The Best Time To Book Your Flights

We have been flying on low cost carriers as well as full service airlines for a number of years now. Often time, low cost carriers offer better value for money for shorter flights as many services onboard full service airlines are unlikely to be fully utilized.

Many times, meals onboard full service airlines are not something to die for anyway. In fact for short haul flights, the meals onboard a full service flight might just be a sandwich or an apple-pie type of snacks not much different from one such snack available at the McDonalds for a dollar. Sometimes, it is just a bottle of mineral water if the flight is just an hour or so. If we really need to eat or drink onboard flight, we could make purchase onboard a low cost carrier that would not break the bank account to begin with.

So when we plan our vacation, we will always try to plan months in advance, sometimes more than nine months when a very special offer is taking place. We ever flew to Zurich from Singapore flying Swiss Air, a full service flight, for just S$702. Come to getting cheap air tickets, Skyscanner is our good friend we rely on most of the time. You can check the lowest price of air tickets on any destination based on the whole month and then select the dates that offer the cheapest flights or choose dates most suitable for your travel closest to the cheapest flights. This could potentially save you a bundle on your travel expenses.

Since the cost for air tickets takes up a major portion of the cost for a vacation, so how soon should we book our flights? What is the magic number that will possibly get us the cheapest air tickets for our holiday?

Here is an article that might be useful to help in your planning of booking flights to different regions for your next vacation.

The Best Time To Book Your Flights

So happy travelling…

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