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Robbed while on Vacation

Going on a vacation is a happy occasion but the happiness index could quickly head south when holiday goers fall prey to crime. Many years back, I had my wallet stolen while in Paris and another time I lost my wallet while shopping in Medan.

The experience was anything but pleasant. It would be a hectic realignment of itinerary and frantic phone calls to settle the serious matter at hand to add to the loss of personal items. This is definitely an unwanted distraction.

But falling prey to some other crimes could be much worse. We are not talking petty crimes like pickpockets or about carelessly leaving our wallet and mobile phone on the table in a café or a restaurant creating our own crime. There are crimes that are so serious that will not only cut short travel plans but terminate them.

We should be conscious of the fact that there are criminal elements every where in the world that specifically target tourists to rob them or even kill them during such attempts. Such calculations should be factored into out travel planning and do proper research about the destination where we wish to visit and the accommodation where we wish to stay.

Recently, a group of female tourists from Taiwan were robbed while they slept in their villa in Pattaya. The news report gave the impression that it might be an insider job. From the way they were checked into their accommodation till the time when they reported their loss to their hotel where help wasn’t given to report the matter to the police, this just doesn’t smell good.

Taiwanese Tourists Robbed of $2,700 in ‘Strange’ Pattaya Hotel

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Overstaying in Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport has been voted among the top three airports in the world over many years. Indeed Changi Airport is exceptional and anyone who has been to Changi Airport would agree that the service and facilities in the airport is top-notch. It is like roaming in a shopping mall within an airport where comfort and luxury are extended to visitors ensuring a great experience for visitors to have a lasting impression of the country.

It is such a great airport that one passenger who overslept and missed his flight made it a point to stay behind in the airport for 18 days until he was finally arrested. This is not a movie but an actual incident that happened recently. Strange but true and the way he went about surviving in the airport indulging in the comfort and luxury the airport provided is surely a case in point concerning the reputation of Changi Airport. Continue reading Overstaying in Changi Airport

Buying iPhone at Changi Airport

The iPhone craze happens every few months when the latest iPhone model hits the market. As expected, iPhone lovers can’t resist the urge to be among the first to lay hands on the latest model of the much sought after iPhone. Queues would be formed overnight outside the stores of the official retailers.

Among those in the queues were young and old who were not buying the iPhones for themselves but for someone else. This somewhat validates the often joke about queuing as the national pastime of residents in Singapore.

Overnight Queues for New iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

However, not everyone seems to be a fan of this queuing game as a national sports event that happens from time to time. One couple planned to beat the game by buying iPhones at Changi Airport. This landed them in trouble and they were arrested. Continue reading Buying iPhone at Changi Airport

French Hitchhiker Arrested in New Zealand

Depending on one’s objective and idea of a vacation, hitchhiking is one of the most economical means of travelling to experience the place and culture of the host country. However, it does come with a wide range of risk and uncertainty. It is not advisable for females to go hitchhiking alone taking for granted personal safety is a given. Even for males to hitchhike alone can be risky in certain places too.

Recently, a French hitchhiker got into trouble with the law in New Zealand. He couldn’t hitch a ride for four days and reportedly had gone without food for two days. This probably drove him up the wall as he went into a rampage and was arrested to be charged. Continue reading French Hitchhiker Arrested in New Zealand