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5 Days 4 Nights Northern Taiwan Tour – Day 5 Keelung to Taoyuan Airport (June 2016)

Keelung Evergreen Laurel Hotel

This was the day to catch our flight back to Singapore. Keelung is quite a distance to Taoyuan Airport. However, our flight was at night so we had plenty of time to travel to the airport. In fact, travelling time won’t be too long either. We would take a bus to Taipei and travelling time would be about an hour. From Taipei, we would take another bus to Taoyuan Airport about an hour away. Hence, we were very relax with our itinerary this day.

Our breakfast was included in our booking so we need not leave the hotel to look for food. The restaurant up on the top floor offered amazing views of the harbour and its surrounding. More importantly, the buffet breakfast spread was sumptuous and the food tasty. We collected our food and sat down to enjoy this delicious breakfast with great views of the harbour below. Restaurant staff were really polite and friendly.

We returned to our room after breakfast. The harbour view from our room windows was fascinating. We noticed there was an increase on the number of ships docked at the harbour. The navy ship docked below just outside Evergreen Laurel Hotel was in the same location and didn’t leave the harbour. Other ships had arrived during the night to berth at the harbour. It was quite an interesting and refreshing sight to observe the activities of the harbour. Continue reading 5 Days 4 Nights Northern Taiwan Tour – Day 5 Keelung to Taoyuan Airport (June 2016)

5 Days 4 Nights Northern Taiwan Tour – Day 4 Keelung (June 2016)

Train to Keelung

We would be going to Keelung this morning. We had already booked the 5-star Evergreen Laurel Hotel at Keelung harbourfront. So we got up early and had a simple breakfast with the bread we bought the previous night at the bakery in Miramar Complex. We then packed up and checked out early.

With Daan MRT Station right at the doorsteps of Park Taipei Hotel, we took a train to Taipei Main Train Station, just five stations away. It was still very early and all the shops at the underground mall were closed. We then walked over to the railway station and took the next local train to Keelung. It was a smooth journey taking around 50 minutes to reach Keelung.

Arrive Evergreen Laurel Hotel

Once we got out of the railway station, we saw Evergreen Laurel Hotel over the other side of the harbour. The city was rather quiet so early in the morning and road traffic was light. So we took a slow walk of under 15 minutes to reach Evergreen Laurel Hotel orientating ourselves along the way.

This hotel is probably the best in Keelung, pretty modern and clean. Service staff were polite, friendly and helpful. It was too early to check in as we arrived around 9.45 am. We left our bags with the hotel and having gotten direction from front desk, we left the hotel to take a bus up to Jiufen for our first itinerary for the day.

Bus 788 to Jiufen for Shopping

The bus stop is located along the road behind Evergreen Laurel Hotel. So we followed the direction and walked over to the bus stop to wait for bus 788. It was a just a few minutes walk. A couple of minutes later, the bus came and we boarded the bus. The bus ride took us through part of Keelung City and then headed up the hill towards Jiufen. Slightly after an hour, we arrived Jiufen. Continue reading 5 Days 4 Nights Northern Taiwan Tour – Day 4 Keelung (June 2016)