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When planning for a vacation, it would be helpful if there are travel itineraries available for reference with regards to places to visit, accommodations, airport and transfer information as well as safety precaution for that particular location or attraction we wish to visit.

Of course if costs and travel timings be it flights, trains or buses or even cruises are included in such itineraries as reference material would be even more useful and helpful especially in our budget planning for the holiday and the time needed to cover the places we wish to visit. I remembered planning for an 18 days self-drive tour in Europe in 2011, it was so difficult to find good up-to-date information to help us plan our itinerary.

So this page is a collection of our past travel itineraries outside Asia and hopefully this might be of some help to those who are planning their tour itineraries. Our travel adventure usually includes cost for flights, transfers and accommodations as well as meals. Travel time involving public transportation may also be included so as to give an accurate picture of our travel plan and activities for our holiday.

Hence this page will be updated regularly when we post more of our travel adventure from time to time. So bookmark this page and come back often for more reference materials that might help you in planning for your next vacation. So happy travelling.

12 Days 11 Nights United Kingdom Tour (2014)
  • Day 1 Singapore to London Transit Doha Transfer to Manchester
  • Day 2 Manchester to Edinburgh
  • Day 3 Edinburgh to Inverness
  • Day 4 Inverness Driving Trip to Isle of Skye
  • Day 5 Inverness to Edinburgh
  • Day 6 Edinburgh to Belfast
  • Day 7 Belfast Causeway Day Tour
  • Day 8 Belfast to London
  • Day 9 London – University Graduation
  • Day 10 London
  • Day 11 London
  • Day 12 London to Singapore Transit Doha
11 Days Eastern Europe Tour (2013)
  • Day 1 Singapore to Zurich Transfer to Budapest
  • Day 2 Budapest
  • Day 3 Budapest
  • Day 4 Budapest to Vienna
  • Day 5 Vienna to Innsbruck
  • Day 6 Innsbruck to Venice
  • Day 7 Venice
  • Day 8 Venice to Salzburg
  • Day 9 Salzburg to Munich
  • Day 10 Munich
  • Day 11 Munich to Zurich Transfer to Singapore

Sharing Travel Itinerary and Experience

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