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Yunnan Tour – Kunming to Singapore Day 11 (11 Days 10 Nights November 2015)

The morning that greeted us was quite different from the sunny day before. It was cold and a little foggy outdoor. It was already 7.30 am and it was still dark outside. We then went up to the restaurant on the 28th floor for breakfast.

The restaurant was quiet and we were the few quests up here for breakfast. Perhaps it was still early and most hotel guests were still sleeping. During China packaged tours, we would be having breakfast much earlier at 7 am to avoid the crowd. Anyway the buffet spread was ready. It was quite impressive with the variety of food available. There was an egg counter and we ordered omelets. Another counter nearby served noodle soup.

We took our food and went to a table by the window and enjoyed our last breakfast here in Yunnan. My wife loved the porridge and we went for a few rounds to fill up our stomach to begin our day. There were pastries and fruits as well. It was a very good breakfast indeed.

Back in our room, my wife continued to pack and get ready. From our room window we could see it was getting brighter outdoor and it was already 8.30 am. So I left the hotel to walk over to Xiao Xi Men to purchase bus tickets to get to the airport after lunch. It was a little cold this morning as I stepped outside the hotel.

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Yunnan Tour – Dali to Kunming Day 10 ( 11 Days 10 Nights November 2015)

This would be the day we returned to Kunming from where we began our Yunnan tour. So we woke up early in anticipation of returning to the capital city of Yunnan and would be looking forward to some shopping. Yinfeng Hotel had already helped us bought our bus tickets back to Kunming so we needed not worry over transportation. Breakfast was bread and bakery items bought in town the night before and coffee and tea were available with the kettle provided by the hotel.

Slightly after 8 am, we went to the lobby to check out. We then waited for the arranged pick up from Yinfeng Hotel to the bus station in Dali. Not long after, a blue vehicle showed up and we loaded up our bags and boarded the car and left Yinfeng Hotel.

Yinfeng Hotel may not be luxurious accommodation but the location was strategic right inside the Ancient Town. The staff were friendly and helpful and could speak and write in English as well. They had helped with pick up from the new city as well as outside the Ancient Town and this made transfer a lot easier. They also helped to contact our hotels in Lijiang and Shangrila to arrange for pickups to their hotels as well. So customer service was great.

We arrived at Dali bus station before 9 am. It was a great day here in Dali where the sun was shinning brightly. It was busy outside the bus station. The distant mountains in the background looked inviting and pretty. We didn’t have the opportunity to explore the mountains around Dali during our stay. Surprisingly, the bus station wasn’t crowded inside. We already had our tickets so we simply waited for our bus to Kunming. There were many buses outside the station heading out to various destinations.

Soon we were called to board our bus and we headed out and stored our luggage in the storage compartment of this very nice and new big bus. We had a very bad experience taking a medium bus from Kunming to Dali a week ago where our bags were wet when we arrived. The medium bus took much longer travel time than expected picking up passengers at other locations along the way as well. So we made it a point to avoid those medium buses and our experience with the big buses travelling between different cities in Yunnan was great. Continue reading Yunnan Tour – Dali to Kunming Day 10 ( 11 Days 10 Nights November 2015)

Yunnan Tour – Kunming to Dali Day 3 (11 Days 10 Nights November 2015)

We woke up to a beautiful day in Kunming. From our room windows, we could see Cuihui getting ready to welcome visitors for the day. People were already on the street and Cuihui was surely a place of interest to many people in this part of Kunming.

We left Grand Park Hotel and walked towards Cuihui to look for a place to have breakfast. Shops along the road were mostly closed so early in the morning. We reached Cuihui shortly and we checked out some eateries across the road. Some of the small restaurants were already packed with people sitting outside the restaurant enjoying their breakfast.

