that came with soup, salad, fruits and other items as well. This dinner was good and wasn’t costly at all.

Return to Sofitel Chengdu Taihe Hotel

After dinner, we took a slow walk back to Sofitel Chengdu Taihe Hotel. Everywhere was lit up now and it was getting a little cold too. We could have taken the MRT train back to our hotel just one station away but we wanted to check out the night scene here. The skylines at night were pretty nice but nowhere near Shanghai or Guangzhou. Nevertheless it was still very pleasant.

Not long after, we were back to Sofitel Chengdu Taihe Hotel. Before returning to our room, we went up to the club floor again. The club floor staff were at their best and welcomed us back for the evening cocktail. The lounge was still quite quiet with only another hotel guest present during our visit.

Evening Cocktail at Club Floor

We got back our table by the windows and helped ourselves with the pastries again. We ordered fruit juice this time. The cocktail also included meat dishes and soup so it was like a another round of dinner for us. We were filled to the brim after this meal. The upgrade to the suite room with club floor meals was really worth every cent.

We also took the opportunity to chat with the very friendly staff and enquired about Chengdu Zoo and the Panda Research Centre. One of them helped us find out very detailed information on how to get to the Panda Base instead of the Zoo. We could actually take the MRT to the Panda Research Centre and then take another bus to the attraction there.

Retire for the Night at Sofitel Chengdu Taihe Hotel

Finally, it was time to retire to our wonderful suite room. TV time came next and of course chatting with friends and children kept us busy till bedtime. So it was a very relaxing day switching hotels in Chengdu.

Sofitel Chengdu Taihe Hotel was a great choice indeed especially the upgrade to suite room with access to the club floor. Tianfu Square was the only attraction for today just to check out stores and have dinner. Purchasing high speed train tickets got one item off on our to-do list. The real street pounding and panda visit would come the next day when we had perfectly settled into Chengdu.

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