Four Easy Ways To Get Cheaper Budget Airlines Fares

Make no mistake, budget airlines do not mean their airfares are always cheap and meant for the budget conscious. A friend of mine had to fork out around $1000 to send his domestic helper back to the Philippines and it was not on a full service airline but a budget airline. This may seem ridiculous but true. Try booking a flight last minute to a destination with high demand, especially during peak period, even flying on budget airlines would cost just as much as full service airlines.

Often times, when budget airlines send out promotional airfares to various destinations, what you see is not what you get to pay. You have to read what has been displayed on the website very carefully. By default, budget airlines usually include some add-on where you may not require and hence you have to pay a lot more than you really wish to. What is the point of paying for insurance on the air ticket when you are going to buy travel insurance for the whole trip anyway? Eventually, the airfare on budget airlines may not give you much significant savings compare to full service airlines.

There are also credit card processing fees when making payment and some times it is based on per passengers per way instead of paying on the entire flight booking for all the passengers. So all these little things add up quite significantly.

One key factor in securing cheap if not the cheapest air tickets from budget airlines is not to fly during period when there is high demand such as the school holidays or public holidays over a long weekend. Another important factor is patience to wait for really good promotional offers from these budget airlines, usually during or prior to a public holiday or mother’s day and such for them to have an excuse to send you with promotional offers if you are on their mailing lists.

It can be rewarding if you can wait for their really great sales offer. I had flown to Surabaya from Singapore on just S$42 on a pair of return tickets not inclusive of airport tax from Indonesia which is a standard practice for their custom and immigration office to collect 200,000 IDR airport tax from departing passengers for all airlines. I had also flown from Singapore to Auckland on a budget airline for around S$380 for a pair of return tickets inclusive of all taxes.

Here is another article to give you an idea how to learn these Four Easy Ways To Get Cheaper Budget Airline Fares which from my experience found to be quite true.

Once again, happy budget airfares hunting and happy travelling…

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