Short-Cut Takers on the Causeway Detained by Malaysian Authority

Ever since news report on those who took risky short-cut by walking along the railway line to get across the Causeway in order to beat the perennial traffic jam during peak hours, Malaysian Authorities are reported to have taken action against this group people. They not only took a short-cut to get across the Causeway, they also evaded clearing Malaysian Customs and Immigration in the process which is a serious offence for leaving the country illegally.

It is high time the authority steps in as the KTM shuttle train service will begin operating next Wednesday 1 July 2015 where some train trips would be running during peak hours. This might hopefully prevent tragic accidents from happening as the path along the railway line may not be well lit.

KTM Train Shuttle Service
KTM Train Shuttle Service

Perhaps the new shuttle train service might also alleviate the situation of peak hours human traffic congestion at both CIQs across the Causeway but this comes at cost notwithstanding. The shuttle train trip is not cheaper than taking a bus across the Causeway. The cost for each trip is RM$5 from JB Sentral and S$5 from Woodlands.

It remains to be seen how popular is the shuttle train service starting from next month. However, it is dangerous to take such short-cut on the railway line during peak hours as it is dark in the early morning and at night, not to mention the illegality involved in such a stunt.

It is certainly not worth the trouble as getting caught would result in a fine and even possibly attract a jail term sentence. Better to follow the rules and pay a little more if necessary by taking the shuttle train service across the Causeway if the shuttle service proves to be a time saver as well as less hassle in getting through both CIQs everyday.

The reported detention of 37 persons who bypassed Malaysian Customs and Immigration is a wake-up call for such risk taking behavior.

Better safe than sorry …

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