Five Tips For Better Sleep During Travel

One very important factor that prevents us from enjoying our vacation is the quality of sleep during travel. If we can’t sleep well, our day is ruined. We don’t have sufficient energy level to sustain us through the activities for the day we plan to participate in. If we are sleepy and not alert during our holiday, we are more susceptible to scams and get ripped off thus spoiling our holiday mood. Worse still, if we are not alert to danger around us, accident might occur and threatens to cut short our holiday.

Having travelled these many years, we have our fair shares of bad quality sleep from time to time due to circumstances beyond our control. Some time it might be the hotel beds that are not suitable and other times it might be the location of the hotel that is not conducive to having a good night sleep usually due to noise level in the hotel or vicinity. There might be times our sleep has been deprived due to inconsiderate passengers talking loudly for hours during overnight flights or babies crying non stop during flights.

One of the worst experience was an overnight bus ride in Vietnam on a sleeper bus. The “bed” was so narrow and too short that didn’t allow us to stretch our legs all the way horizontally and as such, we had to sleep in an awkward posture through the night. In addition, the bus driver honked so often during the night you might think you were in an amusement park. The driver some times smoked in the bus as well. So how to have a good night sleep and arrive our at destination in one piece and in good shape is really almost a mission impossible.

Nevertheless, there are things we can do to minimize some of these unpleasant factors during travel so that we might still be able to enjoy our vacation.

Here is an article on Five Tips For Better Sleep During Travel which might be helpful.

Hopefully, some preventive measures might go along the way to achieve quality sleep during our travel so that we might enjoy our vacation thoroughly.

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