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11 Days Free and Easy China Tour – Day 6 Wuyishan to Xiamen Riyuegu Hotsprings Resort

Rise and Shine at Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort

We entered the middle of our 11 Days China Tour from Hangzhou to Guangzhou. Xiamen would be our next destination today. Getting up after a great night sleep was great. It was rather bright so early in the morning. Very importantly, it wasn’t raining. It was a dreary day when we arrived yesterday, raining lightly most of the day. From our windows, we could see part of the mountain views without the low passing rain clouds this time.

So our first task was to head to the restaurant for breakfast. The restaurant was pretty big and it was decorated nicely for Christmas just a few days away. The buffet spread was sizeable with plenty of local and western food options. The metal mugs were interesting, very nice to hold our coffee. It reminded us about Budapest where such lovely metal cups were sold at the markets. We were spoilt for choice for breakfast. The food was delicious and we were truly filled.

After breakfast, we returned to our rooms for final packing up and freshening up and then went back to the hotel lobby to check out. The friendly and helpful staff efficiently processed our check out. Customer service was very good here. We were so happy to stay here at Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort. Although we didn’t have the chance to visit the attractions in Wuyishan, we had no regrets coming here to stay for a night. The quality of the food in the restaurants and the service we enjoyed in Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort more than made up for any attractions we missed here.

Introduction to Wuyishan

Yesterday, front desk staff had already helped us arrange an MPV to send us to Wuyishan North Train Station. The fare would be CNY 70. We didn’t need to wait long before the driver showed up to escort us to his car near the main entrance. Having loaded up our bags and taken our seats, the driver set off.

We started chatting and he found out we had not visited any attractions here in Wuyishan due to the rain the previous day. Since we were still early, he suggested bringing us to some locations for a quick photo shoot before heading to Wuyishan North Train Station. His suggestion was of course well received. We didn’t expect a driver sending us to the train station would provide such a service. Continue reading 11 Days Free and Easy China Tour – Day 6 Wuyishan to Xiamen Riyuegu Hotsprings Resort

11 Days Free and Easy China Tour – Day 5 Huangshan to Wuyishan

Nice Breakfast at Parrion Hotel

After the grueling hike at Huangshan, our sleep was so sweet. Our king beds were so comfortable and the luxury we enjoyed at Parrion Hotel was a treat indeed. We had a train to catch near 10 am so we still had a bit of time to have a good breakfast before checking out. Getting up from bed was a little strange this morning. Our bodies were recuperating from the work out up on Huangshan the previous day.

However by 7.45 am, we were already at the restaurant for breakfast. The restaurant was pretty nice, very modern and tastefully decorated. The buffet spread was very good too. Food was very delicious and more than sufficient to get us started for the morning. We saw some other guests during breakfast so we were not the only guests staying here despite the quietness we experienced the day before. We took our time to indulge in a good meal before leaving Huangshan to our next destination down south.

After breakfast, we returned to our super spacious rooms to rest for a short while and freshen up. Once done, we took our bags and went to the lobby to check out. Check out was efficient. The same couldn’t be said about their transfer services to the train station. The hotel had a dedicated number to call for transfer service but this service failed big time this morning. The staff was trying so hard to call the company but no one picked up the phone. Continue reading 11 Days Free and Easy China Tour – Day 5 Huangshan to Wuyishan