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Robbed while on Vacation

Going on a vacation is a happy occasion but the happiness index could quickly head south when holiday goers fall prey to crime. Many years back, I had my wallet stolen while in Paris and another time I lost my wallet while shopping in Medan.

The experience was anything but pleasant. It would be a hectic realignment of itinerary and frantic phone calls to settle the serious matter at hand to add to the loss of personal items. This is definitely an unwanted distraction.

But falling prey to some other crimes could be much worse. We are not talking petty crimes like pickpockets or about carelessly leaving our wallet and mobile phone on the table in a café or a restaurant creating our own crime. There are crimes that are so serious that will not only cut short travel plans but terminate them.

We should be conscious of the fact that there are criminal elements every where in the world that specifically target tourists to rob them or even kill them during such attempts. Such calculations should be factored into out travel planning and do proper research about the destination where we wish to visit and the accommodation where we wish to stay.

Recently, a group of female tourists from Taiwan were robbed while they slept in their villa in Pattaya. The news report gave the impression that it might be an insider job. From the way they were checked into their accommodation till the time when they reported their loss to their hotel where help wasn’t given to report the matter to the police, this just doesn’t smell good.

Taiwanese Tourists Robbed of $2,700 in ‘Strange’ Pattaya Hotel

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Day 2 – Pattaya to Bangkok

We slept soundly through the night. With our room balcony facing the swimming pool and the building next door, there was no sunrise to catch this morning. Around 7.30 am, we made our way to the restaurant for breakfast.

The restaurant wasn’t very crowded and the high ceiling in the restaurant gave the impression of a very airy and big space though the restaurant is not really very big. The ambience was clean and bright with the swimming pool outside seen from the full glass panel walls. The buffet spread was impressive with good quality food.

We took our seats and helped ourselves with the buffet and enjoyed our sumptuous breakfast. The food was really good. We loved the bottled fresh fruit juice kept chilled with ice. This was indeed the morning to look forward to with such great start over breakfast.

Back in our room, we got ready to leave for our first activity for the day before heading to Bangkok after lunch. It was too hot yesterday and we didn’t have a chance to check out the beach area. So we left Baraquda Hotel, crossed the road and walked through the street ahead towards the beach. Soon, we were at the beach after crossing Beach Road. Continue reading 3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS PATTAYA AND BANGKOK WEEKEND BREAK – Day 2 (MARCH 2016)

3 Days 2 Nights Pattaya and Bangkok Weekend Break (March 2016)

Scoot Airlines had good offer for airfares to Bangkok for just under $115 for a pair of return tickets so we decided to take a short weekend break to Pattaya and Bangkok for March 2016. We booked these air tickets five months in advance. The flight schedules were as follows:

Singapore to Bangkok – 6.55 am to 8.25 am

Bangkok to Singapore – 8.15 pm to 11.40 pm

With such flight timings, we could enjoy three full days by staying only two nights in Thailand.

As for hotels, since we are Accor Plus members, we booked Hotel Baraquda Pattaya – MGallery Collection and Bangkok Hotel Lotus Sukhumvit.

Scoot Airlines would fly into Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok so public transport options to Pattaya became a little tricky. Though public transports are available which will cost less, travel time will be longer and effort involved will be greater, not to mention we needed to wake up very early to catch the early morning flight which may take a toll on our enjoyment of Pattaya when we eventually arrive.

So we contacted Mr. T Taxi Service to arrange for transfers directly from Don Mueang Airport to our hotel in Pattaya and also from Pattaya to Lotus Sukhumvit Hotel in Bangkok for the next day. The cost for the transfers was quite reasonable at 1300 Baht and 1100 Baht respectively. Correspondence with him via emails were promptly received. His contact email is With direct transfer from point to point, this would cut short travelling and waiting time and we would arrive in better shape to enjoy our short break in Pattaya and Bangkok.

Day 1 – Singapore to Bangkok onward to Pattaya

Five months came quickly and we arrived at Changi Airport near 5 am. We got through Scoot check in procedure rather quickly and collected our boarding passes. We were given the impression we had to arrive at the departure gate early as the aircraft was parked quite far away. So we got through immigration and had a very quick and rushed breakfast at the McDonalds and then went to the departure gate to wait for boarding.

Actually, the departure wasn’t open earlier then scheduled and so boarding procedure was also as per normal and not as rushed as we were initially told. We waited for a while in the holding room and eventually called to board the plane. However, we didn’t use the aerobridge and had to wait for the airport buses to send us to the aircraft. Indeed it was quite a distance from the boarding gate to reach the aircraft.

Eventually, we boarded the plane and we were actually still quite early. We had to wait in the plane until batches of passengers were brought to the plane for boarding. Finally, the plane received green light to taxi to the runway and shortly after got clearance for takeoff and soon we were airborne. We sat back to relax and we enjoyed our flight to Bangkok.

We touched down Don Mueang Airport according to schedule and went through immigration without any problem. We then exited the arrival hall and walked towards door number 6 to look for our driver but we couldn’t find him. We decided to walk back to the other end and we found our driver with our names of a placard. Apparently, either Mr. T had given us the wrong location to look for the driver or the driver had waited at the wrong place for us. Anyway, it was just a small issue.

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