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Day 4 – Nanjing to Hangzhou

This was another usual morning where we went to the restaurant to be among the first to get our breakfast fixed. Buffet spread was ready when we arrived and we got our food which was pretty much about the same standards with the previous few hotels we had stayed the past few days. The restaurant was nice and the food was pretty alright with mostly Chinese dishes plus some western items. With breakfast done, we went back to our room.

From our room windows, we could see high rise buildings and the giant ferries wheel at the amusement park. The sun was rising and it looked like a promising day. We brushed up and got ourselves comfortable to get ready to head out for our tour activities. Our bags were already left outside the room for the porters while we rested a little more in our room.

After a while, we returned our room keys to front desk and chatted with other tour members waiting at the lobby. We also went out of the hotel for a quick look and the weather looked pretty good for our morning tour of Nanjing. The surrounding was quiet early this morning except noisy tour groups were loitering at the lobby waiting to leave the hotel.

It was a hive of activities at the hotel with porters busy counting luggage and loading them up buses. Eventually, we boarded our bus and were soon on our way to tour Nanjing. The local guide Jimmy wasn’t at the hotel to join us this morning. He was waiting for us at the first destination at the Yangtze River Bridge.

It was a good day with the sun shinning brightly so it was not so cold this winter morning. Whenever we visited Nanjing during winter in the past, this city had been freezing cold. So we were rather glad we had good weather this time.

We left the hotel around 8 am. Our driver seemed to know the way around as we pulled away from this shopping district to rendezvous with Jimmy at the Yangtze River Bridge. We were in good time to begin our day. Just 15 minutes into the journey, we were caught in a horrible traffic jam near an underpass. It was so confusing and everyone was speculating whether there was a terrible accident down the road. Our driver was getting impatient and started cursing. Continue reading 8 DAYS 7 NIGHTS JIANGNAN TOUR – SHANGHAI, SUZHOU, WUXI, NANJING, HANGZHOU AND JIAXING – DAY 4


Day 3 – Wuxi to Nanjing

We woke up early on Christmas morning. We spent a cold and wet Christmas Eve at Qingming Bridge Cultural Area the previous night without much Christmas festivities. Perhaps the city centre in Wuxi might be more happening but we just won’t know. Two years ago, we spent Christmas Eve in Nanjing but our hotel was so far out of the way we didn’t experience any Christmas celebration either. However, some tour group members took a taxi to the city centre which was jammed packed with people and they only managed to return to the hotel after midnight.

Last year, our Christmas Eve was spent in Hanoi. The city centre was likewise packed with young people to enjoy a romantic night out for picture moments and then the following Christmas Day was just an ordinary day where everything was back to normal without much of a trace of Christmas. This was interesting for us tourists to experience how other nationalities celebrate or observe Christmas.

Again, we went for breakfast very early without leaving our luggage outside our room for the porters. We were among the first to be at the restaurant. The buffet spread was almost ready and we took our seats first and indulged in a cup of coffee to get us started this morning. When the food were all ready, we helped ourselves to the wide varieties of dishes available though mostly Chinese food but they were quite good. The restaurant was nicely decorated with a Christmas theme and the food presentation was good. Soon more guests came in for breakfast including some from our tour group. It was a good breakfast to start our day.

We left soon after to return to our room to use the toilet to make ourselves comfortable and then brushed up to get ready to check out. We then left our luggage outside our room for the porters and continued to linger in our room while others were still taking their time over breakfast. When the hotel staff came to check the room, we decided to head to the hotel lobby and we returned our room keys to front desk.

We checked the hotel surrounding while waiting for everyone to be ready to start our tour for the day. The hotel is located in an area that looks like a commercial centre. It was quiet all around and the sun was beginning to make its presence felt this cold winter morning. So this was not going to be a wet and raining day.

Finally when Jackie had settled everything with the hotel, we boarded the tour bus to begin our day tour in Wuxi. Of course the lady local guide who left us the night before was at the hotel to join us and she took over the bus and addressed us with some introductory information on the city and its products. This was going to be a shopping tour this morning in Wuxi. Continue reading 8 DAYS 7 NIGHTS JIANGNAN TOUR – SHANGHAI, SUZHOU, WUXI, NANJING, HANGZHOU AND JIAXING – DAY 3 (DECEMBER 2015)