How To Avoid Paying More For Your Flight Booking

In the past, the way to book a flight was either to head down to the airlines office or go to a travel agent to book your flight. Nowadays, while this option is still available, it may not be in your best interest to do so. This method requires time and leg work which incur cost on top of your flights booking. Moreover, booking flights with them are not usually cheaper than what you can get if you book your flights online.

Airlines and travel agents have gone online for flights booking as well. Third party flights booking sites are also offering airfares at good prices if not better than booking directly with the airlines or travel agents. Some main sites to search for flights booking are skyscanner, zuji, expedia and cheaptickets.

However, these sites may not always offer the best price on the flight you wish to book. Sometimes, airlines do offer great promotional sales which beat the prices of those from the flights booking search sites mentioned above. I had book flights directly from Swiss Air flying to Zurich at just S$702 as well as from Sri Lankan Airlines flying to Paris under $1000 during peak travel seasons where other airlines were charging a lot more.

The cheapest flights we ever booked was from an unfamiliar site tripsta where we flew to Bangkok and Phuket on a full service airline at around S$65 for a pair of return air tickets. Needless to say, air tickets are usually cheaper from budget airlines when you book directly from their sites but the savings may not always be significant compare to full service flights. So flying on full service flights may be a better option where baggage allowance and meals have all been included as well as more flight timings are usually available.

Notwithstanding better prices for flights booking are now available online whether booking directly from the airlines websites or flights booking sites, some travel agents may be able to offer better deals with a free two nights stay in a hotel in Hong Kong or Bangkok if you book your flights with them. If this free two nights stopover fit your travel plans, this could save you a few hundred dollars flying to either destination on your own where you have to fork out money for air tickets and accommodations.

To avoid paying more for your flight booking, you need to have time and patience to do your research online. You will also need to be flexible with your travel dates as well because travelling just a day before or after could increase your airfares by quite a significant amount. We found that to be true when we booked our flights to London last year to attend our daughter’s graduation. So plan your travel wisely unless you have plenty of cash to burn for your trip.

Here is an article to explain Why your way of booking holiday flight is costing you more money which I find, from my experience, to be very true.

So happy holiday planning…

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