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11 Days Free and Easy China Tour – Day 11 Guangzhou Chen Clan Academy and Beijing Road

Head to Wulin Chushen for Breakfast

We finally woke up to the last day of our Free and Easy China Tour in Guangzhou. As our flight would be after midnight, we didn’t have to wake up early. Since we were in Guangzhou, we didn’t want to miss another round of nice dim sum breakfast. We had a great experience over at Wulin Chushen two days’ ago.

So we left Paco Business Hotel and walked over to the main road. We reached the restaurant in about three minutes slightly after 10 am. Firstly, we explored the ground floor of the restaurant. It is much like a display and mini museum setup. The movie Ip Man was played on TV screen. We enjoyed a short clip on the fighting scene by Donnie Yen before heading upstairs for our meal.

Great Dim Sum Breakfast at Wulin Chushen

Over at the restaurant, business was already in full swing with diners enjoying dim sum breakfast chatting away happily in Cantonese and Mandarin. Having seated, we ordered some other items we didn’t try the last time as well as those items we really liked. It was the same self-service with the cutlery and tea making facility from the side table. By now, we were quite professional making hot Chinese tea with the electric kettle and teapot. Rinsing of teacups in the bigger bowl came naturally now.

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11 Days Free and Easy China Tour – Day 10 Guangzhou Shamian Island and Shangxiajiu

Breakfast at Kowloon Cafe

We woke up to another fabulous day in Guangzhou. We had a very sumptuous dim sum breakfast the previous day so this day we wanted to try something else. My daughter suggested Hong Kong style breakfast. There is a Kowloon Café in one of the malls in Tianhe district nearby. So we ventured out to look for this restaurant.

It was near 10 am when we left Paco Business Hotel. We walked past Tee Mall where we explored the day before and headed towards Parc Central after passing this mall. Today’s weather was so much better where we could see the blue sky. The previous day was hazy and a little gloomy.

After entering Parc Central, we tried to look for this Hong Kong Restaurant. The mall was still quiet. We then went down to the basement and and found Kowloon Café.

The café was just opening and we were the first customers. This café has interesting decorations and quite colourful as well. We took our seats and checked their breakfast sets and then placed our order. Our order came soon after with scrambled eggs toasts sets and noodles set that came with coffee and tea. Well, this breakfast was ordinary and nothing much to write about but this meal didn’t cost much. Continue reading 11 Days Free and Easy China Tour – Day 10 Guangzhou Shamian Island and Shangxiajiu

11 Days Free and Easy China Tour – Day 9 Guangzhou Canton Tower, Opera House and Huacheng Square

Heading to Wulin Chushen for Dim Sum Breakfast

We were already into the last leg of our 11 Days China Tour. So we needed not get up early to catch a train ride to anywhere this morning. We took our own sweet time to rise up and had plenty of time to sleep. Of course in Guangzhou, we were dying to try out dim sum in the city. It was already 9.30 am when we approached front desk for recommendation. We were advised to try out the restaurant just along the main road three minutes walk away.

So off we went to look for this restaurant. We turned left from Paco Business Hotel to walk along Guangli Road and then turned left again at the junction to walk along Tiyu West Road. After passing the MRT station, we found Wulin Chushen quite easily. We entered the restaurant but the ground floor was a waiting and display area where the movie Ip Man was shown on TV.

We proceeded upstairs and found the restaurant very spacious with plenty of tables and seats. Quite a number of diners were already enjoying their dim sum breakfast. This wasn’t a low end type of restaurant, but with a very pleasant and presentable ambiance. We were ushered to a table and we took our seats.

Sumptuous and Delicious Dim Sum Breakfast

Menus were given to us and we took our time to pour through the vast varieties of dim sum available. When we had finally made up our mind, we called the waiter to place our order.

The waiter gave us tea leaves packets and taught us how to make our own Chinese tea. A side table connected with the table is actually a cabinet to keep plates and cups and a tap on top with an electric kettle. Bowls were available and we had to firstly pour boiled water into a big bowl to rinse the smaller cups in this big bowl. We also rinsed the teapot with some hot water and then put the packet tea leaves into the teapot and added hot water. After a while, we could pour out the Chinese tea into our small tea cups. We could add more hot water into the teapot after that or change the tea leaves when necessary. It was an interestingly experience to begin our dim sum breakfast.

Soon our dim sum items came and our table was filled up rather quickly. The variety and amount of food we ordered were pretty amazing. The quality of food was very good. It was a very sumptuous breakfast. Actually, we were too greedy and ordered too much. We were so full after this first meal of the day. We liked the ambiance of this restaurant, very Chinese and traditional and the spaciousness of this restaurant was great compared to those restaurants we had dim sum in Hong Kong like Tim Ho Wan.

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11 Days Free and Easy China Tour – Day 8 Xiamen to Guangzhou

Tegoo Hotel to Xiamen North Train Station

We were entering the last leg of our 11 Days China Tour. The last city we would be visiting was Guangzhou, mainly for dining and shopping and of course sight-seeing as well. The faster way to get from Xiamen to Guangzhou other than flying would be travelling by high speed train. There are many trains connecting Xiamen to Shenzhen and between Shenzhen to Guangzhou. It is so convenient to travel between the two cities.

Our high speed train tickets were already bought when we arrived Hangzhou during the first leg of our tour. The train tickets we bought were as follows:

Xiamen North to Shenzhen North
Train D681 0804 to 1152 Cost CNY 150.50

Change train from Shenzhen North to Guangzhou South
Train G6518 1226 to 1302 Cost CNY 74.50

So all we needed to do was to get to Xiamen North Train Station early at least half an hour before our scheduled train ride. As such, we got up very early this morning. We had already packed the night before so checking out was pretty easy. Front desk staff handled out check out professionally and efficiently. The staff also helped us called two taxis to send us to Xiamen North Train Station.

The taxis arrived shortly and we boarded and were soon on our way to the train station. We really loved our stay at Tegoo Hotel, so pleasant and comfortable. Location wise was great too just a few minutes walk to Zhongshan Road shopping area as well as to Heping Ferry Terminal. So we left Tegoo Hotel around 6.30 am.

We travelled through Xiamen City which was pretty much still asleep with very light traffic. Dawn was breaking and the city was catching its first light. After travelling through the city, we soon crossed the high bridge leaving Xiamen Island behind. We encountered some traffic after that but soon arrived at Xiamen North Train Station near 7 am. Taxi fare was CNY 85 per vehicle.

Xiamen North Train Station

It was already daylight but the sun wasn’t seen yet. The exterior of Xiamen North Train Station is impressive, so new and modern, better than the exterior of some airports we have used in Asia. We then entered the train station. The first barrier was security clearance. All bags had to go through x-ray scanners. Having cleared security, we took the escalator up to the departure hall.

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