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11 Days Free and Easy China Tour – Day 5 Huangshan to Wuyishan

Nice Breakfast at Parrion Hotel

After the grueling hike at Huangshan, our sleep was so sweet. Our king beds were so comfortable and the luxury we enjoyed at Parrion Hotel was a treat indeed. We had a train to catch near 10 am so we still had a bit of time to have a good breakfast before checking out. Getting up from bed was a little strange this morning. Our bodies were recuperating from the work out up on Huangshan the previous day.

However by 7.45 am, we were already at the restaurant for breakfast. The restaurant was pretty nice, very modern and tastefully decorated. The buffet spread was very good too. Food was very delicious and more than sufficient to get us started for the morning. We saw some other guests during breakfast so we were not the only guests staying here despite the quietness we experienced the day before. We took our time to indulge in a good meal before leaving Huangshan to our next destination down south.

After breakfast, we returned to our super spacious rooms to rest for a short while and freshen up. Once done, we took our bags and went to the lobby to check out. Check out was efficient. The same couldn’t be said about their transfer services to the train station. The hotel had a dedicated number to call for transfer service but this service failed big time this morning. The staff was trying so hard to call the company but no one picked up the phone. Continue reading 11 Days Free and Easy China Tour – Day 5 Huangshan to Wuyishan

11 Days Free and Easy China Tour – Day 4 Huangshan and Tunxi Ancient Street

Breakfast at Cheng Jin Hotel

This would be one of the most exciting days for our China Tour. We would be doing the Huangshan hike in the morning before heading over to Tunxi City for the night to prepare for our southward train ride to Wuyishan the next day. It was still very dark when we went to the restaurant for breakfast. We were the first guests at the restaurant while breakfast was getting ready.

We weren’t having very high expectation for breakfast at the hotel. However, while the breakfast spread wasn’t comparable to any four star hotels in major cities, the food available was quite decent for this three star hotel in a rural area of scenic mountain site. Food was hot and sufficient and we were fed.

After breakfast, we returned to our room, got our backpacks with some food and water and then returned to the hotel lobby to check out. We left our main luggage with Cheng Jin Hotel. We could also borrow raincoats to standby just in case we needed them up in the mountains. The hotel also loaned us walking sticks but after trying them out, we decided not to bring them along for our hike.

Bus from Tangkou to Cloud Valley

So we left Cheng Jin Hotel and walked up to the bus terminal nearby. It was 7 am and it was getting brighter. There were self-service bus ticket machines but we preferred not to use them. We queued for a short while and bought our bus tickets. The bus ticket cost CNY 19 each. Next we walked over to the bus departure hall. We were required to go through security screening and had our bags scanned. An old man in front of us decided to challenge the procedure and was rebuked by the security staff.

For the past few days, residents of Anhui Province were given free entry into Huangshan National Park. The mountain was packed with visitors exceeding thirty thousand people. Hence, we decided to go up to Huangshan first thing in the morning to beat the crowd. Even so early in the morning, there was a sizeable crowd at the bus station.

After queuing for a short while, we boarded the bus heading up to the cable car station at Cloud Valley. It had been raining almost the whole night so the roads were still wet. It was also very misty as the bus drove along winding roads towards Cloud Valley. At least one passenger vomited during the journey. We were glad we didn’t eat too much during breakfast. Notwithstanding, the scenic views along the way were quite astounding even before our actual hike up Huangshan. About thirty minutes later, we arrived at Cloud Valley Station.

Cable Car up to Huangshan

The surrounding was wet and misty but not very cold. The air was of course fresh but humidity was rather high. There were quite a number of visitors at the base here. We made a quick visit to the toilet here and then proceeded to the ticketing office to purchase tickets into the park to take the cable car up Huangshan. Entrance fee was CNY 150 per person and cable car ride was CNY 65 each during low season. Those under 18 enjoys discounted fare.

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11 Days Free and Easy China Tour – Day 3 Tangkou Huangshan Jiulong Waterfall Park

Huachen Hotel to West Bus Station

This would be an exciting day as we prepared to move out of Hangzhou to Tangkou in Huangshan. We checked out at 6.30 am. The process was pretty quick. The staff from Huachen International Hotel were very efficient. They called two taxis for us to go to West Bus Station.

We could have checked out earlier and then crossed over a traffic junction to take bus 49 to West Bus Station.  Bus fare would cost only CNY 2 each. But with luggage to lug along and spending time to wait for the bus with an hour travelling time, we decided to take taxis to West Bus Station rather than incurring more stress so early in the morning. As we had already purchased our bus tickets for the 8 am ride so all we had to do was to show up on time.

The two taxis came shortly one after the other. We boarded the taxis and were on our way to West Bus Station. The taxis travelled along the perimeter road of Westlake. Road traffics were pretty light so early in the morning. We arrived around 7.20 am after about 40 minutes of taxi ride. We alighted near the main entrance not far from the McDonalds. So we conveniently went in to get breakfast. We bought some food to bring for the bus ride too. We also bought some rice dumplings on the second floor restaurant to bring along for the bus ride.

Bus from Hangzhou to Tangkou in Huangshan

Next we went through security to get our bags scanned and then entered the hall to wait for the departing bus for Tangkou. Not long after, we were allowed to board the bus near to 8 am. Surprisingly, the bus was so empty. Only our family with another couple as well as another woman made up all the passengers for the bus ride. The bus driver was a friendly chap. He told us we would be changing bus shortly because there were so few passengers during this off peak season. Continue reading 11 Days Free and Easy China Tour – Day 3 Tangkou Huangshan Jiulong Waterfall Park