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Living in a small island state of Singapore with a land area of just over 700 square kilometers, taking a break, especially a rejuvenating one, is quite needful from time to time.

We love to travel and have been traveling for over twenty-five years. Taking our children with us though they were barely a year old for vacation was our usual practice. I had an encounter with a school principal while doing laundry during a holiday in Hobart, Tasmania in 1996. We were discussing about travelling with young children and he told me he would not bring his little children along for holidays because they would not be able to remember anything about the trip. While I would agree with him little children would not able to remember anything about the holiday, neither can I remember everything as well, but little children do and can enjoy every part of the holiday together with the family. Looking at their rosy cheeks in countries with temperate climate, and sharing their joy, laughter and smile at different moments of the travel, as well as watching their eyes sparkle with amazement at animals, surely was worth the effort and trouble to bring them along for a family trip.

Now that our children have grown up and are tied down with work and other commitments, it is close to impossible for our family of six to travel together anymore. Had we not brought our children for holidays when they were young, we might be a hundred thousand dollars richer but we cannot buy back the time we have missed spending our holidays and enjoying precious moments with them in a world much bigger than our island state. Some might be apprehensive about traveling with young children where costs might be a constraining factor but traveling together as a family need not cost an arm or a leg. There are destinations and special offers where the entire family can take advantage of and indulge in some splendid bonding time together every now and then.

So this blog is about our travel experiences and joy of traveling and not about promoting ourselves. Hence, we will stay out of the picture and simply share places we visited and costs involved for others to benefit from our experience. We hope you would be able to spend some fantastic time together, especially if you have children, and oh, how fast they grow up! It is a pity if we let such opportunities slip past and no amount of money can buy back lost time not spent with the kids when they are young.

Happy travelling…

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