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Travel Revolution Fair and NATAS Fair 2017

This is the time of the year to get ready to grab the best travel deals from Travel Fairs for the coming year end school holidays. This year, one travel fair is held before the National Day and the other immediately after National Day. So this is going to be a very busy and exciting two weekends in a row with National Day cerebration sandwiched in between.

Once again, no entrance fee will be collected during the two fairs.

Do note the dates and venues for these two travel fairs as follows:

Travel Revolution Fair

4 – 6 August 2017 (Friday to Sunday)
11 am to 9.30 pm.

Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre,
Halls A & B


11 –13 August 2017 (Friday to Sunday)
10 am to 9.30 pm Daily

Suntec Singapore
Level 4 Halls 401 – 406
Level 3 Concourse 1 – 4
West Atrium

Do your research and plan where you wish to visit in advance if you have the time. This will save you time when you check and compare prices and itineraries at different booths from various travel agents.

Like the past, most major travel companies will be participating in the fairs.

Expect travel companies dishing out freebies to sweeten the deal to secure your business as well as gifts from credit card issuing banks if you charge your purchase above the required amount.

Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance as well where steep discounts are expected during the fairs.

So happy tour shopping and travelling …

Travel Malaysia Fair 2016

The Travel Malaysia Fair is here again.

The venue of the fair is at The Singapore Expo Hall 6A.

Date: 22-24 April 2016

Time: 11 am to 9 pm.

Admission is free.

A lot of seniors were at the fair on the first day during the late morning. There were some pushing and shoving where these uncles and aunties tried to get discount vouchers for travel packages at the Resort World booth. This fair seemed like a magnet for seniors.

There were massive crowds at some tour booths as some rushed to book travel packages and coach tickets to Malaysia with fantastic discounts. It was chaotic to say the least. Miscommunication and lack of proper queues were some frustration experienced by visitors who had to push their way around to get ahead.

707 Coach Company is giving out great discounts for coach tickets to Malaysia. You could purchase $50 vouchers for $40 at the fair. You could queue to book return coach tickets to Malacca or Genting Highlands at $40 for 2 persons which is equivalent to a $10 each way per person. Some dates are off course blocked out and surcharge of $5 is imposed on certain travel dates. So the booth for 707 Coach Company was very crowded and doing roaring business.

There were queues at other travel companies as well. WTS Travel was attracting crowds with their discounted packages and bus tickets to Malaysia. However, over at Konsortium Travel, it was disappointing as their staff were not aware of their advertisement on the newspaper on Thursday where the first 50 persons who book coach tickets would get to pay 50 cents for the second coach ticket. They only give a 10% discount on the price of tickets.

There are booths set up to promote Sabah and Sarawak as well. Plenty of information could be obtained from their booths. This would be a good place to head to if you wish to visit East Malaysia.

There are performances at the main stage during the fair. So if you are looking to bring your children to Malaysia for a short trip during the coming school holiday end of next month, this would be a great place to get splendid discounts for your vacation.

The fair is open till Sunday 9 pm. The weekend is a good time to head to the Singapore Expo where the Digital Fair is held next door.

The next Travel Malaysia Fair will be held from 14 to 16 October 2016 at Singapore Expo Hall 6B just before the year end school holiday.

Happy traveling …

March School Holiday Travel Plan 2016

The March School Holiday is coming. This short one week school break is ideal to get away for a very short vacation.

If you don’t wish to go too far and cost too much, Malaysia is one of the favourite options.

You need not fly if you don’t wish to and a bus ride just across one of the land links with Singapore and soon you will be operating on vacation mode.

The kids might still have plenty of school work to catch up as well as school activities to attend to during this one week break, so a very short break would probably not cost too much inconvenience and stress where a break is supposed to unwind and recharge for the next school term.

If you need ideas and information, Tourism Malaysia is holding a fair at the NATAS Fair this Friday from 4 to 6 March.

The venue for NATAS Fair is at the Singapore Expo Hall 7.

Time is 10 am to 9.30 pm daily.

Admission is free again this year for the NATAS Fair.

So if you wish to enjoy discounts and require more information, check out the Tourism Malaysia Booth at the fair.

Of course there are many other travel agents at the NATAS Fair as well should you wish to travel further than Malaysia.

It is good to enjoy some family bonding again before the kids go back to school to face the midyear examinations in May. How time flies!

Happy planning and have an enjoyable March School Holiday Break!

Travel Revolution Fair February 2016

The first travel fair for 2016 is finally here. Travel Revolution Fair was kicked off again at the Marina Bay Sands yesterday.

Being a twice a year event, this is the third fair they are organizing and improvement is quite evident.

Besides allocating space for self collection of travel brochures and newspapers like they did in the past, which is a very good idea, space allocation for exhibitors are much better organized this time.

The take up of exhibition space has increased with much lesser space to walk around this year while there were plenty of space and spare rooms to maneuver last year when the fair was first organized after splitting from NATAS.

Exhibition booths were better design like EU Holidays has an European theme which is lovely. CTC Travel has counters for Taiwan with interesting stuff to offer and also staff soliciting survey from visitors to improve travel products from Taiwan.