We decided to settle into one of the restaurants and had beef noodles for our first meal. Our noodles came and we tucked in to the piping hot noodle soup. Not many pieces of beef were found in the noodle soup and it was very spicy as well. We definitely preferred beef noodles in Taiwan than the one served here in Kunming. After this quick meal, we headed over to Cuihui to enjoy the park one more time before our bus ride to Dali.

Cuihui was already a hive of activities early morning. Young and old were exercising at the park. The air was fresh and a little chilly. It was already late autumn and winter was setting in soon so everyone was wearing a light jacket outdoor.

The park was really beautiful and a great place to start our day. Seagulls were flying all over the lake enjoying their first task of the day. Along the lake, people were feeding the seagulls. It was such a lovely sight. We stayed awhile by the lake to feast on this fascinating sight watching the seagulls flying gracefully over the lake free from all cares in this world. Continue reading Yunnan Tour – Kunming to Dali Day 3 (11 Days 10 Nights November 2015)

Yunnan Tour – Kunming Day 2 (11 Days 10 Nights November 2015)

We woke up with much anticipation for the start of our Yunnan tour heading to Kunming this morning. It was just 6.20 am as we pulled away the curtains to watch the sunrise show from our suit room windows. It was still dark in Bangkok City but the sky was getting a tinge of greyish blue with a tiny red ball creeping up ahead above one of the buildings in the city. The clouds added to the beauty of the sunrise with the far end painting up an expanding stretch of pink turning red. The sun rose higher and pierced through some clouds and not long after, the city had awaken.

Breakfast time came soon enough as we needed to catch our late morning flight to Kunming. We went to the restaurant at 7 am. The restaurant was quite empty early this morning. This hotel does cater to tour group. So it was important to have early breakfast. We saw many Chinese tourists at the hotel the day before hence it was prudent to be early to avoid the crowd.

The restaurant was like any typical hotel restaurant and the buffet spread was fine with the usual local and international selection. Although Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok is a 5-star hotel, the buffet spread can’t be compared to other 5-star hotels like Sofitel or Pullman under the Accor Group. Anyway, we were still pretty satisfied with our breakfast, especially for the price we paid for our stay of just around $90 for the night and upgraded to a suit room. The service staff were quite good too.

Back in our room, we freshened up again, packed and checked our bags and then lingered awhile watching Bangkok City starting its day now with the sun fully out. Road traffic wasn’t very heavy yet but the city was gradually coming alive. Near to 8 am, we went to the lobby to check out. It was over in a moment and soon we were waiting for a taxi outside the hotel. Concierge helped us get a taxi willing to go on the meter. Next we were on our way to the airport.

We arrived at the airport without incident at 9 am. We took our bags and went to Thai Airways to check in our bags and then proceeded to clear immigration. Not long after, we were roaming the shopping mall like airport window shopping to wait for the call to board our flight. There were some shops that were quite interesting and we made a mental note to look at some watches from one of the duty free shops upon our return trip where we might pick up a watch that could be on sale.

Soon we were called to the boarding gate. We then took the transfer bus and boarded our flight to Kunming. The 3 hours flight was uneventful and we were served lunch onboard. The service of this airline was good. We disembarked, cleared immigration, collected our bags and then headed to the airport exit.

Our hotel in Kunming is the Grand Park Hotel Kunming located near Cuihui, the Green Lake area and airport bus 919B would terminate near this location. We then went to look for the counter to buy the bus ticket for the bus 919B to the city. It was just outside the airport slightly on the left. Having made payment of 13 CNY per ticket, we made our way to the left and boarded a waiting bus.

The airport bus was very new and pretty clean. The bus left not long after and two passengers were eating melon seeds on the bus. The bus driver told them to stop eating and not litter the bus. Along the way, the bus stopped at a few locations to pick up passengers. Some passenger alighted at different locations in the city as well. The journey was pretty comfortable and for the price of just 13 CNY, it was very good. Taking a taxi to the city would cost over 100 CNY. Continue reading Yunnan Tour – Kunming Day 2 (11 Days 10 Nights November 2015)