Plaza Premium Lounge at Changi Airport Terminal 1

Anyone who flies often will know that the is tiring business. You have to arrive at the airport early for security clearance and then wait for your flight. Flying most of the time is not very comfortable being cramped up in your seat. Airline food is pretty standard and is not something to die for anyway, unless you are flying premium airline on business or first class.

It would be even more frustrating if there is a long transit time in between flights. If you are stuck in an airport with very limited facilities and lousy and dirty seats in the waiting area, not to mention substandard toilets, you are going to be in very bad shape by the time you finally make it to your destination.

It would be great to find a decent place to rest and if possible shower and grab some food as well. Unless you are flying business class or first class or you are a member of some clubs, such privileges are not available to you.

The good news is that Changi Airport has opened a premium lounge at Terminal 1 for all passengers whether you are flying first class, business class, economy or even on budget airlines. The services in the lounge look pretty good with comfortable seats, entertainment and a host of other services you might probably need.

Food seems to be buffet style and even cook to order in front of guests. Shower facilities are also available and if you need a private room, you could package this room with the lounge to enjoy six hours of relaxation at the lounge.

The charges for the first block of five hours to use the lounge is only $58 which includes meals in the lounge. A decent meal at the airport will easily set you back $20. So for that price to use the lounge facilities and get some rest, it is a pretty good proposition. If you require massage services, just pay for the service at the lounge.

So for just a few tens of dollars to get some much needed rest and creature comfort, it is definitely worth it. The alternative is to fork out huge sums to fly business class in order to use some lounge facilities.

Check out details of this Plaza Premium Lounge Service at T1.

You will probably arrive at your final destination in much better shape.

So far, lounge users have been giving very positive feedback: Changi’s new T1 lounge for all passengers gets thumbs-up.

Happy flying …

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