CTC Travel
CTC Travel

EU Holidays
EU Holidays

While travel brochures are self-collected before entering the exhibition hall where visitors can collect brochures that might be of interest to them, there are still some staff giving out brochures inside the hall but not so much of in your face kind of experience to unload all kinds of advertisement on you that weigh you down in the process. This will ultimately lead to wastage and inefficiency and the floor is sometimes littered with unwanted advertisements.

Self collection of travel brochures outside exhibition hall
Self collection of travel brochures outside exhibition hall

The Thailand Tourism booth is right at the entrance providing a very warm and cordial welcome to visitors. Complimentary massage is also available at the booth. Car rental companies like Hertz and Avis are just on the left of the Thailand Tourism booth.

Thailand Tourism Booth
Thailand Tourism Booth

All the major travel companies have massive exhibition space to provide visitors and enquirers with plenty of space for a friendly discussion on potential travel destinations.

Busy time at New Shan Travel
Busy time at New Shan Travel
Visitors streaming in early afternoon
Visitors streaming in early afternoon
Royal Caribbean Cruise
Royal Caribbean Cruise
CS Travel
CS Travel
Dynasty Travel
Dynasty Travel

SA Tours with many enquirers
SA Tours with many enquirers
Jun Air Travel
Jun Air Travel
Nam Ho Tours
Nam Ho Tours
Super Travels
Super Travels

Those who intend to travel to Australia and New Zealand would be happy to know there are tourism booths from these two countries where travel brochures and maps are available with staff answering questions from enquirers.

New Zealand Tourism Booth
New Zealand Tourism Booth
Australia Tourism Booth
Australia Tourism Booth

Mascots are present roaming around greeting visitors and those with children might find them helpful and adorable to provide some relief where the kids might find the exhibition boring with nothing to do. You could take pictures with them too!

It was already getting crowded early yesterday afternoon. Quite a number had already redeemed their gifts from their respective banks happily pulling away free luggage having charged a certain amount on their tour bookings to these banks. Of course not forgetting travel insurance company giving out generous discounts during the travel fair.

Visitors heading towards exhibition hall
Visitors heading towards exhibition hall
Crowds at the fair early afternoon
Crowds at the fair early afternoon

From the way things are moving forward, there is only one way this travel fair is moving, that is upward many years down the road. If this travel fair is not bringing in business, many travel companies would not have continued with this new travel fair launched just last year.

So if you are looking for travel packages for the first half of this year, this is the time to head down to Marina Bay Sands for a look. With the recently completed MRT Downtown line, going to Marina Bay Sands is really a breeze. By the way, admission is free.

Happy tour shopping …

Travel Fairs 2016

Schedules for Travel Fair for the first half of 2016 are out.

Travel Revolution Fair will once again hold their fair a week ahead of NATAS Fair.

Travel Revolution Fair will be held from 26 to 28 February 2016.

Venue is Marina Bay Sands B2 Expo Hall D, E and F.

Time is 10 am to 9 pm.

Admission is free just like last year.

Like the previous year, major travel companies will be represented at the fair. Among these companies are Chan Brothers Travel, Dynasty Travel, SA Tours, EU Holidays, Super Travel, CTC Travel, CS Travel, Nam Ho Travel and others.

Tourism organisations involved includes Tourism New Zealand, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Australia, Japan and others.

Some airlines will also be there including car rental companies such as Hertz Car Rental and Avis Car Rental and not forgetting Insurance Company AIG.

Credit cards promotion from major banks will be available as well.

Since its launch last year, this fair was a huge success attracting large numbers of visitors. Free admission to the fair might perhaps have helped with boosting visitor numbers.

This year would probably be just as successful with visitor numbers given many major travel companies are still participating at this fair.

NATAS Fair will be held from 4 to 6 March 2016.

The venue is Singapore Expo Hall 7.

Opening hours are from 10 am to 9.30 pm.

Travel companies represented are Jetabout Holidays, Diners World Travel, Airelated Travel, ASA Holidays, Scenic Travel, UOB Travel and others.

A number of cruise companies will be there including Royal Caribbean Cruises, Star Cruises, Costa Cruises , Princess Cruises and others.

Tourism Organisations from Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia and others will have booths there.

Of course travel insurance company AIG will be there as well as Budget Car Rental.

Some hotels and resorts will set up booth at the fair as well.

Admission for NATAS Fair was free last year in conjunction with the SG50 celebration. There is no mention of admission fee yet from NATAS website for this year’s fair. It might continue to keep last year’s free admission to rival the Travel Revolution Fair to keep visitors coming.

So this might be a good time to shop for discounted tours for the mid year school holidays.

Better take advantage of travel insurance offers during the fairs for substantial discounts.

It will be summer up north in the middle of the year. If June holidays sound hot and humid, head south to Australia or New Zealand for a cool holiday. The kids might enjoy it.

With two travel fairs being held twice a year, especially when admission is free, this will only benefit us travel shoppers.

So happy tour shopping …