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11 Days Free and Easy China Tour – Day 3 Tangkou Huangshan Jiulong Waterfall Park

Huachen Hotel to West Bus Station

This would be an exciting day as we prepared to move out of Hangzhou to Tangkou in Huangshan. We checked out at 6.30 am. The process was pretty quick. The staff from Huachen International Hotel were very efficient. They called two taxis for us to go to West Bus Station.

We could have checked out earlier and then crossed over a traffic junction to take bus 49 to West Bus Station.  Bus fare would cost only CNY 2 each. But with luggage to lug along and spending time to wait for the bus with an hour travelling time, we decided to take taxis to West Bus Station rather than incurring more stress so early in the morning. As we had already purchased our bus tickets for the 8 am ride so all we had to do was to show up on time.

The two taxis came shortly one after the other. We boarded the taxis and were on our way to West Bus Station. The taxis travelled along the perimeter road of Westlake. Road traffics were pretty light so early in the morning. We arrived around 7.20 am after about 40 minutes of taxi ride. We alighted near the main entrance not far from the McDonalds. So we conveniently went in to get breakfast. We bought some food to bring for the bus ride too. We also bought some rice dumplings on the second floor restaurant to bring along for the bus ride.

Bus from Hangzhou to Tangkou in Huangshan

Next we went through security to get our bags scanned and then entered the hall to wait for the departing bus for Tangkou. Not long after, we were allowed to board the bus near to 8 am. Surprisingly, the bus was so empty. Only our family with another couple as well as another woman made up all the passengers for the bus ride. The bus driver was a friendly chap. He told us we would be changing bus shortly because there were so few passengers during this off peak season. Continue reading 11 Days Free and Easy China Tour – Day 3 Tangkou Huangshan Jiulong Waterfall Park