Visiting Switzerland Without Breaking The Bank

Who wouldn’t wish some day to able to visit Switzerland for a nice holiday? Switzerland is a country known for is unsurpassed beauty and cleanliness. It is one of the safest countries in the world as well. However, Switzerland is also one of the most expensive country to visit for a holiday.

But why should Singaporeans complain when their own country is just as expensive a destination to tourists from other parts of the world? Nevertheless, burning a big hole in the pockets doesn’t feel very good nor seem right for a holiday, especially for those who are budget conscious and yet wish to visit expensive countries like Switzerland at least once in their lifetime.

Having been to Switzerland twice, we found this is not a country where you would want to go on a shopping tour unless you have very deep pockets. The prices of well-known Swiss watches and clocks are testament to Switzerland being an expensive destination not meant for the cash poor travelling on a tight budget. Yet these are highly sought after items where cash rich tourists from China are snapping up like toys where they know they are buying genuine stuffs and not copies made in China.

Other than expensive timepieces from Switzerland, dining is likewise very expensive. A family we know complained they spent over $150 for their meals at the McDonalds when they tried to eat at less expensive places. This might sound ridiculous but not unusual. Two years ago while we were waiting for our evening flight home in Zurich, we were hard pressed to find places for lunch that were not too expensive. We ended up at a fast food joint selling pasta and it was a great disappointment which was an understatement since we had visited Italy during that trip. By the way, the lunch wasn’t cheap either.

Back home we have the luxury of enjoying nice and tasty meals at Marche, a Swiss restaurant where the cost for a meal is not insanely expensive. So we desperately tried to locate this restaurant in Zurich but to no avail. As for dinner, we spent all our Swiss currency at the food court in the airport and the food wasn’t that great as well. Having cleared immigration, Marche Restaurant was right inside. We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. We could have had a nice dinner inside the airport dining in our familiar restaurant.

There is really nothing much to buy and if you are thinking Switzerland is a shopping destination, you will be sorely disappointed unless your intention is to shop for branded watches. Notwithstanding, you might be able to buy plenty of chocolates at ridiculously low prices at their supermarkets. A friend had a holiday few year’s back where his family bought so much chocolates that his other fridge was full and still had a small box to spare for me. We also bought some uncooked refrigerated rosti and pastries as well as cookies and chocolates from a supermarket in the airport before departing in which we were very happy with such purchase because some stuffs were not easily available here.

While Switzerland is an expensive destination for a holiday, there are those who know where to find cheaper food and places to visit without breaking the bank account too badly. Here is an article written by a Malaysian tour guide where you might want to pick up some tips before heading to Switzerland for a holiday.

Switzerland On A Shoestring

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